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Nanosensing: Materials, Devices, and Systems III
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Volume Number: 6769
Date Published: 25 September 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6769
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Flame spray pyrolysis based nano-structured functional metal oxide layers for gas sensing applications
Author(s): Nicolae Barsan; Lutz Mädler; Udo Weimar
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Hunting the active species in gas sensing processes: operando studies on tin dioxide-based sensors
Author(s): D. Koziej; N. Barsan; U. Weimar
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Electro-mechanical coupling in ZnO nanowires
Author(s): M. A. Haque; A. V. Desai
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Organic nanofiber nanosensors
Author(s): M. Madsen; M. Schiek; P. Thomsen; N. L. Andersen; A. Lützen; H.-G. Rubahn
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Influence of biomolecule size on performance of nanostructured sensing devices
Author(s): Guoguang Rong; Sharon M. Weiss
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Wide bandgap nanowire sensors
Author(s): S. J. Pearton; B. S. Kang; B. P. Gila; D. P. Norton; L. C. Tien; O. Kryliouk; H. T. Wang; F. Ren; Yeoung-Woo Heo
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Percolation transport in single-walled carbon nanotube films: experiment and simulation
Author(s): Ant Ural; Ashkan Behnam; Jason Johnson; Yongho Choi
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Broadband image sensors for biomedical, security, and automotive applications
Author(s): Achyut Dutta; Rabi Sengupta; Anupriya Krishnan; Saif Islam; Priyalal S. Wijewarnasuriya; Nibir Dhar
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Low-power tunable nanocircuits with DG-MOSFETs for current sensing applications
Author(s): Savas Kaya; Hesham F. A. Hamed
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Nanostructured hexagonal tungsten oxides for ammonia sensing
Author(s): Lisheng Wang; Judit Pfeifer; Csaba Balázsi; Imre Miklós Szilágyi; P. I. Gouma
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Fabrication of gold dots for DNA based nano-sensors
Author(s): Mashiur Rahman; B. Scott Day; Huan Cao; Aaron Gin; Michael L. Norton
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Improved electrochemical biosensor response via metal oxide pre-oxidation of chemical interferents
Author(s): Jamie G. Houseknecht; Mark A. Tapsak
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Supported lipid bilayer membranes on SiO2 and TiO2: substrate effects on membrane formation and shape transformation
Author(s): Ryugo Tero; Toru Ujihara; Tsuneo Urisu
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Recent advances in molecular lithography
Author(s): Michael Norton; Mashiur Rahman; B. Scott Day; Chad Huffman; Huan Cao; David Neff; Heather Butts; Aaron Gin
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Study of supported bilayer lipid membranes for use in chemo-electric energy conversion via active proton transport
Author(s): Stephen A. Sarles; Vishnu B. Sundaresan; Donald J. Leo
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Bio-functional Au/Si nanorods for pathogen detection
Author(s): Bosoon Park; Junxue Fu; Yiping Zhao; Gregory R. Siragusa; Yong-Jin Cho; Kurt C. Lawrence; William R. Windham
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Characterization of localized strain of crystals in nano-scale by tip-enhanced Raman spectroscope and microscope
Author(s): Norihiko Hayazawa; Masashi Motohashi; Yuika Saito; Satoshi Kawata
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