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Cryogenic Optical Systems and Instruments XII
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Volume Number: 6692
Date Published: 12 September 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6692
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
High-fidelity cryothermal test of a subscale large space telescope
Author(s): M. DiPirro; J. Tuttle; S. Ollendorf; A. Mattern; D. Leisawitz; M. Jackson; J. Francis; T. Hait; P. Cleveland; D. Muheim; A. J. Mastropietro
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Temperature-dependent refractive index of CaF2 and Infrasil 301
Author(s): Douglas B. Leviton; Bradley J. Frey; Timothy J. Madison
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Cryogenic temperature-dependent refractive index measurements of N-BK7, BaLKN3, SF15, and E-SF03
Author(s): Bradley J. Frey; Douglas B. Leviton; Timothy J. Madison; Qian Gong; Matthias Tecza
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Temperature evolution of exciton absorptions in Cd1-xZnxTe materials
Author(s): Manuel A. Quijada; Ross Henry
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Cryogenic system for interferometric measurement of dimensional changes at 40 K: design and performance
Author(s): Peter Blake; Franklin Miller; Tim Zukowski; Edgar R. Canavan; Allen Crane; Tim Madison; David Miller
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A cryogenic tunable Fabry-Perot interferometer for astronomical observations
Author(s): Jonathan K. Chow; Leigh Ann Ryder; Ira Chapman; Scott Horner; Peter D. Dean
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Design and development of a cryogenic Michelson interferometer
Author(s): Philippe Lagueux; Martin Chamberland; Frédérick Marcotte; André Villemaire
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The development of a breadboard cryogenic optical delay line for Darwin
Author(s): T. C. van den Dool; F. Kamphues; W. L. M. Gielesen; B. C. Braam; N. Loix; P. P. Kooijman; G. Velsink; Y. Stockman; J. Benoit; F. Sève
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Mid-infrared instrumentation for the European Extremely Large Telescope
Author(s): S. Kendrew; B. Brandl; R. Lenzen; L. Venema; H. U. Käufl; G. Finger; A. Glasse; R. Stuik
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NIRCam fold mirror and mount designs
Author(s): Alison Nordt; Michael Jacoby; Brent Biggs; Todd Kvamme; Ted Cahoon
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Cryo-test results of NIRCam optical elements
Author(s): L. W. Huff; L. A. Ryder; E. T. Kvamme
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Cryogenic measurements of the dichroic beam splitter for the NIRCam instrument
Author(s): Yalan Mao; Lynn W. Huff; Warren Hendricks; Charles Kennemore
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A second generation low stress cryogenic mount for space-borne lithium fluoride optics
Author(s): E. Todd Kvamme; Michael Jacoby
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NIRCam thermal subsystem
Author(s): Liz Osborne
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JWST-MIRI spectrometer main optics qualification and verification
Author(s): Michael Meijers; Ad Oudenhuysen; Ton Schoenmaker; Gabby Kroes; Rieks Jager; Evert Pauwels
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MIRI telescope simulator (MTS) folding mirrors
Author(s): J. Serrano; A. G. Moral; E. Pedrosa; J. Moreno; L. Díez; J. Allo; C. Laviada
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Overview of the near-infrared spectrograph (NIRSpec) instrument on-board the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)
Author(s): Giorgio Bagnasco; Manfred Kolm; Pierre Ferruit; Karl Honnen; Jess Koehler; Robert Lemke; Marc Maschmann; Markus Melf; George Noyer; Peter Rumler; Jean-Christophe Salvignol; Paolo Strada; Maurice Te Plate
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Physical optics model for simulating the optical performance of the NIRSpec
Author(s): Maurice te Plate; Jose Lorenzo Alvarez; Pierre-Antoine Frugier; Pierangelo Marenaci
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Photogrammetric metrology for the James Webb Space Telescope integrated science instrument module
Author(s): Maria Nowak; Allen Crane; Pamela Davila; William Eichhorn; James Gill; Acey Herrera; Michael Hill; Jason Hylan; Mark Jetten; James Marsh; Raymond Ohl; Robert Quigley; Kevin Redman; Henry Sampler; Geraldine Wright; Philip Young
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Thermal analysis and seeing improvement of LAMOST enclosure
Author(s): Zhiping Chen; Huli Shi; Rong Li; Zhengqiu Yao; Weina Hao
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Optical alignment of the JWST ISIM to the OTE simulator (OSIM): current concept and design studies
Author(s): Bradley J. Frey; Pamela S. Davila; John G. Hagopian; James M. Marsh; Raymond G. Ohl; Mark E. Wilson; Philip J. Young
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Calculation of the effect of ice on the transmission of the James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): Jonathan Arenberg
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