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BioMEMS and Nanotechnology III
Editor(s): Dan V. Nicolau; Derek Abbott; Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh; Tiziana Di Matteo; Sergey M. Bezrukov
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Volume Number: 6799
Date Published: 10 December 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6799
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Atomic force microscopy study on the attachment of E. coli and S. aureus to a patterned surface of different materials
Author(s): Hailong Zhang; Andras Komaromy; Reinhard I. Boysen; Gemma Rius; Xavier Borrise; Francesc Perez-Murano; Milton T. W. Hearn; Dan V. Nicolau
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The molecular adsorption-type endotoxin detection system using immobilized ε-polylysine
Author(s): Katsutoshi Ooe; Akihito Tsuji; Naoki Nishishita; Yoshiaki Hirano
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Analysis and feasibility of chemical recording using thermosensitive liposomes
Author(s): Maria E. Tanner; Elizabeth A. Vasievich; Jonathan M. Protz
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DNA-conjugated metal nanoparticle for bioanalytics, nanophotonics, and nanoelectronics
Author(s): Wolfgang Fritzsche; Andrea Csaki; Robert Möller; Andrea Steinbrück; Grit Festag; Andreas Wolff; Thomas Schüler
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Interfacing porous silicon with biomolecules
Author(s): Martin J. Sweetman; Sean D. Graney; Nicolas H. Voelcker
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Porous silicon biosensor for the detection of auto-immune diseases
Author(s): Andrew O. Jane; Endre J. Szili; Joanne H. Reed; Tom P. Gordon; Nicolas H. Voelcker
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Control over wettability via surface modification of porous gradients
Author(s): Y. L. Khung; M. A. Cole; S. J. P. McInnes; N. H. Voelcker
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Spark plasma sintering of silver nanopowder
Author(s): H. B. Ng; C. Shearwood; T. J. White; L. G. Yu; K. A. Khor
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Effects of surfactants on the formation of microdroplets in the flow focusing microfluidic device
Author(s): Nan Wu; Y. Zhu; P. W. Leech; B. A. Sexton; S. Brown; C. Easton
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Mechanisms of formation of nanostructures with atomic force microscopy
Author(s): H. Lee; L. Peng; K. Wang; M. K. Yapici; J. Zou; H. Liang
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Influence of addition of larger particles into 3-nm particles of TiO2 film on the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells
Author(s): Hongxia Wang; John Bell
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Superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic surfaces with MoOx sub micron structures
Author(s): Jos Campbell; Michael Breedon; W. Wlodarski; Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh
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Surface acoustic wave device based wireless passive microvalve for microfluidic applications
Author(s): Don W. Dissanayake; Said F. Al-Sarawi; Derek Abbott
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Effect of various artificial surfaces on the colonization and viability of E. coli and S. aureus
Author(s): Andras Komaromy; Reinhard I. Boysen; Hailong Zhang; Milton T. W. Hearn; Dan V. Nicolau
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Thermal analysis of cell electro-rotation chip
Author(s): Guolin Xu; Daniel Lee; M. Vyshnavi; Jackie Y. Ying
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Biological applications of microscope profiler
Author(s): Sen Han; Erik Novak; Jason Reed; Michael Teitell; James Gimzewski
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Development of a blood extraction device for a miniature SMBG system
Author(s): Yoshimitsu Matsuura; Toshiyuki Uenoya; Kazuyoshi Tsuchiya; Yasutomo Uetsuji; Eiji Nakamachi
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A systematic approach to fabricate high aspect ratio silicon micro-needles for transdermal drug delivery
Author(s): H. B. Ng; C. Shearwood
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Ultra-small volume interdigital sensors for the measurement of human breast milk
Author(s): A. Keating; W. W. Pang; C. T. Lai; P. Hartmann
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Design of painless microneedle for blood extraction system
