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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XIX
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Volume Number: 6803
Date Published: 2 April 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6803
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Reconstruction of stereoscopic imagery for visual comfort
Author(s): Hye Jin Kim; Jae Wan Choi; An-Jin Chang
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Imaging artifact precompensation for spatially multiplexed 3-D displays
Author(s): Joshua Napoli; Sourav R. Dey; Sandy Stutsman; Oliver S. Cossairt; Thomas J. Purtell II; Samuel L. Hill; Gregg E. Favalora
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Stereoscopic image quality metrics and compression
Author(s): Paul Gorley; Nick Holliman
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Methods for improving the quality of user created stereoscopic content
Author(s): Lachlan D. Pockett; Marja P. Salmimaa
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A novel quality metric for evaluating depth distribution of artifacts in coded 3D images
Author(s): Roger Olsson; Mårten Sjöström
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Hologlyphics: volumetric image synthesis performance system
Author(s): Walter Funk
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Laser-plasma scanning 3D display for putting digital contents in free space
Author(s): Hideo Saito; Hidei Kimura; Satoru Shimada; Takeshi Naemura; Jun Kayahara; Songkran Jarusirisawad; Vincent Nozick; Hiroyo Ishikawa; Toshiyuki Murakami; Jun Aoki; Akira Asano; Tatsumi Kimura; Masayuki Kakehata; Fumio Sasaki; Hidehiko Yashiro; Masahiko Mori; Kenji Torizuka; Kouta Ino
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A novel 3D display using two lens arrays and shift of element images
Author(s): Akira Takeichi; Tomohiro Yendo; Toshiaki Fujii; Masayuki Tanimoto
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Advances in passive imaging elements with micromirror array
Author(s): Satoshi Maekawa; Kouichi Nitta; Osamu Matoba
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Distortion of depth perception in virtual environments using stereoscopic displays: quantitative assessment and corrective measures
Author(s): Michael Kleiber; Carsten Winkelholz
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Optical analysis on induction of focal accommodation using cylindrical lenses
Author(s): Yuichiro Mano; Hideki Kakeya
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Evaluation of the influence on the human body of the autostereoscopic display based on the integral imaging method
Author(s): Hiroyuki Nagatani; Yuzo Hirayama
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Scalable 3D image conversion and ergonomic evaluation
Author(s): Shinsuke Kishi; Sang Hyun Kim; Takashi Shibata; Takashi Kawai; Jukka Häkkinen; Jari Takatalo; Göte Nyman
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Depth control method for integral imaging using elemental image data processing
Author(s): Jun Arai; Hiroshi Kawai; Masahiro Kawakita; Fumio Okano
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Real-time interactive 3D computer stereography for recreational applications
Author(s): Atsushi Miyazawa; Motonaga Ishii; Kazunori Okuzawa; Ryuuichi Sakamoto
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Flexible pixel compositor for autostereoscopic displays
Author(s): Ruigang Yang; Subhasri Krishnan; J. Robert Heath
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Adaptive filters for depth from stereo and occlusion detection
Author(s): Faysal Boughorbel
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GPU-based algorithms for optimized visualization and crosstalk mitigation on a multiview display
Author(s): Atanas Boev; Kalle Raunio; Atanas Gotchev; Karen Egiazarian
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An autostereoscopic display with high resolution and large number of view zones
Author(s): Wu-Li Chen; Wei-Liang Hsu; Chao-Hsu Tsai; Chy-Lin Wang; Chang-Shuo Wu; Jinn-Cherng Yang; Shu-Chuan Cheng
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Large holographic displays as an alternative to stereoscopic displays
Author(s): R. Häussler; A. Schwerdtner; N. Leister
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Multiview multiperspective time multiplexed autostereoscopic display
Author(s): Stephen A. Kupiec; Vladimir B. Markov; Darrel G. Hopper; Gurdial Saini
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1-inch diagonal transflective 2D and 3D LCD with HDDP arrangement
Author(s): Shin-ichi Uehara; Tsutomu Hiroya; Hidenori Kusanagi; Kouji Shigemura; Hideki Asada
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Time-multiplexing display module for high-density directional display
Author(s): Tsubasa Kanebako; Yasuhiro Takaki
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Technical solutions for a full-resolution autostereoscopic 2D/3D display technology
Author(s): Hagen Stolle; Jean-Christophe Olaya; Steffen Buschbeck; Hagen Sahm; Armin Schwerdtner
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Beowulf 3D: a case study
Author(s): Rob Engle
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Color management and color perception issues in a virtual reality theater
Author(s): Davide Gadia; Cristian Bonanomi; Maurizio Rossi; Alessandro Rizzi; Daniele Marini
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Dimensionalization: converting 2D films to 3D
Author(s): Andrew P. Van Pernis; Matthew S. DeJohn
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Original and creative stereoscopic film making
Author(s): Enrique Criado
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A systematized WYSIWYG pipeline for digital stereoscopic 3D filmmaking
