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International Conference on Lasers, Applications, and Technologies 2007: High-Power Lasers and Applications
Editor(s): Vladislav Panchenko; Vladimir Golubev; Andrey Ionin; Alexander Chumakov
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Volume Number: 6735
Date Published: 14 August 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6735
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Contribution to development of chemical and discharge oxygen-iodine lasers
Author(s): Jarmila Kodymová; Otomar Špalek; Vít Jirásek; Miroslav Čenský; Jan Hrubý; Josef Schmiedberger
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Dissociation of I2 in chemical oxygen-iodine lasers: experiment, modeling, and pre-dissociation by electrical discharge
Author(s): A. Katz; K. Waichman; Z. Dahan; V. Rybalkin; B. D. Barmashenko; S. Rosenwaks
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Advanced singlet oxygen generator and nozzle bank in traditional COIL technology
Author(s): Marsel V. Zagidullin; Valery D. Nikolaev; Nikolay A. Khvatov; Michael I. Svistun
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Chemical oxygen-iodine laser with atomic iodine generated via fluorine atoms
Author(s): Otomar Špalek; Vít Jirásek; Miroslav Čenský; Jarmila Kodymová; Irena Picková; Ivo Jakubec
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I2 dissociation pathways in the coil medium
Author(s): M. V. Zagidullin; V. N. Azyazov; S. Yu. Pichugin
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Possibilities of simultaneous lasing in two different spectral bands on HF and DF molecules in autonomous cw HF/DF laser
Author(s): A. S. Bashkin; S. N. Petrova; D. V. Polinovsky
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Numerical simulation of double-band cw HF-HBr chemical laser
Author(s): B. P. Aleksandrov; A. A. Stepanov
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Comparison of well-known kinetic models by the cw HF and DF chemical lasers numerical simulation
Author(s): B. P. Aleksandrov; A. A. Stepanov
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Achievement of 30% conversion from O2 to O2(a1Δ) at 50 torr using an integrally cooled, controlled avalanche ionized electric O2(a1Δ) generator
Author(s): Alan E. Hill
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Gas discharge lasers pumped by generators with semiconductor opening switch
Author(s): Alexei N. Panchenko; Alexei E. Tel'minov
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Microwave excited planar CO2-laser
Author(s): Alexander P. Mineev; Sergey M. Nefedov; Pavel P. Pashinin
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Cryogenic sealed-off slab CO laser excited by repetitively pulsed RF discharge
Author(s): A. A. Ionin; L. V. Seleznev; A. V. Shelestovich; D. V. Sinitsyn
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High-efficient discharge-pumped ArF (193 nm) excimer laser with a TPI thyratron as a high-voltage switch
Author(s): Alexander M. Razhev; Andrey A. Zhupikov; Dmitry S. Churkin
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Long-pulse discharge nitrogen lasers
Author(s): I. N. Konovalov; A. I. Suslov; V. F. Tarasenko; A. E. Tel'minov
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Pulsed CO laser operating on gas mixtures with high oxygen content
Author(s): Yu. M. Klimachev; A. A. Ionin; A. A. Kotkov; A. Yu. Kozlov; L. V. Seleznev; R. P. Andrusenko
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Generation of a high quality short pulse in excimer lasers at use of SBS mirror
Author(s): Yu. N. Panchenko
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Development of petawatt laser amplification systems at the Central Laser Facility
Author(s): O. Chekhlov; E. J. Divall; K. Ertel; S. J. Hawkes; C. J. Hooker; I. N. Ross; P. Matousek; C. Hernandez-Gomez; I. Musgrave; Y. Tang; T. Winstone; D. Neely; R. Clarke; P. Foster; S. J. Hancock; B. E. Wyborn; J. L. Collier
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High power optical sources of femtosecond pulses on the base of hybrid laser systems with wide-aperture gas laser amplifiers
Author(s): A. A. Ionin; A. V. Konyashchenko; B. M. Koval'chuk; O. N. Krokhin; V. F. Losev; G. A. Mesyats; L. D. Mikheev; A. G. Molchanov; Yu. N. Novoselov; L. V. Seleznev; D. V. Sinitsyn; A. N. Starodub; V. F. Tarasenko; S. I. Yakovlenko; V. D. Zvorykin
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Sub-picosecond petawatt class N2O laser system: mid-IR non-linear optics and new possibilities for high-energy physics
Author(s): V. M. Gordienko; V. T. Platonenko; S. G. Rykovanov; G. K. Vasiliev
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Formation of short high-power laser radiation pulses in excimer mediums
