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Advanced Photon Counting Techniques II
Editor(s): Wolfgang Becker
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Volume Number: 6771
Date Published: 11 October 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6771
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multi-dimensional time-correlated single-photon counting
Author(s): Wolfgang Becker; Axel Bergmann
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Merging microsecond mixing and time-correlated single-photon counting: using time-resolved FRET and time-resolved anisotropy to probe early events in protein folding
Author(s): Osman Bilsel; Ying Wu; Can Kayatekin; C. Robert Matthews
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Spectrally and time-resolved study of NAD(P)H autofluorescence in cardiac myocytes from human biopsies
Author(s): Y. Cheng; D. Chorvat Jr.; N. Poirier; J. Miró; N. Dahdah; A. Chorvatova
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Application of spectral unmixing in multi-wavelength time-resolved spectroscopy
Author(s): D. Chorvat Jr.; A. Mateasik; J. Kirchnerova; A. Chorvatova
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Time-resolved fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Klaus Suhling; Carolyn Tregidgo; Nicolas Sergent; James A. Levitt; Alex Pavlides; Mark A. Green; Graham Hungerford; Ana Rei; M. Isabel C. Ferreira
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Time-of-flight 3D localization of fluorescent inclusions in thick turbid media with ultra-fast TCSPC APDs and electronics
Author(s): Vincent Robichaud; Yves Bérubé-Lauzière
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Interpretation of measurements of dynamic fluorescence of the eye
Author(s): Dietrich Schweitzer; Martin Hammer; Susanne Jentsch; Stefan Schenke
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How fast can TCSPC FLIM be made?
Author(s): Vicky Katsoulidou; Axel Bergmann; Wolfgang Becker
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Simultaneous imaging of multiple focal planes in scanning two-photon absorption microscope by photon counting
Author(s): Ramón Carriles; Erich E. Hoover; Wafa Amir; Jeffery A. Squier
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Monitoring the rotary motors of single FoF1-ATP synthase by synchronized multi channel TCSPC
Author(s): N. Zarrabi; M. G. Düser; S. Ernst; R. Reuter; G. D. Glick; S. D. Dunn; J. Wrachtrup; M. Börsch
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Time-gated single-photon avalanche diode for time-resolved diffuse reflectance at small source-detector separation
Author(s): Alessandro Torricelli; Antonio Pifferi; Loreno Spinelli; Davide Contini; Rinaldo Cubeddu; Alberto Tosi; Alberto Dalla Mora; Franco Zappa; Sergio Cova
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Second generation airborne 3D imaging lidars based on photon counting
Author(s): John Degnan; David Wells; Roman Machan; Ed Leventhal
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Photon counting pseudorandom noise code laser altimeters
Author(s): Xiaoli Sun; James B. Abshire; Michael A. Krainak; William B. Hasselbrack
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Germanium and InGaAs/InP SPADs for single-photon detection in the near-infrared
Author(s): Alberto Tosi; Alberto Dalla Mora; Franco Zappa; Sergio Cova
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Linear-mode single-photon APD detectors
Author(s): Andrew S. Huntington; Madison A. Compton; George M. Williams
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Non-Geiger-mode single-photon counting APDs with high detection probability and afterpulse-free performance
Author(s): Leye Aina; Ayub Fathimulla; Harry Hier; Mark Lecates; Parth Patel; Sachi Babu; Jim Foshee
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InGaAsP avalanche photodetectors for near IR single photon detection
Author(s): Xudong Jiang; Mark A. Itzler; Rafael Ben-Michael; Krystyna Slomkowski
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Position and time sensitive photon counting detector with image charge delay-line readout
Author(s): Achim Czasch; Volker Dangendorf; James S. Milnes; Sven Schössler; Ronald Lauck; Uwe Spillmann; Jon R. Howorth; Ottmar Jagutzki
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Wide-field photon counting imaging for fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Nicolas Sergent; James A. Levitt; Mark A. Green; Klaus Suhling
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Photon-number discrimination using a semiconductor quantum dot, optically gated, field-effect transistor
Author(s): Eric J. Gansen; Mary A. Rowe; Marion B. Greene; Danna Rosenberg; Todd E. Harvey; Mark Y. Su; Sae Woo Nam; Richard P. Mirin
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Measurement system for acquiring gain distribution of avalanche photodiodes at low gains
Author(s): Kenji Tsujino; Makoto Akiba; Masahide Sasaki
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Improved photon-counting detector performance by intelligent management of detector deadtime
Author(s): Sergey V. Polyakov; Alan Migdall; I. P. Degiovanni; V. Schettini
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In-depth analysis of optical crosstalk in single-photon avalanche diode arrays
Author(s): Ivan Rech; Antonino Ingargiola; Roberto Spinelli; Ivan Labanca; Stefano Marangoni; Massimo Ghioni; Sergio Cova
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Soft decision capacity of M-ary PPM with photon counting in the presence of timing jitter spillover
Author(s): A. L. Kachelmyer
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Compact eight-channel photon counting module with monolithic array detector
Author(s): I. Rech; D. Resnati; S. Marangoni; M. Ghioni; S. Cova
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High-performance 4H-SiC single photon avalanche diode operating at solar blind wavelength
Author(s): Xiaobin Xin; Jun Hu; Petre Alexandove; Jian H. Zhao; Brenda L. VanMil; D. Kurt Gaskill; Kok-Keong Lew; Rachael Myers-Ward; Charles Eddy Jr.
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A system for one-way ranging and positioning using differential TCSPC
Author(s): Matthias Fuhrland; Lukas Eng; Michael Wahl
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Imaging through diffusive layers using speckle pattern fractal analysis and application to embedded object detection in tissues
Author(s): George Tremberger Jr.; A. Flamholz; E. Cheung; R. Sullivan; R. Subramaniam; P. Schneider; G. Brathwaite; J. Boteju; P. Marchese; D. Lieberman; T. Cheung; Todd Holden
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Bunch fill pattern at BESSY monitored by time-correlated single photon counting
Author(s): Karsten Holldack; Michael v. Hartrott; Frank Hoeft; Oliver Neitzke; Erik Bauch; Michael Wahl
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Gated-mode integrated single photon detector for telecom wavelengths
Author(s): Qing-Lin Wu; Yun Liu; Zheng-Fu Han; Wei Chen; Yi-Min Dai; Guo Wei; Guang-Can Guo
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