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Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology IX
Editor(s): Christopher M. U. Neale; Manfred Owe; Guido D'Urso
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Volume Number: 6742
Date Published: 4 October 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6742
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Integrating Earth observation data in hydrological runoff models
Author(s): Richard A. M. de Jeu; Albrecht Weerts; Paulo Reggiani; Juzer Dhondia; Hylke Beck; Thomas Holmes; Jeroen Aerts; John van de Vegte; Manfred Owe
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Integration of ground and satellite data to simulate forest carbon budget on regional scale
Author(s): Fabio Maselli; Marta Chiesi; Marco Moriondo; Luca Fibbi; Marco Bindi; Steven W. Running
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Evaluation of the surface of objects by use of Minnaert constants
Author(s): Hiroshi Okayama; Cong Li
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Retrieval of canopy moisture content for dynamic fire risk assessment using simulated MODIS bands
Author(s): Carmine Maffei; Antonio P. Leone; Giuseppe Meoli; Gaetano Calabrò; Massimo Menenti
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ESA activities related to forest fires: ATSR World Fire Atlas (WFA), GlobCarbon, and RISK-EOS
Author(s): Olivier Arino; Marc Paganini
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SPOT-VGT time series based estimation of fire-induced variability in vegetation covers
Author(s): Rosa Lasaponara; Antonio Lanorte; Luciano Telesca
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Potential errors in the application of thermal-based energy balance models with coarse resolution data
Author(s): William P. Kustas; Nurit Agam; Martha C. Anderson; Fuqin Li; Paul D. Colaizzi
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A hybrid approach for estimating spatial evapotranspiration from satellite imagery
Author(s): C. M. U. Neale; M. P. González Dugo; L. Mateos; W. P. Kustas; Y Kaheil
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Soil moisture content of composite rough surfaces based on a variational technique to distinguish between the larger and smaller scale surface spectral density functions
Author(s): Ezekiel Bahar
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Analysis of the attenuation in soils and water content in remote sensing surveying
Author(s): V. Pérez-Gracia; L. G. Pujades; J. A. Canas; D. Di Capua; R. González-Drigo
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Vegetation canopy optical and structural variability based on radiometric and laser analysis
Author(s): Jules R. Dim; Koji Kajiwara; Yoshiaki Honda
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Investigating structural-spectral interactions in managed even-aged eucalyptus plantations using lidar and multispectral high resolution data
Author(s): Jan van Aardt; Wesley Roberts; Michael Gebreslasie; Solomon Tesfamichael
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Evaluation of different methods for the retrieval of LAI using high resolution airborne data
Author(s): K. Richter; F. Vuolo; G. D'Urso; L. Dini
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Crop yield monitoring based on a photosynthetic sterility model using NDVI and daily meteorological data
Author(s): Daijiro Kaneko
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Geostatistical analysis of tree size distributions in the southern Kalahari obtained from remotely sensed data
Author(s): Aristides Moustakas; Arsenia Chorti; Dionissios T. Hristopulos
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Spatial vegetation variation patterns in southern Italy as detected by AVHRR and MODIS observations
Author(s): G. Quarta; D. Conte; G. P. Marra; F. Parmiggiani
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Ecosystem productivity and dynamics issued from multispectral and hyperspectral satellite imagery
Author(s): Aris Kyparissis; Nikos Markos; Stavros Stagakis; Efi Levizou; Olga Sykioti
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Integrating temporal and spectral information from low-resolution MODIS and high-resolution optical satellite images: two Hungarian case studies
Author(s): Daniel Kristof; Robert Pataki; Dora Neidert; Zoltan Nagy; Krisztina Pinter
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EO-1 Hyperion and ALI bands simulation to Landat 7 ETM+ bands and comparison
Author(s): Konstantinos G. Nikolakopoulos; Georgios Aim. Skianis; Dimitrios A. Vaiopoulos
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Fish habitat characterization and quantification using lidar and conventional topographic information in river survey
Author(s): Miguel Marchamalo Sacristán; María-Dolores Bejarano; Diego García de Jalón; Rubén Martínez Marín
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Use of airborne hyperspectral imagery to investigate the influence of soil nitrogen supplies and variable-rate fertilization to winter wheat growth
Author(s): Xiaoyu Song; Guangjian Yan; Jihua Wang; Liangyun Liu; Xuzhang Xue; Cunjun Li; Wenjiang Huang
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Optimal land use/cover classification using remote sensing imagery for hydrological modelling in a Himalayan watershed
Author(s): Sameer Saran; Geert Sterk; Suresh Kumar
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Climate changes impact the surface albedo of a forest ecosystem based on MODIS satellite data
Author(s): M. A. Zoran; A. V. Nemuc
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Integration of satellite-based energy balance with simulation models applied to irrigation management at an irrigation scheme of southern Spain
Author(s): Cristina Santos; Ignacio J. Lorite; Masahiro Tasumi; Richard G. Allen; Pedro Gavilan; Elías Fereres
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Using MODIS/NDVI imagery for the validation and calibration of a live vegetation moisture content model
Author(s): Paolo Fiorucci; Francesco Gaetani; Riccardo Minciardi; Fulvia Rosso
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Analysis of surface biophysical parameters of urban ecosystem derived from satellite data
Author(s): M. A. Zoran; C. H. Weber
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MODIS and Landsat TM data image fusion based on improved resolution method: assessing the quality of resulting NDVI images
Author(s): Jong-Hwa Park; Sangil La
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Mapping forest fuel types by using satellite ASTER data and neural nets
Author(s): Rosa Coluzzi; Immacolata di Donna; Antonio Lanorte; Rosa Lasaponara
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Correlation analysis of simulated MODIS vegetation indices and the red edge and rice agricultural parameter
Author(s): Qian Cheng; Xiuju Wu
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Validating the MODIS LAI product by scaling up LAI measurements at a VALERI alpine meadow site in China
Author(s): Mingguo Ma; Frank Veroustraete; Ling Lu; Xin Li; Reinhart Ceulemans; Jan Bogaert; Chunlin Huang; Tao Che; Qinghan Dong
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Managing grain protein content by remote sensing in winter wheat
Author(s): Wenjiang Huang; Jihua Wang; Xiaoyu Song; Chunjiang Zhao; Liangyun Liu
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Precipitation and temperature control the greening trend in northwest China during 1982-2003
Author(s): Mingguo Ma; Yi Song; Xuemei Wang
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Becoming a NIR-sensitive aerial archaeologist
Author(s): Geert Verhoeven
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The use of satellite remote sensing and GIS for assisting flood risk assessment: a case study of the Agriokalamin Catchment area in Paphos-Cyprus
Author(s): Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis
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