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Time and Frequency Metrology
Editor(s): R. Jason Jones
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Volume Number: 6673
Date Published: 12 September 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6673
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optical frequency standards based on mercury and aluminum ions
Author(s): W. M. Itano; J. C. Bergquist; A. Brusch; S. A. Diddams; T. M. Fortier; T. P. Heavner; L. Hollberg; D. B. Hume; S. R. Jefferts; L. Lorini; T. E. Parker; T. Rosenband; J. E. Stalnaker
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High-resolution spectroscopy of the 88Sr+ single ion optical frequency standard
Author(s): Pierre Dubé; Alan A. Madej; John E. Bernard; Andrew D. Shiner
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Hg ion atomic clock for deep space navigation and science
Author(s): John D. Prestage; Sang K. Chung; Lawrence Lim; Thanh Le
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Advances in chip-scale atomic frequency references at NIST
Author(s): S. Knappe; V. Shah; A. Brannon; V. Gerginov; H. G. Robinson; Z. Popović; L. Hollberg; J. Kitching
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The space program PHARAO/ACES
Author(s): Ph. Laurent; M. Abgrall; A. Clairon; P. Lemonde; G. Santarelli; C. Salomon; F. Picard; C. Sirmain; D. Massonnet; L. Cacciapuoti
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NIST cesium fountains: current status and future prospects
Author(s): S. R. Jefferts; T. P. Heavner; T. E. Parker; J. H. Shirley
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Manipulation of the collisional frequency shift in caesium fountain clocks
Author(s): K. Szymaniec; W. Chalupczak; S. Weyers; R. Wynands; E. Tiesinga; C. J. Williams
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Comparisons between 3 fountain clocks at LNE-SYRTE
Author(s): F. Chapelet; J. Guéna; D. Rovera; P. Laurent; P. Rosenbusch; G. Santarelli; S. Bize; A. Clairon; M. E. Tobar; M. Abgrall
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Ultra-high resolution spectroscopy with a 87Sr optical lattice clock
Author(s): G. K. Campbell; M. Boyd; A. Ludlow; S. Foreman; T. Zelevinsky; S. Blatt; T. Zanon; M. Miranda; M. Martin; J. Ye
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Present status of the development of an Yb optical lattice clock at NMIJ/AIST (National Metrology Institute of Japan / National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Author(s): Masami Yasuda; Feng-Lei Hong; Takuya Kohno; Hajime Inaba; Kazumoto Hosaka; Christina Willis; Takayuki Kurosu; Atsushi Onae; Shin-ichi Ohshima
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Lattice-based optical clock using an even isotope of Yb
Author(s): Zeb W. Barber; Chad W. Hoyt; Jason E. Stalnaker; Nathan Lemke; Chris W. Oates; Tara M Fortier; Scott Diddams; Leo Hollberg
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Prospect for a compact strontium optical lattice clock
Author(s): N. Poli; R. E. Drullinger; G. Ferrari; M. Prevedelli; F. Sorrentino; M. G. Tarallo; G. M. Tino
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Precise time and frequency transfer link used for the uncertainty evaluation of Sr. optical lattice clock
Author(s): Michito Imae; Yasuhisa Fujii; Feng-lei Hong; Masao Takamoto; Ryoichi Higashi; Hidetoshi Katori
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Coherent fiber-based frequency combs and CW lasers at 1550 nm
Author(s): N. R. Newbury; W. C. Swann; I. Coddington; P. A Williams
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High-precision spectroscopy of antiprotonic helium atoms using femtosecond frequency comb, and related topics in low-energy antiproton physics
Author(s): Hiroyuki A. Torii
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A precise length etalon generator controlled by femtosecond mode-locked laser
Author(s): Radek Šmid; Ondřej Čip; Josef Lazar
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Absolute frequency shifts of iodine cells for laser stabilization
Author(s): Josef Lazar; Jan Hrabina; František Petru; Petr Jedlička; Ondřej Číp; Radek Šmíd
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A compact and efficient hyper coherent light source of visible violet laser diode based on Pound-Drever-Hall technique
Author(s): Wakao Sasaki; Hideyuki Yashiro; Yukio Miura; Kouki Mizutani; Jun Nakajima
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High-precision thermal expansion measurements using small Fabry-Perot etalons
Author(s): Mark J. Davis; Joseph S. Hayden; Daniel L. Farber
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Compact and inexpensive frequency stabilization technique for 850-nm vertical cavity surface emitting lasers based on Fabry-Perot resonator
Author(s): Yukio Miura; Jun Nakajima; Kouki Mizutani; Wakao Sasaki
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