Author(s): Robert Mueller; Chris Ward; Michal Hušák
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Digital stereoscopic cinema: the 21st century
Author(s): Lenny Lipton
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The compatibility of consumer plasma displays with time-sequential stereoscopic 3D visualization
Author(s): Andrew J. Woods; Kai S. Karvinen
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The hybrid theatre
Author(s): Ron Gillen
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Development of 3D video and 3D data services for T-DMB
Author(s): Kugjin Yun; Hyun Lee; Namho Hur; Jinwoong Kim
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Toward 3D-IPTV: design and implementation of a stereoscopic and multiple-perspective video streaming system
Author(s): Goran Petrovic; Dirk Farin; Peter H. N. de With
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A composition tool for creating comfortable stereoscopic images
Author(s): Katharina Quintus; Michael Halle
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Radiation therapy planning using a volumetric 3D display: PerspectaRAD
Author(s): Joshua Napoli; Sandy Stutsman; James C. H. Chu; Xing Gong; Mark J. Rivard; Gene Cardarelli; Thomas P. Ryan; Gregg E. Favalora
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Teaching microsurgery to undergraduate medical students by means of high-definition stereo video microscopy: the Aachen skills lab experience
Author(s): Justus Ilgner; Jonas Jae-Hyun Park; Martin Westhofen
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Interactive stereoscopic viewer for cultural heritage
Author(s): Nobuaki Abe; Takashi Kawai; Mami Kawaguchi; Makoto Ando
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Stereo images from space
Author(s): Massimo Sabbatini; Maximilien J. Collon D.V.M.; Gianfranco Visentin
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Improvements of 3-D image quality in integral display by reducing distortion errors
Author(s): Masahiro Kawakita; Hisayuki Sasaki; Jun Arai; Fumio Okano; Koya Suehiro; Yasuyuki Haino; Makoto Yoshimura; Masahito Sato
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Formulation of coarse integral imaging and its applications
Author(s): Hideki Kakeya
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Integral 3D TV using ultrahigh-definition D-ILA device
Author(s): Koya Suehiro; Makoto Yoshimura; Yasuyuki Haino; Masahito Sato; Jun Arai; Masahiro Kawakita; Fumio Okano
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Integral videography display with field sequential LCD
Author(s): Takafumi Koike; Michio Oikawa; Miho Kobayashi
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Adaptive integral photography imaging with variable-focus lens array
Author(s): Kensuke Ueda; Takafumi Koike; Keita Takahashi; Takeshi Naemura
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Moving up to high-resolution (dual 1920x1080): acquiring and visualizing stereoscopic noncompressed images in real-time for dentists and medical applications
Author(s): Raffaello Galli
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3-D visualization of electrostatic fields on a helicopter in flight
Author(s): John F. Dammann; David M. Hull
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Programming standards for effective S-3D game development
Author(s): Neil Schneider; Alexander Matveev
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Disparity manipulation for stereo images and video
Author(s): Chiao Wang; Alexander A. Sawchuk
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Study of a viewer tracking system with multiview 3D display
Author(s): Jinn-Cherng Yang; Chang-Shuo Wu; Chuan-Heng Hsiao; Ming-Chieh Yang; Wen-Chieh Liu; Yi-Ping Hung
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Ghosting reduction method for color anaglyphs
Author(s): An Jin Chang; Hye Jin Kim; Jae Wan Choi; Ki Yun Yu
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A method of fabricating micro-retarder plates by a laser system
Author(s): Langchin Lin; Ying-Chi Chen; Chao-Hsu Tsai; Kuen Lee
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Extraction of digital elevation map from parallel-perspective stereo mosaics
Author(s): Prudhvi Gurram; Eli Saber; Harvey Rhody
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Robust image, depth, and occlusion generation from uncalibrated stereo
Author(s): B. Barenbrug; R-P. M. Berretty; R. Klein Gunnewiek
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Integral photography using hexagonal fly's eye lens and fractional view
Author(s): Kazuhisa Yanaka
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Integral imaging with reduced color moire pattern by using a slanted lens array
Author(s): Yunhee Kim; Gilbae Park; Seong-Woo Cho; Jae-hyun Jung; Byoungho Lee; Yoonsun Choi; Moon-Gyu Lee
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Flatbed-type omnidirectional three-dimensional display system using holographic lens array
Author(s): Hideya Takahashi; Manabu Chikayama; Kenji Yamada
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Stereoscopic see-through retinal projection head-mounted display
Author(s): Hideya Takahashi; Shun Hirooka
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3D display using motion parallax for long-depth expression
Author(s): Kazutake Uehira; Masahiro Suzuki
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Interactive tools for image-based stereoscopic artwork
Author(s): Efstathios Stavrakis; Margrit Gelautz
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Toward a stereoscopic encoder/decoder for digital cinema
Author(s): Rafik Bensalma; Mohamed-Chaker Larabi
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