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Image Quality and System Performance V
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Volume Number: 6808
Date Published: 27 January 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6808
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
INCITS W1.1 development update: appearance-based image quality standards for printers
Author(s): Eric K. Zeise; D. René Rasmussen; Yee S. Ng; Edul Dalal; Ann McCarthy; Don Williams
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Characterization of reflection scanner uniformity
Author(s): Eric K. Zeise; William C. Kress; Donald R. Williams
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A pilot study of digital camera resolution metrology protocols proposed under ISO 12233, edition 2
Author(s): Don Williams; Dietmar Wueller; Kevin Matherson; Hideaka Yoshida; Paul Hubel
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Sampling efficiency in digital camera performance standards
Author(s): Peter D. Burns; Don Williams
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Evaluation of characterization methods of printer MTF
Author(s): Albrecht J. Lindner; Nicolas Bonnier; Christophe Leynadier; Francis Schmitt
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Printer resolution measurement based on slanted edge method
Author(s): Yousun Bang; Sang Ho Kim; Don Chul Choi
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Robust estimation of print mottle
Author(s): Zhigang Fan; Wencheng Wu; Edul N. Dalal; Rene Rasmussen
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Characterization of mottle and low-frequency print defects
Author(s): Ahmed H. Eid; Brian E. Cooper; Edward E. Rippetoe
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Development of softcopy environment for primary color banding visibility assessment
Author(s): Byungseok Min; Zygmunt Pizlo; Jan P. Allebach
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On estimation of perceived mottling prior to printing
Author(s): Albert Sadovnikov; Lasse Lensu; Heikki Kälviäinen
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Motion blur perception in various conditions of presented edge
Author(s): Shinji Nakagawa; Toshiya Nakaguchi; Norimichi Tsumura; Yoichi Miyake
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Noise estimation from a single image taken by specific digital camera using a priori information
Author(s): Hitomi Ito; Kenji Kamimura; Norimichi Tsumura; Toshiya Nakaguchi; Hideto Motomura; Yoichi Miyake
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Matching image color from different cameras
Author(s): Mark D. Fairchild; David R. Wyble; Garrett M. Johnson
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Predicting image quality using a modular image difference model
Author(s): M. Orfanidou; S. Triantaphillidou; E. Allen
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Hand motion and image stabilization in hand-held devices
Author(s): Etay Mar-Or; Pundik Dmitry
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Visual quality metric using one-dimensional histograms of motion vectors
Author(s): Ho-Sung Han; Dong-O Kim; Rae-Hong Park; Dong-Gyu Sim
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Perceptual color difference metric including a CSF based on the perception threshold
Author(s): Vincent Rosselli; Mohamed-Chaker Larabi; Christine Fernandez-Maloigne
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Anchored paired comparisons
Author(s): E. N. Dalal; J. C. Handley; W. Wu; J. Wang
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Online image quality surveys based on response time
Author(s): D. René Rasmussen
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Framework for modeling visual printed image quality from the paper perspective
Author(s): Pirkko Oittinen; Raisa Halonen; Anna Kokkonen; Tuomas Leisti; Göte Nyman; Tuomas Eerola; Lasse Lensu; Heikki Kälviäinen; Risto Ritala; Johannes Pulla; Marja Mettänen
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Forming valid scales for subjective video quality measurement based on a hybrid qualitative/quantitative methodology
Author(s): T. Virtanen; J. Radun; P. Lindroos; S. Suomi; T. Säämänen; T. Vuori; M. Vaahteranoksa; G. Nyman
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Measuring multivariate subjective image quality for still and video cameras and image processing system components
Author(s): Göte Nyman; Tuomas Leisti; Paul Lindroos; Jenni Radun; Sini Suomi; Toni Virtanen; Jean-Luc Olives; Joni Oja; Tero Vuori
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Visual experiments on the web: design of a web-based visual experiment management system
Author(s): Silvia Zuffi; Elisa Beltrame; Paolo Scala
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Process perspective on image quality evaluation
Author(s): Tuomas Leisti; Raisa Halonen; Anna Kokkonen; Hanna Weckman; Marja Mettänen; Lasse Lensu; Risto Ritala; Pirkko Oittinen; Göte Nyman
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Are existing procedures enough? Image and video quality assessment: review of subjective and objective metrics
Author(s): Sonia Ouni; Majed Chambah; Michel Herbin; Ezzeddine Zagrouba
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Digital image improvement by adding noise: an example by a professional photographer
Author(s): Takehito Kurihara; Yoshitsugu Manabe; Naokazu Aoki; Hiroyuki Kobayashi
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Image quality evaluation using generalized natural image
Author(s): Kenji Kagitani
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Toward an efficient objective metric based on perceptual criteria
Author(s): Ludovic Quintard; Mohamed-Chaker Larabi; Christine Fernandez-Maloigne
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A color image quality assessment using a reduced-reference image machine learning expert
Author(s): Christophe Charrier; Gilles Lebrun; Olivier Lezoray
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Data path design and image quality aspects of the next generation multifunctional printer
Author(s): M. H. H. Brassé; S. P. R. C. de Smet
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DAF: differential ACE filtering image quality assessment by automatic color equalization
Author(s): S. Ouni; M. Chambah; C. Saint-Jean; A. Rizzi
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No-reference method for image effective bandwidth estimation
Author(s): Barak Fishbain; Leonid Yaroslavsky; Ianir Ideses; Frédérique Roffet-Crété
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Colour analysis and verification of CCTV images under different lighting conditions
Author(s): R. A. Smith; K. MacLennan-Brown; J. F. Tighe; N. Cohen; S. Triantaphillidou; L. W. MacDonald
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The relationship between preferred luminance and TV screen size
Author(s): Toshiyuki Fujine; Yasuhiro Yoshida; Michiyuki Sugino
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Increasing display performance over a wide range of viewing angles by means of improved calibration algorithms
Author(s): Tom Kimpe; Gert Van Hoey
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An image similarity measure using homogeneity regions and structure
Author(s): Eric P. Lam; Kenny C. Loo
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Internet-based assessment of image sharpness enhancement
Author(s): Lindsay MacDonald; Samira Bouzit
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Autonomously detecting the defective pixels in an imaging sensor array using a robust statistical technique
Author(s): Siddhartha Ghosh; Ian Marshall; Alex Freitas
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Super-resolution image reconstruction from UAS surveillance video through affine invariant interest point-based motion estimation
Author(s): Qiang He; Richard R. Schultz; Yi Wang; Aldo Camargo; Florent Martel
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Relation between bitrate, motion and framerate for scoring of image sequences
Author(s): Mohamed-Chaker Larabi; Louise Quoirin
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The Flux: creating a large annotated image database
Author(s): Daniel Tamburrino; Patrick Schönmann; Patrick Vandewalle; Sabine Süsstrunk
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Improving holiday pictures: winter and beach image enhancement
Author(s): Luca Marchesotti; Marco Bressan
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Megapixel mythology and photospace: estimating photospace for camera phones from large image sets
Author(s): Bror O. Hultgren; Dirk W. Hertel
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Performance evaluation of 3D-TV systems
Author(s): Ronald G. Kaptein; André Kuijsters; Marc T. M. Lambooij; Wijnand A. IJsselsteijn; Ingrid Heynderickx
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The effect of added dimensionality on perceived image value
Author(s): Susan Farnand
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Measuring stereoscopic image quality experience with interpretation-based quality methodology
Author(s): Jukka Häkkinen; Takashi Kawai; Jari Takatalo; Tuomas Leisti; Jenni Radun; Anni Hirsaho; Göte Nyman
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