Author(s): Kazuyoshi Tsuchiya; Keisuke Isobata; Miho Sato; Yasutomo Uetsuji; Eiji Nakamachi; Kagemasa Kajiwara; Minoru Kimura
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Low cost optical particle detection for lab on chip systems based on DVD technology
Author(s): Andrew L. Clow; Rainer Künnemeyer; Paul Gaynor; John C. Sharpe
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Novel electromagnetic micropump
Author(s): M. Feldmann; S. Demming; C. Lesche; S. Büttgenbach
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Induced movement of the magnetic beads and DNA-based dumbbell in a micro fluidic channel
Author(s): B. Babić; R. Ghai; K. Dimitrov
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Bioimprint replication of single cells on a biochip
Author(s): M. M. Alkaisi; J. J. Muys; J. J Evans
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Preparation of two-directional gradient surfaces for the analysis of cell-surface interactions
Author(s): Lauren R. Clements; Yit-Lung Khung; Helmut Thissen; Nicolas H. Voelcker
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Characterization of microflows in micro contractions using micro-PIV and CFD to study the protein aggregation process
Author(s): Francisco J. Tovar-Lopez; Arnan Mitchell; Gary Rosengarten
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Micro-patterning of polymer-based optical oxygen sensors for lab-on-chip applications
Author(s): Volker Nock; Richard J. Blaikie; Tim David
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Microfluidic device for controlled dilution and sorting of droplets by electrokinetic driving forces
Author(s): P. Carreras; S. Mohr; P. R. Fielden; N. J. Goddard
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Design and fabrication of polymer microfluidic chip for ESI-MS
Author(s): Sana Malahat; Pio Iovenitti; Igor Sbarski
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Neural network prediction of protein adsorption
Author(s): Dan V. Nicolau Jr.; Elena Vasina; Ewa Paszek; Dan V. Nicolau
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Signal compression in biological sensory systems: information theoretic performance limits
Author(s): Mark D. McDonnell
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Nanosize particle movement in time-modulated nonuniform electric fields: a Fourier-Bessel series model
Author(s): David J. G. Bakewell
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Finite element modelling of SAW correlator
Author(s): Ajay C. Tikka; Said F. Al-Sarawi; Derek Abbott
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Estimation of atomic hydrophobicities using molecular dynamics simulation of peptides
Author(s): Marie Held; Dan V. Nicolau
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Feature extraction of performance variables in elite half-pipe snowboarding using body mounted inertial sensors
Author(s): J. W. Harding D.D.S.; J. W. Small; D. A. James
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Improved protein-adsorption resistance of digital microfluidic device via surface coating and structure modification
Author(s): Shun-Yuan Chen; Heng-Cang Hu; Chih-Sheng Yu; Yi-Chiuen Hu
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Hydrogen gas sensor fabricated from polyanisidine nanofibers deposited on 36 deg. YX LiTaO3 layered surface acoustic wave transducer
Author(s): Laith Al-Mashat; Henry D. Tran; Wojtek Wlodarski; Richard B. Kaner; Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh
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Portable multi-immunosensing lab-on-a-chip (LOC) triggered by air bladder
Author(s): Tae Ho Kang; Sin Wook Park; Jun Hwang Lee; Hyun C. Yoon; Sang Sik Yang
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Enhancement of reverse transfection efficiency by combining stimulated DNA surface desorption and electroporation
Author(s): Rhiannon Creasey; Andrew Hook; Helmut Thissen; Nicolas H. Voelcker
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Towards quality control of food using terahertz
Author(s): B. S.-Y. Ung; B. M. Fischer; B. W.-H. Ng; D. Abbott
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Simple micropatterning of proteins using polyelectrolyte multilayers and microcontact printing
Author(s): Ji-Hye Lee; Chang-Hyung Choi; Chang-Soo Lee
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Effect of dispersing nano-materials into structural adhesive on the electrical and mechanical properties
Author(s): Anil Chinnabhandar; H. N. Narasimha Murthy; M. Krishna
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