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Astronomical Adaptive Optics Systems and Applications III
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Volume Number: 6691
Date Published: 12 September 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6691
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
FPGA developments for the SPARTA project: Part 3
Author(s): S. J. Goodsell; D. Geng; E. J. Younger; E. Fedrigo; C. Soenke; R. Donaldson; N. A. Dipper; R. M. Myers
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ASSIST: development of a test-infrastructure for the VLT AO facility
Author(s): Remko Stuik; Robin Arsenault; Atul Deep; Bernard Delabre; Pascal Hallibert; Laurent Jolissaint; Norbert Hubin; Sarah Kendrew; Pierre-Yves Madec; Jerome Paufique; Stefan Stroebele
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Loki: a ground-layer adaptive optics high-resolution near-infrared survey camera
Author(s): Christoph Baranec; Michael Lloyd-Hart; Michael Meyer
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Enabling laboratory demonstrations of multi-object adaptive optics with linearity calibrations
Author(s): S. Mark Ammons; Edward A. Laag; Renate Kupke; Donald T. Gavel; Claire E. Max
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An automated airplane detection system for the safeguard against airplane illumination from the laser guide star beacons at the MMT
Author(s): Miguel Snyder; Michael Lloyd-Hart
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Broadband wavefront correction algorithm for high-contrast imaging systems
Author(s): Amir Give'on; Brian Kern; Stuart Shaklan; Dwight C. Moody; Laurent Pueyo
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Real-time atmospheric turbulence profile estimation using modal covariance measurements from multiple guide stars
Author(s): N. Mark Milton; Michael Lloyd-Hart; Jessica A. Bernier; Christoph Baranec
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Wavefront correction in a shaped-pupil coronagraph using a Gerchberg-Saxton-based estimation scheme
Author(s): Jason Kay; N. Jeremy Kasdin; Ruslan Belikov
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Application of adaptive wavelets for laser beam distortion compensation for astronomical adaptive optics
Author(s): Katherine J. Jones
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High-performance curvature wavefront sensing for extreme AO
Author(s): Olivier Guyon
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Effects of phase-shifting error upon the self-referencing interferometer wavefront sensor
Author(s): R. Anthony Vincent; Denis W. Oesch; Darryl J. Sanchez
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Fast and accurate wavefront sensing algorithm of Shack-Hartmann sensor for adaptive optics
Author(s): Jae Eun Yoo; Sung Kie Youn
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Development of lightweight optical segments for adaptive optics
Author(s): M. Ghigo; R. Canestrari; S. Basso; D. Spiga
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The SPHERE exoplanet imager: status report at PDR
Author(s): Francois Wildi; Jean-Luc Beuzit; Markus Feldt; David Mouillet; Kjetil Dohlen; Pascal Puget; Andrea Baruffolo; Julien Charton; Jacopo Antichi; Pierre Baudoz; Anthony Boccaletti; Marcel Carbillet; Riccardo Claudi; Philippe Feautrier; Enrico Fedrigo; Thierry Fusco; Raffaele Gratton; Norbert Hubin; Markus Kasper; Maud Langlois; Rainer Lenzen; Claire Moutou; Alexey Pavlov; Cyril Petit; Johan Pragt; Patrick Rabou; Ronald Roelfsema; Michel Saisse; Hans-Martin Schmid; Eric Stadler; Christian Thalmann; Massimo Turatto; Stéphane Udry; Rens Waters; Thomas Henning; Anne-Marie Lagrange; Farrokh Vakili
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Status of the MMT Observatory multiple laser beacon projector
Author(s): Thomas E. Stalcup Jr.; Roger Angel; Michael Lloyd-Hart; Matthew J. Rademacher
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Astronomical imaging using ground-layer adaptive optics
Author(s): Christoph Baranec; Michael Lloyd-Hart; N. Mark Milton; Thomas Stalcup; Miguel Snyder; Vidhya Vaitheeswaran; Don McCarthy; Roger Angel
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Multi-laser-guided adaptive optics for the Large Binocular Telescope
Author(s): M. Lloyd-Hart; R. Angel; R. Green; T. Stalcup; N. M. Milton; K. Powell
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The European LGS test facility
Author(s): R. M. Myers; D. Bonaccini Calia; N. Devaney; S. Esposito; S. J. Goodsell; A. Goncharov; J. C. Guerra; H. Guillet de Chatellus; M. A. Harrison; R. Holzloehner; E. Marchetti; T. J. Morris; E. Pinna; J.-P. Pique; S. Rabien; M. Reyes; E. Ribak; R. G. M. Rutten; H. Schnetler; M. Strachan; R. Stuik; R. G. Talbot; S. M. Tulloch
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The Polychromatic Laser Guide Star for tilt measurement: progress report of the demonstrator at Observatoire de Haute Provence
Author(s): Renaud Foy; Pierre Éric; Jérôme Eysseric; Françoise Foy; Thierry Fusco; Julien Girard; Auguste Le Van Suu; Sandrine Perruchot; Pierre Richaud; Yoann Richaud; Xavier Rondeau; Michel Tallon; Éric Thiébaut; Michel Boër
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A study on the dynamic range expansion of the Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor using image processing
Author(s): Ji-Yeon Kim; Min-Seok Kim; Tae-Kyoung Uhm; Sung-Kie Youn
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Space variant point spread function modeling for astronomical image data processing
Author(s): Martin Řeřábek; Petr Páta; Karel Fliegel; Jan Švihlik; Pavel Koten
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Status of the production of the thin shells for the Large Binocular Telescope adaptive secondary mirrors
Author(s): G. Brusa Zappellini; H. M. Martin; S. M. Miller; B. K. Smith; B. Cuerden; V. Gasho; R. G. Sosa; M. Montoya; A. Riccardi
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