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UV/Optical/IR Space Telescopes: Innovative Technologies and Concepts III
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Volume Number: 6687
Date Published: 12 September 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6687
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Technology demonstration of large stable cryogenic composite structures for JWST
Author(s): Charles Atkinson; Jonathan Arenberg; Larry Gilman; Ted Messer; Patty May; Dave Moon; Kevin Patton; Jim York; Stan Backovsky; Jim Tucker; Marcel Bluth; Babak Saif; Ritva Keski-Kuha; Jeff Kegley; Bente Eegholm
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Development of electronic speckle pattern interferometry for testing JWST composite structures
Author(s): Babak Saif; Marcel Bluth; Bente Eegholm; Perry Greenfield; Warren Hack; Ritva Keski-Kuha; Peter Blake
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Measurement of structural damping in the backplane of the James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): Nicholas Abbruzzese; Jonathan Arenberg
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End-to-end commissioning demonstration of the James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): D. Scott Acton; Timothy Towell; John Schwenker; Duncan Shields; Erin Sabatke; Adam R. Contos; Karl Hansen; Fang Shi; Bruce Dean; Scott Smith
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Using multifield measurements to eliminate alignment degeneracies in the JWST testbed telescope
Author(s): Erin Sabatke; Scott Acton; John Schwenker; Tim Towell; Larkin Carey; Duncan Shields; Adam Contos; Doug Leviton
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TRL-6 for JWST wavefront sensing and control
Author(s): Lee D. Feinberg; Bruce H. Dean; David L. Aronstein; Charles W. Bowers; William Hayden; Richard G. Lyon; Ron Shiri; J. Scott Smith; D. Scott Acton; Larkin Carey; Adam Contos; Erin Sabatke; John Schwenker; Duncan Shields; Tim Towell; Fang Shi; Luis Meza
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Microshutter array system for James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): M. J. Li; T. Adachi; C. A. Allen; S. R. Babu; S. Bajikar; M. A. Beamesderfer; R. Bradley; N. P. Costen; Kevin Denis; A. J. Ewin; D. Franz; L. Hess; R. Hu; K. Jackson; M. D. Jhabvala; D. Kelly; T. King; G. Kletetschka; A. S. Kutyrev; B. A. Lynch; S. E. Meyer; T. Miller; S. H. Moseley; V. Mikula; B. Mott; L. Oh; J. T. Pontius; D. A. Rapchun; C. Ray; S. Schwinger; P. K. Shu; R. Silverberg; W. W. Smith; S. Snodgrass; D. Sohl; L. Sparr; R. Steptoe-Jackson; R. J. Thate; F. Wang; L. Wang; Y. Zheng; C. Zincke
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System engineering the Space Infrared Interferometric Telescope (SPIRIT)
Author(s): T. Tupper Hyde; David T. Leisawitz; David A. Di Pietro; Stephen A. Rinehart
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The Space Infrared Interferometric Telescope (SPIRIT): optical system design considerations
Author(s): Mark E. Wilson; David Leisawitz; Anthony J. Martino; Stephen Rinehart; Julie Crooke; June Tveekrem; Jason Budinoff; Tupper Hyde
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Mechanical design of the Space Infrared Interferometric Telescope (SPIRIT)
Author(s): Jason G. Budinoff; David Leisawitz; Buddy Taylor; Drew Jones
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The SPIRIT thermal system
Author(s): M. DiPirro; C. Cottingham; R. Boyle; S. Ollendorf; D. Leisawitz
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Cryogenic far-infrared detectors for the Space Infrared Interferometric Telescope (SPIRIT)
Author(s): Dominic J. Benford; Stephen A. Rinehart; David T. Leisawitz; T. Tupper Hyde
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The wide-field imaging interferometry testbed: enabling techniques for high angular resolution astronomy
Author(s): S. A. Rinehart; T. Armstrong; Bradley J. Frey; J. Jung; J. Kirk; David T. Leisawitz; Douglas B. Leviton; R. Lyon; Stephen Maher; Anthony J. Martino; T. Pauls
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Direct UV/optical imaging of stellar surfaces: the Stellar Imager Vision Mission
Author(s): Kenneth G. Carpenter; Richard G. Lyon; Carolus Schrijver; Margarita Karovska; David Mozurkewich
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Wavefront sensing and closed-loop control for the Fizeau interferometry testbed
Author(s): Richard G. Lyon; Kenneth G. Carpenter; Alice Liu; Peter Petrone; Peter Dogoda; Daniel Reed; David Mozurkewich
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Fresnel interferometric arrays for space-based imaging: testbed results
Author(s): Denis Serre; Laurent Koechlin; Paul Deba
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An optical model of the wide-field imaging interferometry testbed
Author(s): David Leisawitz; Anthony J. Martino; Anita K. Thompson; Stephen A. Rinehart; Bradley J. Frey
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Beam combination for Stellar Imager and its application to full-aperture imaging
Author(s): D. Mozurkewich; K. G. Carpenter; R. G. Lyon
