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Penetrating Radiation Systems and Applications VIII
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Volume Number: 6707
Date Published: 22 September 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6707
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Methodology for packaging reliable scintillation detectors
Author(s): Frank Wilkinson III
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Using LaX scintillator in a new low-background Compton telescope
Author(s): James M. Ryan; Peter F. Bloser; John R. Macri; Mark L. McConnell
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New scintillator compositions
Author(s): W. M. Higgins; E. Van Loef; J. Glodo; A. Churilov; K. S. Shah
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Structure and properties of lanthanide halides
Author(s): F. P. Doty; Douglas McGregor; Mark Harrison; Kip Findley; Raulf Polichar
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Fracture and deformation behavior of common and novel scintillating single crystals
Author(s): K. O. Findley; J. Johnson; D. F. Bahr; F. P. Doty; J. Frey
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Engineered solution synthesis of rare-earth nanomaterials and their optical properties
Author(s): Richard E. Riman; G. A. Kumar; V. Atakan; John G. Brennan; J. Ballato
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Dehydration and solid solution formation for the LaBr3-CeBr3 binary system
Author(s): Pin Yang; Christopher B. DiAntonio; Timothy J. Boyle; Mark A. Rodriguez; Margaret R. Sanchez
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Initial investigation of strengthening agents for lanthanide halide scintillators
Author(s): M. J. Harrison; F. P. Doty
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Nanosized grain polycrystalline scintillators for special nuclear materials detection
Author(s): C. F. Chen; J. Cooley; C. Stanek; D. Byler; H. Volz; R. Dickerson; D. Dombrowski; T. Tucker; B. Bartram; B. Ewing; M. Mauro; R. Weinberg
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Scintillation properties and applications of reduced-afterglow co-doped CsI:Tl
Author(s): V. V. Nagarkar; V. B. Gaysinskiy; E. E. Ovechkina; S. R. Miller; C. Brecher; A. Lempicki; R. H. Bartram
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Radioluminescence and radiation effects in metal organic framework materials
Author(s): F. P. Doty; C. A. Bauer; P. G. Grant; B. A. Simmons; A. J. Skulan; M. D. Allendorf
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High-resolution beta imaging probe for radioguided surgery
Author(s): I. Shestakova; V. B. Gaysinskiy; S. C. Thacker; S. Cool; V. V. Nagarkar; B. C. Stack
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Neutron imaging for inertial confinement fusion experiments
Author(s): G. P. Grim; R. D. Day; D. D. Clark; V. E. Fatherley; F. P. Garcia; S. A. Jaramillo; A. J. Montoya; G. L. Morgan; J. A. Oertel; T. A. Ortiz; J. R. Payton; P. D. Pazuchanics; D. W. Schmidt; A. C. Valdez; C. H. Wilde; M. D. Wilke
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Advantages of semiconductor CZT for medical imaging
Author(s): Douglas J. Wagenaar; Kevin Parnham; Bjorn Sundal; Gunnar Maehlum; Samir Chowdhury; Dirk Meier; Thor Vandehei; Marek Szawlowski; Bradley E. Patt
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Design and initial performance evaluation of a full-field digital mammography upgrade cassette
Author(s): D. Nguyen; M. A. Baysal; E. Toker; J. M. Wang
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Fast maximum-likelihood estimation methods for scintillation cameras and other optical sensors
Author(s): L. R. Furenlid; J. Y. Hesterman; H. H. Barrett
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Monte-Carlo modeling of monolithic CMOS sensors for X-ray and charged-particle imaging
Author(s): Shengdong Li; Howard S. Matis; Stuart Kleinfelder
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A Bayesian sequential processor approach to spectroscopic portal system decisions
Author(s): K. Sale; J. Candy; E. Breitfeller; B. Guidry; D. Manatt; T. Gosnell; D. Chambers
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Radiography and tomography system using refractive lenses
Author(s): C. K. Gary; H. Park; R. H. Pantell; Y. I. Dudchik; L. W. Lombardo; J. T. Cremer
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Fluorescent x-ray tomography system for atomic imaging
Author(s): Eiichi Sato; Keitaro Hitomi; Seiichiro Nomiya; Etsuro Tanaka; Toshiaki Kawai; Takashi Inoue; Akira Ogawa; Mitsuru Izumisawa; Masanori Shozushima; Shigehiro Sato; Kazuyoshi Takayama
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Liquids identification with x-ray diffraction
Author(s): G. Harding; J. Delfs
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Image quality analysis of a color LCD as well as a monochrome LCD using a Foveon color CMOS camera
Author(s): William J. Dallas; Hans Roehrig; Elizabeth A. Krupinski
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Measurement of luminance noise and chromaticity noise of LCDs with a colorimeter and a color camera
Author(s): H. Roehrig; W. J. Dallas; E. A. Krupinski; Gary R. Redford
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Finite element Compton tomography
Author(s): Tomasz Jannson; Pauline Amouzou; Naresh Menon; Michael Gertsenshteyn
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High-dose-rate pulse x-ray detection using a multipixel photon counter
Author(s): Eiichi Sato; Keitaro Hitomi; Seiichiro Nomiya; Hideaki Onabe; Tadayoshi Shoji; Etsuro Tanaka; Toshiaki Kawai; Takashi Inoue; Akira Ogawa; Shigehiro Sato; Kazuyoshi Takayama
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Purification of tellurium to 6N using a multistage vacuum distillation method
Author(s): A. M. Hageman; M. J. Harrison; N. Fritz; T. N. Krehbiel; R. White; J. Patenaude; D. S. McGregor
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Order and charge collection correlations in organic materials for neutron detection
Author(s): Tiffany M. S. Wilson; F. Patrick Doty; Douglas A. Chinn; Michael J. King; Blake A. Simmons
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Investigation of CaF2:Eu scintillator for D-D neutron interrogation
Author(s): Andrew D. Herr; Arlyn J. Antolak; Dan H. Morse; Michael King; Kristin Hertz; Ka-Ngo Leung; Tak-Pui Lou
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