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Focal Plane Arrays for Space Telescopes III
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Volume Number: 6690
Date Published: 12 September 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6690
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fundamental performance differences between CMOS and CCD imagers: Part II
Author(s): James Janesick; James Andrews; John Tower; Mark Grygon; Tom Elliott; John Cheng; Michael Lesser; Jeff Pinter
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Inter-pixel capacitance in fully-depleted silicon hybrid CMOS focal plane arrays
Author(s): Yibin Bai; Mark C. Farris; Anders K. Petersen; James W. Beletic
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Conversion gain non-linearity and its correction in hybridised near infrared detectors
Author(s): Nagaraja Bezawada; Derek Ives; David Atkinson
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Comparing the low-temperature performance of megapixel NIR InGaAs and HgCdTe imager arrays
Author(s): S. Seshadri; D. M. Cole; B. Hancock; P. Ringold; C. Peay; C. Wrigley; M. Bonati; M. G. Brown; M. Schubnell; G. Rahmer; D. Guzman; D. Figer; G. Tarle; R. M. Smith; C. Bebek
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Development of a thinned back-illuminated CMOS active pixel sensor for extreme ultraviolet spectroscopy and imaging in space science
Author(s): Nicholas Waltham; Mark Prydderch; Helen Mapson-Menard; Matthew Clapp; Peter Pool; Andrew Harris
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Realization and application of a 111 million pixel backside-illuminated detector and camera
Author(s): Norbert Zacharias; Bryan Dorland; Richard Bredthauer; Kasey Boggs; Greg Bredthauer; Mike Lesser
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Back-illuminated three-dimensionally integrated CMOS image sensors for scientific applications
Author(s): Vyshnavi Suntharalingam; Dennis D. Rathman; Gregory Prigozhin; Steven Kissel; Mark Bautz
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The Gaia focal plane
Author(s): Anouk Laborie; Robert Davancens; Pierre Pouny; Cyril Vétel; François Chassat; Philippe Charvet; Philippe Garé; Giuseppe Sarri
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Mission to Mars: the HiRISE camera on-board MRO
Author(s): Thomas H. Ebben; James Bergstrom; Peter Spuhler; Alan Delamere; Dennis Gallagher
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High-performance focal plane arrays based on the HAWAII-2RG/4RG and the SIDECAR ASIC
Author(s): Markus Loose; James Beletic; James Garnett; Min Xu
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Laboratory and sky testing results for the TIS H4RG-10 4k x 4k 10-micron visible CMOS-hybrid detector
Author(s): Bryan N. Dorland; Gregory S. Hennessy; Norbert Zacharias; David G. Monet; Hugh Harris; Chris Rollins; Peter Shu; Laddawan Miko; Brent Mott; Augustyn Waczynski; Emily Kan; Gregory Delo
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Radiation effects in two InGaAs focal plane arrays
Author(s): Frederick Knight; Matthew Waldon; Brian Greensmith; Michael Mattei; Lado Tonia; Nicholas Gould
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Cryogenic testing of a 1024x1024 Si:As array for WISE
Author(s): Jessie L. Dotson; Mark McKelvey; Robert McMurray Jr.; John Goebel; Amanda Mainzer
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First use of a HyViSI H4RG for astronomical observations
Author(s): Lance M. Simms; Donald F. Figer; Brandon J. Hanold; Daniel J. Kerr; D. Kirk Gilmore; Steven M. Kahn; J. Anthony Tyson
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Radiometric and noise characteristics of SI-1920HD cameras built from the AltaSens ProCamHD 3560 FPA
Author(s): Robert Kessel; William J Scharpf; David M. Huber; Christopher J. Rollins; Bryan Dorland; Greg S. Hennessy; Bertrand E. Plourde
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Astrometric sky testing results for the TIS 5-micron 3T-class CMOS detector
Author(s): Bryan N. Dorland; Greg S. Hennessy; Norbert Zacharias; Chris Rollins; David Huber; Robert Kessel
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Laboratory and radiation performance testing results for the e2v model 212 CCD
Author(s): Bryan N. Dorland; Roger Foltz; Augustyn Waczynski
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Characterization of the detector subsystem for near-infrared spectrograph (NIRSpec) on the James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): D. Brent Mott; Augustyn Waczynski; Yiting Wen; Wei Xia-Serafino; Bernard J. Rauscher; Robert J. Hill; Greg Delo; Roger Foltz; Emily Kan; Meng P. Chiao; Ori Fox; Craig Cabelli; James Garnett; Markus Loose; Selmer Wong-Anglin; Majid Zandian; David Alexander; Clifford K. Brambora; Rebecca Derro; Timothy Ellis; Matthew B. Garrison; Bryan Howe; Thomas E. Johnson; Miriam Jurado; Sridhar S. Manthripragada; James M. Marsh; Cheryl Marshall; Robert J. Martineau; John Nieznanski; Kevin Novo-Gradac; Wayne D. Roher; Miles T. Smith; Donna Wilson; Peter Wallis
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Detector arrays for the James Webb Space Telescope near-infrared spectrograph
Author(s): Bernard J. Rauscher; David Alexander; Clifford K. Brambora; Rebecca Derro; Chuck Engler; Ori Fox; Matthew B. Garrison; Greg Henegar; Robert J. Hill; Thomas Johnson; Don J. Lindler; Sridhar S. Manthripragada; Cheryl Marshall; Brent Mott; Thomas M. Parr; Wayne D. Roher; Kamdin B. Shakoorzadeh; Miles Smith; Augustyn Waczynski; Yiting Wen; Donna Wilson; Wei Xia-Serafino; Craig Cabelli; Edward Cheng; James Garnett; Markus Loose; Majid Zandian; Joseph Zino; Timothy Ellis; Bryan Howe; Mirium Jurado; Ginn Lee; John Nieznanski; Peter Wallis; James York; Michael W. Regan; Georgio Bagnasco; Torsten Böker; Guido De Marchi; Pierre Ferruit; Peter Jakobsen; Paolo Strada
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