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Multimedia Systems and Applications X
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Volume Number: 6777
Date Published: 9 September 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6777
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
H.264 scalable video over finite-state Markov chain wireless channels
Author(s): Guogang Hua; Daewon Song; David Hench; Chang Wen Chen
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Error resilient interactive video streaming over wireless networks
Author(s): Marios G. Hadjinicolaou; Kostas E. Psannis; Yutaka Ishibashi
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Optimal route discovery for soft QOS provisioning in mobile ad hoc multimedia networks
Author(s): Lei Huang; Feng Pan
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Effective IPTV channel management method over heterogeneous environments
Author(s): Hyunchul Joo; Dai-boong Lee; Hwangjun Song
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Layered video delivery from multiple servers
Author(s): Y. H. Tan; J. Y. Tham; H. Palit; X. Li
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Supporting high-performance networked-based clustered displays for advanced collaboration environments
Author(s): Kiho Choi; Sangwoo Han; JongWon Kim
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A secure transmission scheme of streaming media based on the encrypted control message
Author(s): Bing Li; Zhigang Jin; Yantai Shu; Li Yu
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Design and implementation of a two-way real-time communication system for audio over CATV networks
Author(s): Choong Sang Cho; Yoo Rhee Oh; Young Han Lee; Hong Kook Kim
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A quality comparison of preventive control schemes for media synchronization in voice and video communications
Author(s): Satoshi Minezawa; Yutaka Ishibashi; Kostas E. Psannis
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Adaptive inter-media synchronization for multiple session-based uncompressed HD media transport
Author(s): JongKwon Chae; JongWon Kim
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Adaptive switching control of video files in iSCSI systems
Author(s): Masahito Isamu; Toyonori Fujiura; Yutaka Ishibashi
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Influences of network latency and packet loss on video-playback quality in iSCSI system
Author(s): Toyonori Fujiura; Masahito Isamu; Yutaka Ishibashi
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High quality scalable audio codec
Author(s): Miyoung Kim; Eunmi Oh; JungHoe Kim
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A 3D audio reproduction scheme for audio delivery on a stereo loudspeaker system
Author(s): Yong Guk Kim; Young Han Lee; Hong Kook Kim
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Variable frame rate analysis for automatic speech recognition
Author(s): Zheng-Hua Tan
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Speaker diarization system on the 2007 NIST rich transcription meeting recognition evaluation
Author(s): Hanwu Sun; Tin Lay Nwe; Eugene Chin Wei Koh; Ma Bin; Haizhou Li
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Hypothetical reference decoder for H.264 over channel with jitter
Author(s): Zhengguo Li; Susanto Rahardja; Shoulie Xie; Wei Yao
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Adaptive slice-level parallelism for real-time H.264/AVC encoder with fast inter mode selection
Author(s): Bongsoo Jung; Hoyoung Lee; Kwang-Hyun Won; Byeungwoo Jeon
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Fast mode decision in fine granularity scalability motion refinement
Author(s): Y. H. Tan; Z. G. Li; S. Rahardja
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Error concealment using weighted sum of macroblocks
Author(s): Ee Sin Ng; Jo Yew Tham; Susanto Rahardja
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A design of real time image capturing and processing system using Texas Instrument's processor
Author(s): Toon-Joo Wee; Lekha Chaisorn; Susanto Rahardja; Woon-Seng Gan
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JPEG2000 compressed domain image retrieval using context labels of significance coding and wavelet autocorrelogram
Author(s): Navin Angkura; Supavadee Aramvith; Supakorn Siddhichai
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Analysis of the similarity between one person's left and right hands for personal verification
Author(s): Beining Huang; Darun Tang; Wenxin Li; Zhuoqun Xu
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A video camera based palmprint verification method
Author(s): Darun Tang; Beining Huang; Di Xie; Wenxin Li; Zhuoqun Xu
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Design of interaction manager supporting collaborative display and multimodal interaction for advanced collaborative environment
Author(s): SuJin Ko; Namgon Kim; JongWon Kim
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A group synchronization scheme with prediction in a remote haptic drawing system
Author(s): Youichi Kurokawa; Yutaka Ishibashi
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Comparative study on collaborative interaction in non-immersive and immersive systems
Author(s): Qonita M. Shahab; Yong-Moo Kwon; Heedong Ko; Maria N. Mayangsari; Shoko Yamasaki; Hiroaki Nishino
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Voice and gesture-based 3D multimedia presentation tool
Author(s): Hiromichi Fukutake; Yoshiaki Akazawa; Yoshihiro Okada
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A remote instruction system empowered by tightly shared haptic sensation
Author(s): Hiroaki Nishino; Akira Yamaguchi; Tsuneo Kagawa; Kouichi Utsumiya
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A remote haptic painting lesson system
Author(s): Toshio Asano; Yutaka Ishibashi
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A delay compensation scheme based on prediction for networked haptic collaboration system
Author(s): Seokho Son; Seokhee Lee; JongWon Kim
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Influences of difference in workspace size between haptic interface devices on networked collaborative and competitive work
Author(s): Seiji Kameyama; Yutaka Ishibashi
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