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Solar Physics and Space Weather Instrumentation II
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Volume Number: 6689
Date Published: 12 September 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6689
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The SECCHI experiment on STEREO
Author(s): J. S. Newmark; J. W. Cook; J. D. Moses
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The STEREO SECCHI/EUVI EUV coronal imager
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Wülser; James R. Lemen; Nariaki Nitta
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STEREO: Heliospheric Imager design, pre-flight, and in-flight response comparison
Author(s): Jean-Philippe Halain; Emmanuel Mazy; Jean-Marc Defise; Alexandra Mazzoli; Pierre Rochus; J. Daniel Moses; Jeffrey S. Newmark; Clarence Korendyke; Russ Howard; Simon Plunkett; Chris Eyles; Richard Harrison; Chris Davis
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In-orbit verification, calibration, and performance of the Heliospheric Imager on the STEREO mission
Author(s): Chris Eyles; Chris Davis; Richard Harrison; Nick Waltham; Jean-Philippe Halain; Emmanuel Mazy; Jean-Marc Defise; Russ Howard; Dan Moses; Jeff Newmark; Simon Plunkett
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Design, development, and performance of the STEREO SECCHI CCD cameras
Author(s): Nick Waltham; Chris Eyles
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HECOR: a HElium CORonagraphy aboard the Herschel sounding rocket
Author(s): Frédéric Auchère; Marie-Françoise Ravet-Krill; John D. Moses; Frédéric Rouesnel; Jean-Pierre Moalic; Denis Barbet; Christophe Hecquet; Arnaud Jérome; Raymond Mercier; Jean-Christophe Leclec'h; Franck Delmotte; Jeffrey S. Newmark
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Analysis of the comparative responses of SMEI and LASCO
Author(s): Andrew Buffington; Jeff S. Morrill; P. Paul Hick; Russell A. Howard; Bernard V. Jackson; David F. Webb
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A procedure for fitting point sources in SMEI white-light full-sky maps
Author(s): P. Hick; A. Buffington; B. V. Jackson
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The solar ultraviolet magnetograph investigation sounding rocket program
Author(s): E. A. West; K. Kobayashi; J. M. Davis; G. A. Gary
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The giant externally occulted coronagraph ASPIICS for the PROBA-3 formation flying mission
Author(s): Sébastien Vivès; Philippe Lamy; Michel Saisse; J.L. Boit; Patrick Levacher
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SMEI observations in the STEREO era
Author(s): Bernard V. Jackson; Andrew Buffington; P. Paul Hick; Mario M. Bisi; Elizabeth A. Jensen
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GOES-13 SXI initial on-orbit performance results
Author(s): S. M. Hill; V. J. Pizzo; A. A. Reinard; D. A. Biesecker; J. Lemen; P. Catura; M. Morrison; T. Rink; D. Sabolish; R. Stern
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The Solar X-ray Imager on GOES-13: design, analysis, and on-orbit performance
Author(s): James E. Harvey; Andrey Krywonos; Martina Atanassova; Patrick L. Thompson
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Report on GOES SXI/XRS calibration effort
Author(s): Alysha Reinard; Steven Hill; Scott Bailey; Victor Pizzo; Rodney Viereck
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Solar extreme ultraviolet irradiance observations from GOES: design characteristics and initial performance
Author(s): Rodney Viereck; Fred Hanser; John Wise; Soumyendu Guha; Andrew Jones; Don McMullin; Simon Plunket; Doug Strickland; Scott Evans
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Analyses of GOES-13 EUV 5-channel spectra
Author(s): Soumyendu Guha; Andrew Jones; Steve Benner
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SDO-EVE EUV spectrograph optical design and performance
Author(s): David A. Crotser; Thomas N. Woods; Francis G. Eparvier; Matthew A. Triplett; Donald L. Woodraska
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EUV variability experiment (EVE), multiple EUV grating spectrographs (MEGS), radiometric calibrations and results
Author(s): Phillip C. Chamberlin; Rachel A. Hock; David A. Crotser; Francis G. Eparvier; Mitch Furst; Matthew A. Triplett; Donald L. Woodraska; Thomas N. Woods
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SDO EVE CCD and thin foil filter characterization and selection
Author(s): Matthew A. Triplett; David A. Crotser; Thomas N. Woods; Francis G. Eparvier; Phillip C. Chamberlin; Gregory D. Berthiaume; David M. Weitz; Robert E. Vest
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SDO EVE ESP radiometric calibration and results
Author(s): Leonid Didkovsky; Darrell Judge; Seth Wieman; Tom Woods; Phil Chamberlin; Andrew Jones; Frank Eparvier; Matt Triplett; Don Woodraska; Don McMullin; Mitch Furst; Rob Vest
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A light-weight optics-free EUV spectrometer with substantially improved efficiency and spectral resolution
Author(s): Leonid V. Didkovsky; Darrell L. Judge; Seth Wieman
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A filter free dual transmission grating spectrometer for the extreme-ultraviolet
Author(s): Seth R. Wieman; Leonid V. Didkovsky; Darrell L. Judge; Andrew R. Jones; Matthew Harmon
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SWAP: a novel EUV telescope for space weather
Author(s): Jean-Marc Defise; Jean-Philippe Halain; David Berghmans; François Denis; Emmanuel Mazy; Tanguy Thibert; Jean-Hervé Lecat; Pierre Rochus; Bogdan Nicula; Anik De Groof; Jean-François Hochedez; Udo Schühle; Marie-Françoise Ravet; Frank Delmotte
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Silicon photodiodes for absolute soft x-ray radiometry
Author(s): Jeffrey W. Keister
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High resolution imaging system for Udaipur Solar Observatory
Author(s): A. Raja Bayanna; Rohan Eugene Louis; Brajesh Kumar; Shibu K. Mathew; P. Venkatakrishnan
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Mirrors for solar telescopes made from ZERODUR glass ceramic
Author(s): Thorsten Döhring; Ralf Jedamzik; Peter Hartmann
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The thermal environment of the fiber glass dome for the new solar telescope at Big Bear Solar Observatory
Author(s): A. P. Verdoni; C. Denker; J. R. Varsik; S. Shumko; J. Nenow; R. Coulter
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An image stabilization system for solar observations
Author(s): R. Sridharan; A. Raja Bayanna; Rohan Eugene Louis; Brajesh Kumar; Shibu K. Mathew; P. Venkatakrishnan
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Measuring the plane of polarization in a strongly circular signal
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Jensen; Christopher T. Russell
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Combined STELab, EISCAT, ESR, and MERLIN IPS observations of the solar wind
Author(s): Mario M. Bisi; Bernard V. Jackson; Richard A. Fallows; Andrew R. Breen; P. Paul Hick; Gudmund Wannberg; Peter Thomasson; Christine A. Jordan; Gareth D. Dorrian
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Performance of a prototype electrostatic analyzer for future solar and heliophysics missions
Author(s): D. O. Kataria; G. Collinson; A. J. Coates; A. N. Fazakerley; C. J. Owen; B. Taylor; L. Bradley
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First light for the Bowen fluorescence spatial heterodyne spectrometer at Millstone Hill Observatory
Author(s): S. Watchorn; J. Noto; L. S. Waldrop; M. A. Migliozzi
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