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Remote Sensing and Modeling of Ecosystems for Sustainability IV
Editor(s): Wei Gao; Susan L. Ustin
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Volume Number: 6679
Date Published: 5 October 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6679
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Remote sensing of vegetation water content using shortwave infrared reflectances
Author(s): E. Raymond Hunt Jr.; M. Tugrul Yilmaz
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Dependence of erythemally weighted UV radiation on geographical parameters in the United States
Author(s): Xinli Wang; Wei Gao; John Davis; Becky Olson; George Janson; James Slusser
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Characterization of land cover by multi-temporal biophysical variables in fused images
Author(s): Alejandra A. López-Caloca; Franz Mora; Boris Escalante-Ramírez; Anabell Miranda-Moctezuma
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2-band enhanced vegetation index without a blue band and its application to AVHRR data
Author(s): Zhangyan Jiang; Alfredo R. Huete; Youngwook Kim; Kamel Didan
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Multisensor reflectance and vegetation index comparisons of Amazon tropical forest phenology with hyperspectral Hyperion data
Author(s): Youngwook Kim; Alfredo R. Huete; Zhangyan Jiang; Tomoaki Miura
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Sensitivity analysis of MODIS band-to-band registration characterization and its impact on the science data products
Author(s): Yong Xie; Xiaoxiong Xiong; John J. Qu; Nianzeng Che; Lingli Wang
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Vine variety discrimination with airborne imaging spectroscopy
Author(s): M. Ferreiro-Armán; J. L. Alba-Castro; S. Homayouni; J. P. da Costa; J. Martín-Herrero
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High performance spectrograph for solar UV 250-400 band
Author(s): I. Di Menno; C. Rafanelli; S. De Simone; M. Di Menno
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Monitoring the intensity of locust damage to vegetation using hyper-spectra data obtained at ground surface
Author(s): Shaoxiang Ni; Tong Wu
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A regional climate simulation study with land cover dynamics in Northern China
Author(s): Hanjie Wang; Yongmao Ju; Jianyun Li; Guoyu Qiu
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Vegetation cover change in semi-arid northeast China using SPOT VEGETATION data
Author(s): Xiangnan Liu; Fang Huang; Ping Wang
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Wetland dynamics in west Songnen Plain, China since 1950s
Author(s): Fang Huang; Ping Wang; Yangzhen Zhang
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Spatial distribution and temporal variation of ultraviolet radiation in Henan province and the affecting factors
Author(s): Ronghua Liu; Peng Hu; Guoqiang Zhao; Hongwei Tian; Likui Shi; Linmao Ye
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Temporal comparison of land surface albedo for three different land use cover types in the Beijing area
Author(s): Weidong Liu; Yaoting Wang
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Response characteristic analysis of climate change of vegetation activity in Huang-Huai-Hai area based on NOAA NDVI data set
Author(s): Zhangjun Li; Zhaobo Sun; Huailiang Chen; Zixuan Du; Chunhui Zou
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Spatial distribution and temporal variation of ecological capital and their relation to climate change and the changes of land use and land cover on the northern slope of the Tianshan Mountain, China
Author(s): Qing Zhang; Xiuwan Chen; Wei Gao; Xianfeng Zhang; Kefa Zhou; Xinli Wang
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Study on the process of snowmelt based on the 3S technology
Author(s): Shifeng Fang; Huan Pei; Wei Dai; Zhihui Liu; Qingdong Shi; Quidong Zhao; Zhi Lu; Min Li; Yan Yan
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Numerical simulation of variance of solar radiation and its influence on wheat growth
Author(s): Xuefen Zhang; Chunyi Wang; Zixuan Du; Wei Zhai
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Spatial and temporal distributions of lightning activities in Northeast China from satellite observation and analysis for lightning fire
