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Quantum Communications and Quantum Imaging V
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Volume Number: 6710
Date Published: 25 September 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6710
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Modeling of classical ghost images formed using pseudo-thermal light sources
Author(s): S. Crosby; S. Castelletto; A. Roberts; R. Scholten
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Ghost imaging with intense entangled fields
Author(s): A. Andreoni; E. Puddu; I. P. Degiovanni; M. Bondani; S. Castelletto
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Nonclassical mesoscopic twin-beam of light
Author(s): M. Bondani; A. Allevi; G. Zambra; M. G. A. Paris; A. Andreoni; J. Peřina; J. Křepelka; J. Peřina Jr.
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CCD-based detection of quantum spatial correlation of twin beams for high-sensitivity imaging
Author(s): O. Jedrkiewicz; G. Molina Terriza; E. Brambilla; L. Caspani; A. Gatti; L. A. Lugiato; P. Di Trapani
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New two-photon quantum ghost imaging experiments
Author(s): Ronald E. Meyers; Keith S. Deacon; Yanhua Shih
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Development of a parametric down-conversion source for two-photon absorption experiments
Author(s): T. B. Pittman
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Why is the orbital angular momentum conserved in spontaneous parametric down-conversion?
Author(s): Sheng Feng; Prem Kumar
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The orbital angular momentum spectrum of photons generated via parametric down-conversion
Author(s): Clara I. Osorio; Gabriel Molina-Terriza; Juan P. Torres
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Single-photon sources using two-photon absorption
Author(s): Bryan C. Jacobs
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Tunable control and use of the spectrum of photons in quantum optics applications
Author(s): Alejandra Valencia; Martin Hendrych; Xiaojuan Shi; Noelia Gonzalez; Alessandro Cerè; Gabriel Molina-Terriza; Juan P. Torres
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Cavity QED with chip-based toroidal microresonators
Author(s): B. Dayan; T. Aoki; E. Wilcut; S. Kelber; W. P. Bowen; A. S. Parkins; J. R. Petta; T. J. Kippenberg; E. Ostby; K. J. Vahala; H. J. Kimble
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Quantum hacking: attacking practical quantum key distribution systems
Author(s): Bing Qi; Chi-Hang Fred Fung; Yi Zhao; Xiongfeng Ma; Kiyoshi Tamaki; Christine Chen; Hoi-Kwong Lo
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10 Gbps quantum stream cipher by Y-00 for super HDTV transmission with provable security
Author(s): Osamu Hirota; Tetsuya Shimizu; Takehiko Katayama; Katsuyoshi Harasawa
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Quantum networking with quantum dots coupled to micro-cavities
Author(s): Edo Waks; Deepak Sridharan; Jelena Vuckovic
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Quantum effects of a partially coherent beam propagating through the atmosphere
Author(s): Gennady P. Berman; Aleksandr A. Chumak
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Compact sources of correlated and entangled photons
Author(s): M. Fiorentino; S. M. Spillane; T. D. Roberts; R. G. Beausoleil
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Bell states within the linewidth of SPDC and applications
Author(s): M. Genovese; G. Brida; V. Caricato; M. V. Chekhova; M. Gramegna; L. Krivitsky; A. Meda; E. Predazzi; P. Traina
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Can gravitational curvature induce decorrelation of optical entanglement?
Author(s): T. C. Ralph; G. J. Milburn; T. Downes
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Reliability of photon NOON-state production schemes
Author(s): Augusto Garuccio; Vincenzo Tamma; Milena D'Angelo
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Quantum communications over optical fiber networks
Author(s): Thomas E. Chapuran; Robert J. Runser; Paul Toliver; Nicholas A. Peters; Matthew S. Goodman; Scott R. McNown; Jon T. Kosloski; Richard J. Hughes; Charles G. Peterson; Kevin P. McCabe; Jane E. Nordholt; Kush T. Tyagi; Phillip A. Hiskett; Nicholas Dallmann; Linden Mercer; Henry Dardy
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A novel switched interferometric quantum key distribution system
Author(s): P. A. Hiskett; C. G. Peterson; D. Rosenberg; S. Nam; A. E. Lita; A. J. Miller; R. J. Hughes; J. E. Nordholt
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Quantum stream cipher: Part V. On the optimal modulation scheme and the implementation of deliberate signal randomization
Author(s): Kentaro Kato; Osamu Hirota
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Optimal eavesdropping strategies in quantum cryptography using photonic quantum control
Author(s): Stephen D. Bartlett
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Rapid measurement of atomic clock-state qubits for violating Bell inequalities
Author(s): René Stock; Nathan S. Babcock; Mark G. Raizen; Barry C. Sanders
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Gradient echo quantum memory for light using two-level atoms
Author(s): J. J. Longdell; G. Hétet; A. L. Alexander; P. K. Lam; M. J. Sellars
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Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen correlations in entangled macroscopic quantum systems
Author(s): F. De Martini; E. Nagali; F. Sciarrino; C. Vitelli
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Review of quantum optical communications and future device evaluations
Author(s): Yu-Ti Kuo; Hsion-Yu Chang; Nan-Shin Liu; Jian-Lin Chiu; Nien-Tse Chen; Zainy Wu; Shyh-Lin Tsao; Qin Wang; Linda Hoglund; Bertrand Noharet; Mihai Oane; Florea Scarlat; Anca Scarisoreanu; Wen-Ming Cheng; Hen-Wai Tsao
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Fast and power-efficient infrared single-photon upconversion using hot-carrier luminescence
Author(s): Hod Finkelstein; Kai Zhao; Matthias Gross; Yu-Hwa Lo; Sadik Esener
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Improve the efficiency of a practical quantum key distribution system
Author(s): Bing Qi; Yi Zhao; Xiongfeng Ma; Hoi-Kwong Lo; Li Qian
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Variation of the ground state properties of trapped Bose-Einstein condensate due to localized impurity
Author(s): Shri Prakash Tewari; Poonam Silotia; Aditya Saxena; Lokesh Kumar Gupta
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