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Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems VI
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Volume Number: 6812
Date Published: 31 March 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6812
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Filtering and luminance correction for aged photographs
Author(s): Alfredo Restrepo; Giovanni Ramponi
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Multivariate mathematical morphology and Bayesian classifier application to colour and medical images
Author(s): Arnaud Garcia; Corinne Vachier; Jean-Paul Vallée
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An efficient detection technique for removing random-valued impulse noise in images
Author(s): Ali S. Awad; Hong Man
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Super-resolution of turbulent video: potentials and limitations
Author(s): Leonid P. Yaroslavsky; Gil Shabat; Barak Fishbain; Ianir A. Ideses
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On the detection of cracks in photographic prints
Author(s): Alfredo Restrepo; Erika Fogar; Giovanni Ramponi
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Image restoration by sparse 3D transform-domain collaborative filtering
Author(s): Kostadin Dabov; Alessandro Foi; Vladimir Katkovnik; Karen Egiazarian
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Projection image enhancement for explosive detection systems
Author(s): Yesna O. Yildiz; Douglas Q. Abraham; Sos Agaian; Karen Panetta
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Bayesian anisotropic denoising in the Laguerre Gauss domain
Author(s): Chiara Ercole; Patrizio Campisi; Alessandro Neri
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Uncertainty analysis of an evolutionary algorithm to develop remote sensing spectral indices
Author(s): H. G. Momm; Greg Easson; Joel Kuszmaul
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Automatic determination of runway edges in poor visibility conditions
Author(s): Sri Satya Vardhan Gogineni; Zia-ur Rahman
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Latent fingerprint system performance modeling
Author(s): Vladimir N. Dvornychenko
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Measurement of annual ring width of log ends in forest machinery
Author(s): Kalle Marjanen; Petteri Ojala; Heimo Ihalainen
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Real-time computed tomography on the cell broadband engine processor
Author(s): Olivier Bockenbach; Michael Knaup; Marc Kachelriess
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Implementing real-time adaptive filtering for medical applications on the cell processor using a generic multicore framework
Author(s): Olivier Bockenbach; Hauke Bartsch; Sebastian Schuberth
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Completely automated estimation of prostate volume for 3-D side-fire transrectal ultrasound using shape prior approach
Author(s): Lu Li; Ramakrishnan Narayanan; Steve Miller; Feimo Shen; Al B. Barqawi; E. David Crawford; Jasjit S. Suri
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Automated analysis of label-free spinning-disc microarray images
Author(s): Ganapathy Krishnamurthi; Tim Norwood; Manoj Varma
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Identification and ranking of relevant image content
Author(s): Mustafa Jaber; Eli Saber; Sohail Dianat; Mark Shaw; Ranjit Bhaskar
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Anisotropic local high-confidence voting for accurate stereo correspondence
Author(s): Jiangbo Lu; Gauthier Lafruit; Francky Catthoor
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An algorithm for motion and change detection in image sequences based on chaos and information theory
Author(s): M. Farmer; C. Yuan
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Probability density function estimation for video in the DCT domain
Author(s): O. Dumitru; M. Mitrea; F. Prêteux; A. Pathak
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Derivative operator on smoothed images
Author(s): Tieling Chen
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An image restoration approach for artificial compound eyes
Author(s): Raúl Tudela; Andreas Brückner; Jacques Duparré; Andreas Bräuer
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The watermarking attacks in the MPEG-4 AVC domain
Author(s): S. Duta; M. Mitrea; F. Prêteux; L.-A. Riffaud
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Fast and accurate travel depth estimation for protein active site prediction
Author(s): Joachim Giard; Patrice Rondao Alface; Benoît Macq
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Topological pattern recognition and reconstruction from noise-affected boundary patterns
Author(s): Chialun John Hu