Author(s): Junhui Zhao; Li Sun; Tao Zhang; Daobin Zhang; Guangmeng Guo; Zhiwei Zhang; Zhenguo Niu; Xingang Kang; Heping Liu
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Influence of land use/cover change on land surface temperature of Laizhou Bay Plain
Author(s): Jicai Ning; Zhiqiang Gao; Zulu Zhang; Zijun Li
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A remote sensing-based integrated approach for monitoring grassland degradation: case study on the representative grassland near the middle and upper reaches of Heihe River Basin, Western China
Author(s): Ziqiang Du; Yudan Shen; Jian Wang; Xihui Shen
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Estimate soil organic carbon and nitrogen distribution in Huolin wetland with MODIS data
Author(s): Mei Zhou; Gary Z. Wang; Guangmeng Guo; Lui Heping; Linhe Wang
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Cultivated land changes and driving force analysis by satellite remote sensing in the Yellow River Delta of China
Author(s): Xingqiang Zhang; Panxing Wang; Gengxing Zhao; Lanjun Zou; Ge Lin; Jerald J. Fletcher; Charles Yuill
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A method to compute solar radiation at surface in any time interval based on NCEP re-analysis
Author(s): Lanjun Zou; Wei Gao; Tongwen Wu; Xiaofeng Xu
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A three-dimensional variational data assimilation system for a climate model: basic scheme and tests
Author(s): Yuanhong Guan; Weisong Lu D.V.M.; Guangqing Zhou II; Meiying Yuan
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Analyzing the relationship between land surface temperature and vegetation cover: a case of typical grassland in North China
Author(s): Wenjiang Zhang; Zhiqiang Gao
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Propagation characters of baroclinic waves in the upper troposphere during the period of rainstorm in Yangtze and Huaihe Valley
Author(s): Shilong Mei; Zhaoyong Guan; Shanshan Zhong
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The relationship between the intensity of East-Asian summer monsoon in the mid-lower Yangtze Valley and sea surface temperature anomalies in the previous winter
Author(s): Xinyan Lu; Xiuzhi Zhang; Jinnian Chen
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Preliminary study on the evolution of historical flood/drought features for the northeast of China
Author(s): Nanping Xu; Pinwen Guo; Meiying Yuan
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Analysis of remote sensings of a sudden rainstorm in NE China
Author(s): Meiying Yuan; Zechun Li; Xiaoling Zhang
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Assessing the impact of climate change on the crop potential productivity in Huang-Huai-Hai Plain in China based on crop model and GIS technique
Author(s): Zhan Tian; Xiaotu Lei; Zhiqiang Gao
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Temperature change and its effect factors in the Yangtze Delta, China
Author(s): Jun Shi; Xu Tang; Linli Cui; Zhiqiang Gao
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Urban heat island in Shanghai, China
Author(s): Linli Cui; Jun Shi; Zhiqiang Gao
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Construction of land data assimilation system based on EnKF technology and community land model
Author(s): Qifeng Lu; Wei Gao; Zhiqiang Gao; Wanli Wu; Chaohua Dong; Zhongdong Yang; Peng Zhang; Bingyu Du; James Slusser
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Correlations of snow depth retrieved from SSM/I with precipitation and temperature over China
Author(s): Wei Gao; Qifeng Lu; Zhiqiang Gao; Wanli Wu; Bingyu Du; James Slusser
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Research on Cleistogenes squarrosa's histocytic changing and determine method in the course of restoring succession in degradation community of the typical steppe
Author(s): Tao Zhang; Wei Wang; Heping Liu; Zhi-jie Zhang; Cunzhu Liang; Li xin Wang; Tuo Ya Bu Ren
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Impact assessment on ecosystem to climate change in Heihe River Basin in NW China
Author(s): Landong Sun; Zhongmin Xu; Zhenhe Ren
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Water quality analysis of Aksu-Tarim River based on remote sensing data
Author(s): Jianli Ding; Qingdong Shi; Fei Zhang
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Study on relationship of soil moisture and land cover: a case in Lijin County, Shandong Province
