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Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XIII
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Volume Number: 6806
Date Published: 15 February 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6806
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Image statistics and surface perception
Author(s): Edward H. Adelson
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The perception of simulated materials
Author(s): Holly Rushmeier
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Single-photon imaging inspired by human vision
Author(s): Hooman Mohseni
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The appearance of images
Author(s): Karen K. De Valois; Tatsuto Takeuchi; Thomas D. Wickens
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Statistics of natural scenes and the cortical representation of color
Author(s): G. A. Cecchi; A. R. Rao; Y. Xiao; E. Kaplan
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Combining MRI and VEP imaging to isolate the temporal response of visual cortical areas
Author(s): Thom Carney; Justin Ales; Stanley A. Klein
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Mathematical modeling and the neuroscience of metaphor
Author(s): Hawley K. Rising III
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Separating the effects of glare from simultaneous contrast
Author(s): Alessandro Rizzi; Marzia Pezzetti; John J. McCann
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Extending quality metrics to full luminance range images
Author(s): Tunç O. Aydın; Rafal Mantiuk; Hans-Peter Seidel
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Perception-based contrast enhancement model for complex images in high dynamic range
Author(s): Akiko Yoshida; Grzegorz Krawczyk; Karol Myszkowski; Hans-Peter Seidel
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Perceived quality assessment of polygonal meshes using observer studies: a new extended protocol
Author(s): Samuel Silva; Beatriz Sousa Santos; Joaquim Madeira; Carlos Ferreira
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Dimensionality of visual complexity in computer graphics scenes
Author(s): Ganesh Ramanarayanan; Kavita Bala; James A. Ferwerda; Bruce Walter
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Beyond image quality: designing engaging interactions with digital products
Author(s): Huib de Ridder; Marco C. Rozendaal
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Impact of sound on image-evoked emotions
Author(s): René Van Egmond
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The impact of interactive manipulation on the recognition of objects
Author(s): Frank Meijer; Egon L. van den Broek; Theo Schouten
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Virtual hand: a 3D tactile interface to virtual environments
Author(s): Bernice E. Rogowitz; Paul Borrel
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Touch, tools, and telepresence: embodiment in mediated environments
Author(s): Wijnand A. IJsselsteijn; Antal Haans
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Augmented reality in surgical procedures
Author(s): E. Samset; D. Schmalstieg; J. Vander Sloten; A. Freudenthal; J. Declerck; S. Casciaro; Ø. Rideng; B. Gersak
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Context-based pixelization model for the artificial retina using saliency map and skin color detection algorithm
Author(s): S. M. Jin; I. B. Lee; J. M. Han; J. M. Seo; K. S. Park
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Natural systems analysis
Author(s): Wilson S. Geisler; Jeffrey S. Perry; Almon D. Ing
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Hyperspectral image visualization based on a human visual model
Author(s): Hongqin Zhang; Honghong Peng; Mark D. Fairchild; Ethan D. Montag
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Dynamic visual attention: motion direction versus motion magnitude
Author(s): A. Bur; P. Wurtz; R. M. Müri; H. Hügli
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Motion saliency outweighs other low-level features while watching videos
Author(s): Dwarikanath Mahapatra; Stefan Winkler; Shih-Cheng Yen
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Automatic video summarization driven by a spatio-temporal attention model
Author(s): R. Barland; A. Saadane
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Inhibitory surround and grouping effects in human and computational multiple object tracking
Author(s): Ozgur Yilmaz; Sadiye Guler; Haluk Ogmen
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Quantifying the perceived interest of objects in images: effects of size, location, blur, and contrast
Author(s): Vamsi Kadiyala; Srivani Pinneli; Eric C. Larson; Damon M.l Chandler
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The pupil dilation response to visual detection
Author(s): Claudio M. Privitera; Laura W. Renninger; Thom Carney; Stanley Klein; Mario Aguilar
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The influence of image compression on target acquisition
