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Sensors, Cameras, and Systems for Industrial/Scientific Applications IX
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Volume Number: 6816
Date Published: 29 February 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6816
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A wide dynamic range CMOS image sensor with an adjustable logarithmic response
Author(s): Hsiu-Yu Cheng; Bhaskar Choubey; Steve Collins
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Methods to extend the dynamic range of snapshot active pixel sensors
Author(s): Arnaud Darmont
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A low-noise wide dynamic range CMOS image sensor with low and high temperatures resistance
Author(s): Koichi Mizobuchi; Satoru Adachi; Jose Tejada; Hiromichi Oshikubo; Nana Akahane; Shigetoshi Sugawa
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A linear response 200-dB dynamic range CMOS image sensor with multiple voltage and current readout operations
Author(s): Noriko Ide; Nana Akahane; Shigetoshi Sugawa
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A wide dynamic range CMOS image sensor with dual charge storage in a pixel and a multiple sampling technique
Author(s): Suhaidi Shafie; Shoji Kawahito
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Ionizing radiation effects on CMOS imagers manufactured in deep submicron process
Author(s): Vincent Goiffon; Pierre Magnan; Frédéric Bernard; Guy Rolland; Olivier Saint-Pé; Nicolas Huger; Franck Corbière
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FDTD-based optical simulations methodology for CMOS image sensor pixels architecture and process optimization
Author(s): Flavien Hirigoyen; Axel Crocherie; Jérôme M. Vaillant; Yvon Cazaux
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Characterization of pixel defect development during digital imager lifetime
Author(s): Jenny Leung; Jozsef Dudas; Glenn H. Chapman; Zahava Koren; Israel Koren
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Measurements of dark current in a CCD imager during light exposures
Author(s): Ralf Widenhorn; Ines Hartwig; Justin C Dunlap; Erik Bodegom
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Dark current measurements in a CMOS imager
Author(s): William C. Porter; Bradley Kopp; Justin C. Dunlap; Ralf Widenhorn; Erik Bodegom
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Noise calculation model and analysis of high-gain readout circuits for CMOS image sensors
Author(s): Shoji Kawahito; Shinya Itoh
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An automated system for performance assessment of airport lighting
Author(s): James Niblock; Jian-Xun Peng; Karen McMenemy; George Irwin
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Integrated daylight harvesting and occupancy detection using digital imaging
Author(s): Abhijit Sarkar; Mark Fairchild; Carl Salvaggio
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Image formation in metamirror channel structures
Author(s): Eugene Ya. Glushko
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Diffusion dark current in CCDs and CMOS image sensors
Author(s): M. M. Blouke
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Reference beam method for source modulated Hadamard multiplexing
Author(s): Lee Streeter; G. Robert Burling-Claridge; Michael J. Cree; Rainer Künnemeyer
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Continuously trackable PIV (particle image velocimetry) with correlation image sensor
Author(s): Toru Kurihara; Shigeru Ando
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Adaptive optical flow detection using correlation image sensor and frequency-tuned complex-sinusoidal reference signals
Author(s): D. Wei; P. Masurel; T. Kurihara; S. Ando
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A new adaptive image fusion technique for IKONOS satellite imagery
Author(s): Jae Wan Choi; Hye Jin Kim; Ki Yun Ryu; Yong Il Kim
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Mitigating polarization effects in on-die diffractive optics for a CMOS image sensor
Author(s): Christopher Thomas; Richard Hornsey
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A 800(H) x 600(V) high sensitivity and high full well capacity CMOS image sensor with active pixel readout feedback operation
Author(s): Woonghee Lee; Nana Akahane; Satoru Adachi; Koichi Mizobuchi; Shigetoshi Sugawa
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Auto-adaptative LSB technique for in-pixel analog to digital conversion
Author(s): Arnaud Peizerat; Amélie Martin; Michael Tchagaspanian; Valérie Nguyen
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In vivo microscopic x-ray imaging in rat and mouse using synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Keiji Umetani; Takashi Sakurai; Takeshi Kondoh
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