Author(s): Fuxing Zhang; Zhiqiang Gao; Lijun Zuo
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Landscape pattern change analyses of land surface radiation during the city expansion in Jinan City
Author(s): Xiaoyan Zhou; Zhiqiang Gao
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The study of urban sprawl and simulation based on remote sensing and CLUS model
Author(s): Zhiqiang Gao; Wei Gao; Zhang Jie
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The analysis on temporal variation regulation and source of urban aerosol in middle China
Author(s): Dong Chen; Xuefen Zhang; Wei Deng; Guoliang Cao; Zixuan Du
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EOS/MODIS data-based estimation of the daily snowmelt in Juntanghu Watershed northern slope of Tianshan Mountain
Author(s): Qiudong Zhao; Zhihui Liu; Qingdong Shi; Shifeng Fang; Zhi Lu; Min Li; Heng-rui Gong
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Landscape ecological risk assessment study in arid land
Author(s): Lu Gong; Aniwaer Amut; Qingdong Shi; Gary Z. Wang
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Research on spatial differentiation of landscape and ecological construction in arid land oasis
Author(s): Hongwei Wang; Lu Gong; Xia Xie; Qingdong Shi
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A study of retrieval land surface temperature and evapotranspiration in response to LUCC based on remote sensing data
Author(s): Chaoshun Liu; Wei Gao; Zhiqiang Gao
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The inter-decadal correlation between summer arctic oscillation and summer drought and moist characteristic of northwest China
Author(s): Pengxiang Wang; Youfei Zheng; Landong Sun; Zhenhe Ren; Jinhai He; Qiang Zhang
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Shiyang river basin water resources to climate changing respond and to the ecological environmental impact
Author(s): Baojian Wang; Xiwen Wang; Lianchun Song; Yuxia Huang; Landong Sun; Lanying Han
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Land use/land cover change in Yellow River Delta, China during fast development period
Author(s): Wenzuo Zhou; Yongzhong Tian; Lifen Zhu
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On the study of water vapor transport in the Yangtze River Basin under global warming background
Author(s): Zengxin Zhang; Lanjun Zou; Xin-Zhong Liang; Tong Jiang
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Validating classification accuracy of low spatial resolution data by using high spatial resolution data
Author(s): Qingdong Shi; Jiaguo Qi; Lijun Chen; Shunli Chang; Qingsan Shi; Guanghui Lv
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Characteristics of spatial distribution and temporal variation of convective cloud merger in Yangtze and Huaihe River Basin in summer season
Author(s): Wen Hu; Yong Huang; Labao Wang
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Relationship between interdecadal variability of North China summer rainfall, East Asia summer monsoon, and atmospheric circulation anomaly
Author(s): Qing-jiu Gao; Li-sheng Hao; Jin-zhong Min; Zhenhe Ren
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The benefit valuation method and analytical study of profession meteorological service in China
Author(s): ZhenHe Ren; ZhaoBo Sun; ShanYun Song; BangZhong Wang
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The regional climate effects of large-scale agricultural irrigation related to south-to-north water transfer engineering in China
Author(s): Hanjie Wang; Jianyun Li; Yongmao Ju; Chengyin Yang
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Urbanization patterns and their determinants in Eastern China
Author(s): Lifen Zhu; Yongzhong Tian; Wenzuo Zhou
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A comparative study on black carbon aerosol observations in regions of Beijing and Lhasa in 2006
Author(s): Runxiang Gao; Shengjie Niu; Hua Zhang; Jun Guo; Dongmei Meng; Jinghui Ma; Jinhu Feng; Yujie Zhang
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Warning and controlling of ecological security in Xinjiang, China
Author(s): Guanghui Lü; Jianjun Yang; Yuan Ma; Qingdong Shi
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Spatial distributions of surface albedo from satellite data in arid oasis
Author(s): Aniwaer Amut; Lu Gong; Zhenyan Yuan
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