Author(s): O. Hadar; E. Goldberg; E. Topchik
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Adapting images to observers
Author(s): Kyle C. McDermott; Igor Juricevic; George Bebis; Michael A. Webster
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Peceptual rendering of HDR in painting and photography
Author(s): John J. McCann
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The art of non-photographic imaging
Author(s): Nathan Moroney
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Aesthetics versus utility in electronic imaging
Author(s): Floris L. van Nes
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On the performance of human visual system based image quality assessment metric using wavelet domain
Author(s): A. Ninassi; O. Le Meur; P. Le Callet; D. Barba
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Using gaze information to improve image difference metrics
Author(s): Marius Pedersen; Jon Yngve Hardeberg; Peter Nussbaum
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The effect of lightness scaling on the perceived color quality of compressed digital videos
Author(s): Chin Chye Koh; John M. Foley; Sanjit K. Mitra
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Image group compression using texture databases
Author(s): Matthias Kramm
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Image mapping using local and global statistics
Author(s): Yuanzhen Li; Edward Adelson
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Analyzing the role of visual structure in the recognition of natural image content with multi-scale SSIM
Author(s): David M. Rouse; Sheila S. Hemami
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A psychovisual experiment on the use of Gibbs potential for the quality assessment of geometrically distorted images
Author(s): Angela D'Angelo; Mirco Pacitto; Mauro Barni
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Structure-preserving properties of bilevel image compression
Author(s): Matthew G. Reyes; Xiaonan Zhao; David L. Neuhoff; Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas
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Subjective responses to constant and variable quality video
Author(s): David S. Hands; Kennedy Cheng
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Improving visual content accessibility for low-vision users in the MPEG-21 multimedia framework
Author(s): Seungji Yang; Jongsoo Choi; Yong Man Ro; Soo-Jun Park
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The colour preference control based on two-colour combinations
Author(s): Ji Young Hong; Youngshin Kwak; Du-Sik Park; Chang Yeong Kim
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Effect of blackness level on visual impression of color images
Author(s): Tetsuya Eda; Yoshiki Koike; Sakurako Matsushima; Miyoshi Ayama
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Adaptation of document images to display constraints
Author(s): Kathrin Berkner; Berna Erol
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Representative image thumbnails: automatic and manual
Author(s): Ramin Samadani; Tim Mauer; David Berfanger; Jim Clark; Brett Bausk
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Influence of camera and in-scene motion on perceived video quality in MPEG-2 adaptive coding
Author(s): Nele Van den Ende; Carmen Wijermans; Lydia Meesters; Jettie Hoonhout
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A quality metric for use with frame-rate based bandwidth adaptation algorithms
Author(s): Matthias Krause; Michael van Hartskamp; Emile Aarts
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Perceptual limit to display resolution of images as per visual acuity
Author(s): Kenichiro Masaoka; Takahiro Niida; Miya Murakami; Kenji Suzuki; Masayuki Sugawara; Yuji Nojiri
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Unsupervised color image segmentation using a dynamic color gradient thresholding algorithm
Author(s): Guru Prashanth Balasubramanian; Eli Saber; Vladimir Misic; Eric Peskin; Mark Shaw
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Comparison of eye tracking devices used on printed images
Author(s): Barbora Komínková; Marius Pedersen; Jon Y. Hardeberg; Marie Kaplanová
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Evaluation of video quality models for multimedia
Author(s): Kjell Brunnström; David Hands; Filippo Speranza; Arthur Webster
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Designing caption production rules based on face, text, and motion detection
Author(s): C. Chapdelaine; M. Beaulieu; L. Gagnon
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Human-centered content-based image retrieval
Author(s): Egon L. van den Broek; Thijs Kok; Theo E. Schouten; Louis G. Vuurpijl
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Extension of a human visual system model for display simulation
Author(s): Cédric Marchessoux; Alexis Rombaut; Tom Kimpe; Brecht Vermeulen; Piet Demeester
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