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Ares V launch capability enables future space telescopes
Author(s): H. Philip Stahl
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Large infrared telescopes in the exploration era: SAFIR
Author(s): Dan Lester; Jason Budinoff; Charles Lillie
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A decision-making framework to determine the value of serviceability in space telescopes
Author(s): Mark Baldesarra; David W. Miller
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Instrumentation for the next generation cryogenic spaceborne far-IR observatories
Author(s): C. Matt Bradford; Paul F. Goldsmith; Mark Dragovan; Matt Kenyon; Warren Holmes; Harold Yorke
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CALISTO: a cryogenic far-infrared/submillimeter observatory
Author(s): P. F. Goldsmith; C. M. Bradford; M. Dragovan; B. Khayatian; K. Huffenberger; I. J. O'Dwyer; K. Górski; H. W. Yorke; J. Zmuidzinas; C. Paine; C. Satter; R. Lee
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DESTINY: the dark energy space telescope
Author(s): Bert A. Pasquale; Robert A. Woodruff; Tod R. Lauer; Dominic J. Benford
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Comparison of on-axis three-mirror-anastigmat telescopes
Author(s): M. Lampton; M. Sholl
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Manufacturing and control of the aspherical mirrors for the telescope of the French satellite Pleiades
Author(s): Denis Fappani; Hélène Ducollet
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Unique space telescope concepts using CFRP composite thin-shelled mirrors and structures
Author(s): Robert C. Romeo; Robert N. Martin
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Primary mirror shape control for athermalization using embedded sensors
Author(s): Elizabeth Jordan; David W. Miller
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Integrated modeling of point-spread function stability of the SNAP telescope
Author(s): R. W. Besuner; M. J. Sholl; M. D. Lieber; M. L. Kaplan
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Thermal calculation and structure analysis of space Main Optical Telescope
Author(s): Zhiping Chen; Zhiyuan Chen; Shimo Yang; Huli Shi
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Dynamic wavefront control for lightweight mirrors in space telescopes
Author(s): Lucy E. Cohan; David W. Miller
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Adaptive cross-correlation algorithm and experiment of extended scene Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensing
Author(s): Erkin Sidick; Rhonda M. Morgan; Joseph J. Green; Catherine M. Ohara; David C. Redding
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Co-adding techniques for image-based wavefront sensing for segmented-mirror telescopes
Author(s): J. Scott Smith; David L. Aronstein; Bruce H. Dean; D. Scott Acton
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External occulters for direct observation of exoplanets: an overview
Author(s): W. Cash; E. Schindhelm; J. Arenberg; A. Lo; R. Polidan; J. Kasdin; R. Vanderbei; S. Kilston; C. Noecker
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The terrestrial planet finder-occulter (TPF-O) science program
Author(s): Sara R. Heap
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TPF-O design reference mission
Author(s): Don J. Lindler
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New worlds observer optical performance
Author(s): Amy S. Lo; Tiffany Glassman; Charles F. Lillie; Park J. McGraw
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A UV/optical telescope for the New Worlds Observer mission
Author(s): Charles F. Lillie; D. Dailey; Amy S. Lo; Ronald S. Polidan
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Conceptual design of the TPF-O SC buses
Author(s): Lloyd R. Purves
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Externally occulted terrestrial planet finder coronagraph: simulations and sensitivities
Author(s): Richard G. Lyon; Sally Heap; Amy Lo; Webster Cash; Glenn D. Starkman; Robert J. Vanderbei; N. Jeremy Kasdin; Craig J. Copi
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New Worlds Observer tolerance overview
Author(s): Ann Shipley; Webster Cash; Jonathan W. Arenberg; Amy S. Lo
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White-light demonstration of one hundred parts per billion irradiance suppression in air by new starshade occulters
Author(s): Douglas B. Leviton; Webster C. Cash; Brian Gleason; Michael J. Kaiser; Sarah A. Levine; Amy S. Lo; Eric Schindhelm; Ann F. Shipley
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Formation flying system design for a planet-finding telescope-occulter system
Author(s): Jesse Leitner
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Formation control and reconfiguration through synthetic imaging formation flying testbed (SIFFT)
Author(s): S. Mohan; H. Sakamoto; D. W. Miller
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Satellite formation flight and realignment maneuver demonstration aboard the International Space Station
Author(s): Christophe P. Mandy; Alvar Saenz-Otero; David W. Miller
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