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An artificial neural network based matching metric for iris identification
Author(s): Randy P. Broussard; Lauren R. Kennell; Robert W. Ives; Ryan N. Rakvic
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Joint fusion and detection of mines using hyperspectral and SAR data
Author(s): Nasser M. Nasrabadi
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High-quality image interpolation via nonlinear image decomposition
Author(s): Takahiro Saito; Yuki Ishii; Haruya Aizawa; Takashi Komatsu
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Adaptive DCT-based filtering of images corrupted by spatially correlated noise
Author(s): Nikolay N. Ponomarenko; Vladimir V. Lukin; Aleksandr A. Zelensky; Jaakko T. Astola; Karen O. Egiazarian
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Toward hyperspectral face recognition
Author(s): Stefan A. Robila
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Statistical motion vector analysis for object tracking in compressed video streams
Author(s): Marc Leny; Françoise Prêteux; Didier Nicholson
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Effect of hierarchical deformable motion compensation on image enhancement for DSA acquired via C-ARM
Author(s): Liyang Wei; Dinggang Shen; Dinesh Kumar; Ram Turlapati; Jasjit S. Suri
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A fast non-local image denoising algorithm
Author(s): A. Dauwe; B. Goossens; H. Q. Luong; W. Philips
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Precise differentiation can significantly improve the accuracy of optical flow measurements
Author(s): L. Yaroslavsky; A. Agranovich; B. Fishbain; I. Ideses
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Block artifact reduction in BMA-based super-resolution video processing
Author(s): Young Wook Sohn; Moon Gi Kang
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Adaptive directional sharpening with overshoot control
Author(s): Arcangelo Bruna; Antonio Buemi; Mirko Guarnera; Gaetano Santoro
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Classification based polynomial image interpolation
Author(s): Sebastian Lenke; Hartmut Schröder
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Two Fibonacci P-code based image scrambling algorithms
Author(s): Yicong Zhou; Sos Agaian; Valencia M. Joyner; Karen Panetta
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Application of statistical cancer atlas for 3D biopsy
Author(s): Ramkrishnan Narayanan; Dinggang Shen; Christos Davatzikos; E. David Crawford; Albaha Barqawi; Priya Werahera; Dinesh Kumar; Jasjit S. Suri
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Edge preserving image enhancement using anisotropic diffusion
Author(s): Eric J. Wharton; Karen A. Panetta; Sos S. Agaian
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Multi-source image reconstruction: exploitation of EO-1/ALI in Landsat-7/ETM+ SLC-off gap filling
Author(s): Ali Darvishi Boloorani; Stefan Erasmi; Martin Kappas
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Effect of 3D automated prostate segmentation for ultrasound image guided repeat biopsy application
Author(s): Yujun Guo; Lu Li; Ramakrishnan Narayanan; Dinesh Kumar; Albaha Barqawi; E. David Crawford; Jasjit S. Suri
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Fast multiresolution contour completion
Author(s): G. Papari; N. Petkov
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Watermarking and encryption of color images in the Fibonacci domain
Author(s): F. Battisti; M. Cancellaro; M. Carli; G. Boato; A. Neri
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Deblurring noisy radial-blurred images: spatially adaptive filtering approach
Author(s): Giacomo Boracchi; Alessandro Foi; Vladimir Katkovnik; Karen Egiazarian
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Perceptual data hiding exploiting between-coefficient contrast masking
Author(s): S. Maranò; F. Battisti; A. Vaccari; G. Boato; M. Carli
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Multi-channel 2D photometry with super-resolution in far UV astronomical images using priors in visible bands
Author(s): A. Llebaria; B. Magnelli; S. Arnouts; A. Pollo; B. Milliard; M. Guillaume
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Evaluation of the independent component analysis algorithm for face recognition under varying conditions
Author(s): Mukul Shirvaikar; Suresh Addepalli
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Microcalcification detection system in digital mammogram using two-layer SVM
Author(s): Sunil Cho; Sung Ho Jin; Ju Won Kwon; Yong Man Ro; Sung Min Kim
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Statistical edge detection of concealed weapons using artificial neural networks
Author(s): Ian Williams; David Svoboda; Nicholas Bowring; Elizabeth Guest
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