Author(s): N. G. Ivanov; Yu. N. Panchenko
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Suppression of gain narrowing with a combination of negative and positive CPA
Author(s): M. P. Kalashnikov; K. Osvay
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Design and construction of a PW ultrashort laser facility with ns, ps, and fs outputting pulses
Author(s): Qihua Zhu; Xiaojun Huang; Xiao Wang; Xiaoming Zeng; Xudong Xie; Fang Wang; Fengrui Wang; Donghui Lin; Dongbin Jiang; Xiaodong Wang; Kainan Zhou; Yanlei Zuo; Ying Zhang; Ying Deng; Xiaofeng Wei; Dianyuan Fan
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Laser systems for pulsed volumetric laser beams generation
Author(s): Yu. Chivel
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Short-pulse disk laser
Author(s): Yu. Chivel; I. Niconchuk; D. Zatiagin
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High-energy diffractive variable attenuator
Author(s): A. G. Poleshchuk; A. I. Malyshev
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Optical experimental fiber for transmission of high-power laser radiation
Author(s): Yurij V. Sorokin
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High-power laser sources for industry and their applications
Author(s): Friedrich Bachmann
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Dieless wire drawing with lasers
Author(s): G. Liedl; D. Schuöcker
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Optimization of the quality of laser cutting and power consumption
Author(s): Ch. Sipavichius; A. Amulevichius; K. Mazheika
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Development of resonators for high-power CO2 lasers
Author(s): A. M. Orishich; V. B. Shulyat'ev; G. N. Grachev; S. I. Trashkeyev; P. A. Statsenko
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Pulse laser welding of aluminum alloy by combined radiation
Author(s): Yevgeny A. Chaschin; Igor V. Shilov; Sergey A. Solokhin; Mikhail N. Ershkov
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Application of Mössbauer spectroscopy in the studies of oxidation of steel
Author(s): A. Amulevichius; K. Mazheika; Ch. Sipavichius; A. Daugvila; R. Davidonis
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Mechanism of plasma generation under focused beam effect on metallic surface in laser welding
Author(s): V. S. Golubev; M. G. Galushkin; R. V. Grishaev; Yu. N. Zavalov
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Pulsed plasma thruster based on solid-state lasers
Author(s): A. N. Chumakov; N. A. Bosak; A. M. Petrenko; M. V. Bogdanovich; A. I. Yenzhyieuski; A. V. Pozhidaev; M. A. Shemelev; A. G. Ryabtsev; G. I. Ryabtsev; Yu. A. Stankevich
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Deflection of sub-100-fs electrons by femtosecond light
Author(s): S. A. Aseyev; B. N. Mironov; S. V. Chekalin
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High-power and ultrashort laser pulse ablation of metals: threshold characteristics
Author(s): I. N. Zavestovskaya; O. A. Glazov; N. A. Menkova
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Laser ablation in liquids: an efficient sample preparation technique in ICP elemental analysis of art materials
Author(s): N. M. Kozhukh; E. V. Muravitskaya; V. A. Rosantsev; M. V. Belkov; E. A. Ershov-Pavlov
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Time-resolved measurements of laser plasmas interaction during breakdown in normal atmosphere by various wavelengths
Author(s): Alexey A. Il'in; Alexey V. Bulanov; Sergey S. Golik
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Surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate and microfluidic waveguide fabricated by fs laser microprocessing
Author(s): Zenghui Zhou; Haiyi Sun; Ya Cheng; Zhizhan Xu
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LANTCET: laser nanotechnology for screening and treating tumors ex vivo and in vivo
Author(s): Dmitri O. Lapotko; Ekaterina Y. Lukianova-Hleb; Sergei A. Zhdanok; Jason H. Hafner; Betty C. Rostro; Peter Scully; Marina Konopleva; Michael Andreeff; Chun Li; Ehab Y. Hanna; Jeffrey N. Myers; Alexander A. Oraevsky
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Influence of laser beam focusing on LIBS efficiency at the elemental analysis of metals
Author(s): V. I. Zhuravleva; V. A. Rozantsev; E. A. Ershov-Pavlov
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Optical, structural, and lasing properties of a composite material nanoporous glass filled with an organic dye-activated polymer
Author(s): S. S. Anufrik; M. I. Ihnatouski; M. F. Koldunov; A. M. Lyalikov; A. A. Manenkov; V. V. Tarkovsky
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