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Three-Dimensional Image Capture and Applications 2008
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Volume Number: 6805
Date Published: 25 February 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6805
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Efficient acquisition and rendering of transparent and refractive objects using quotient image
Author(s): Keiichi Ochiai; Norimichi Tsumura; Toshiya Nakaguchi; Kimiyoshi Miyata; Yoichi Miyake
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Hybrid, contact, and no contact measurement system for industry
Author(s): Robert Sitnik; Jerzy Sładek; Magdalena Kupiec; Paweł Błaszczyk; Wojciech Załuski
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Inspection of microchip mounting tolerances by 3D vision
Author(s): Stefan Behler; Martin von Arx
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A flexible 3D vision system based on structured light for in-line product inspection
Author(s): Øystein Skotheim; Jens Olav Nygaard; Jens Thielemann; Thor Vollset
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Rapid 360 degree imaging and stitching of 3D objects using multiple precision 3D cameras
Author(s): Thomas Lu; Stuart Yin; Jianzhong Zhang; Jiangan Li; Frank Wu
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Rangefinding system using hybrid pattern projections
Author(s): Osamu Kagiyama; Yukio Sato; Hideo Saito
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3D threat image projection
Author(s): Yesna O. Yildiz; Douglas Q. Abraham; Sos Agaian; Karen Panetta
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Using hybrid approaches to solve the challenges of shape from shading
Author(s): Ryan Murphy; Zoë J. Wood
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An automatic alignment technique for multiple rangefinders
Author(s): Kenta Fujiwara; Koichiro Yamauchi; Yukio Sato
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Depth maps: faster, higher and stronger?
Author(s): Ianir A. Ideses; Leonid P. Yaroslavsky; Barak Fishbain
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Improved linearity using harmonic error rejection in a full-field range imaging system
Author(s): Andrew D. Payne; Adrian A. Dorrington; Michael J. Cree; Dale A. Carnegie
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Denoising techniques for raw 3D data of TOF cameras based on clustering and wavelets
Author(s): B. Moser; F. Bauer; P. Elbau; B. Heise; H. Schöner
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Locating the source of topological error in reconstructed 3D models
Author(s): Eric Firestone; Craig Povey; Zoë J. Wood
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Using quality metrics with laser range scanners
Author(s): David MacKinnon; Victor Aitken; Francois Blais
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Estimating building floor plans from exterior using laser scanners
Author(s): Matthew Johnston; Avideh Zakhor
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Reconstruction of 3D indoor model by scalable sensing using mobile robot
Author(s): K. Fujimoto; F. Beniyama; T. Moriya; Y. Nakayama
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Optical implementation of improved resolution with intermediate-view reconstruction technique based on integral imaging
Author(s): Keong-Jin Lee; Sang-Tae Lee; Yong-Seok Oh; Suk-Pyo Hong; Chang-Keun Kim; Eun-Soo Kim
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Specifying colour and maintaining colour accuracy for 3D printing
Author(s): Carinna Parraman; Peter Walters; Brendan Reid; David Huson
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A novel sensor system for 3D face scanning based on infrared coded light
Author(s): Daniel Modrow; Claudio Laloni; Guenter Doemens; Gerhard Rigoll
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Comparison of Cyberware PX and PS 3D human head scanners
Author(s): Jeremy Carson; Brian D. Corner; Eric Crockett; Peng Li; Steven Paquette
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A calibration method of multiple rangefinders system
Author(s): Hideto Kameshima; Yukio Sato; Hideo Saito
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3D monitoring of the intraoperative brainshift by means of photogrammetry
Author(s): Nicola D'Apuzzo; Michael Verius
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An efficient stochastic framework for 3D human motion tracking
Author(s): Bingbing Ni; Stefan Winkler; Ashraf Ali Kassim
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FaceTOON: a unified platform for feature-based cartoon expression generation
Author(s): Titus Zaharia; Olivier Marre; Françoise Prêteux; Perrine Monjaux
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Person and gesture tracking with smart stereo cameras
Author(s): Gaile Gordon; Xiangrong Chen; Ron Buck
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Intelligent noncontact surgeon-computer interface using hand gesture recognition
Author(s): Michael Zhao; Andreas G. Nowatzyk; Thomas Lu; Daniel L. Farkas
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Distributed RANSAC for 3D reconstruction
Author(s): Mai Xu; Maria Petrou
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Analyzing the influence of camera temperature on the image acquisition process
Author(s): Holger Handel
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3D reconstruction and spatial auralization of the Painted Dolmen of Antelas
Author(s): Paulo Dias; Guilherme Campos; Vítor Santos; Ricardo Casaleiro; Ricardo Seco; Beatriz Sousa Santos
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A method for converting three-dimensional models into auto-stereoscopic images based on integral photography
Author(s): Miwa Katayama; Yuichi Iwadate
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Synthesis of arbitrary viewpoint image from images of multiple weakly calibrated camera images using all in-focus rendering method
Author(s): Yutaka Matsumura; Yuji Sakamoto
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High-speed depth-mapping axi-vision camera with compact optical system
Author(s): Tahito Aida; Takeshi Uragaki; Masahiro Kawakita; Yutaka Tomita; Ryoji Tsunoi; Satoshi Yahagi; Minoru Tanaka; Hideyuki Mitake; Masayuki Tawara
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Small 3D image capturing system by TOMBO
Author(s): Kenji Yamada; Hideya Takahashi
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Priority depth fusion for the 2D to 3D conversion system
Author(s): Yu-Lin Chang; Wei-Yin Chen; Jing-Ying Chang; Yi-Min Tsai; Chia-Lin Lee; Liang-Gee Chen
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