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Optical Manufacturing and Testing VII
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Volume Number: 6671
Date Published: 14 September 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6671
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
JWST mirror technology development results
Author(s): H. Philip Stahl
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Kepler primary mirror assembly: FEA surface figure analyses and comparison to metrology
Author(s): John W. Zinn; George W. Jones
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Manufacturing meter-scale aspheric optics
Author(s): W. Messner; C. Hall; P. Dumas; B. Hallock; M. Tricard; Stephen O'Donohue; S. Miller
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Fabrication and testing of large flats
Author(s): Julius Yellowhair; Peng Su; Matt Novak; Jim Burge
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Vertically configured collimator for cryogenic vacuum testing of meter scale optical systems
Author(s): Derek Sabatke; Steve Meyer; Noah Siegel; Don Byrd; Peter Spuhler; Paul Atcheson; Mark Martella; Edwin Penniman
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Manufacturing development of visor for binocular helmet mounted display
Author(s): David Krevor; Timothy Edwards; Eric Larkin; John Skubon; Robert Speirs; Tom Sowden
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Structure function analysis of mirror fabrication and support errors
Author(s): Anastacia M. Hvisc; James H. Burge
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Frequency response of the three Gaussian beam interferometric profilometer
Author(s): Lorenzo Juárez P.; J. Mauricio Flores; Moisés Cywiak; Manuel Servín
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Thermal shock testing of lapped optical glass
Author(s): Yingrui Zhang; Yuansun Wu; Han Liu; John C. Lambropoulos
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In-process non-destructive subsurface damage measurements and correlations to both laser damage and surface roughness
Author(s): K. Cyrus Robinson; Abe Ghanbhari; Ted Kamprath; Jayson Nelson
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MRF spotting technique for studying subsurface damage in deterministic microground polycrystalline alumina
Author(s): Shai N. Shafrir; John C. Lambropoulos; Stephen D. Jacobs
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Moore's law and mold making: staying in the megapixel race
Author(s): Kor Renkema
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High-precision aspheres for professional cine lenses: design and manufacturing
Author(s): Thomas Köhler; Christian Beder
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Surface reconstruction based on transmission interferometric testing
Author(s): Kibyung Seong; John E. Greivenkamp
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New interferometric technique to measure the length (thickness) of opaque objects using a commercial interferometer
Author(s): Amit R. Suratkar; Angela D. Davies; Faramarz Farahi
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Segmented wave-front measurements by lateral shearing interferometry
Author(s): Bruno Toulon; Jérôme Primot; Nicolas Guérineau; Sabrina Velghe; Riad Haïdar
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Shear test of the off-axis surface with an axis-symmetric parent
Author(s): Peng Su; James H. Burge; Jose Sasian
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Weighted least-square approach for simultaneous measurement of multiple reflective surfaces
Author(s): Shouhong Tang; Richard E. Bills; Klaus Freischlad
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Measuring surface slope error on precision aspheres
Author(s): James J. Kumler; J. Brian Caldwell
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Speckle metrology based study on the effect of chattering on machined surfaces
Author(s): Praveen Cheriyan Ashok; Usha Nair; Varun Kas; V. N. N. Namboothiri; V. P. N. Nampoori
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Design of partial nulls for testing of fast aspheric surfaces
Author(s): John J. Sullivan; John E. Greivenkamp
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3-dimensional scanning of grinded optical surfaces based on optical coherence tomography
Author(s): T. Hellmuth; R. Börret; K. Khrennikov
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Calculation of MRF influence functions
Author(s): Markus Schinhaerl; Gordon Smith; Andreas Geiss; Lyndon Smith; Rolf Rascher; Peter Sperber; Elmar Pitschke; Richard Stamp
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The role of nanodiamonds in the polishing zone during magnetorheological finishing (MRF)
Author(s): Jessica E. DeGroote; Anne E. Marino; John P. Wilson; Amy L. Bishop; Stephen D. Jacobs
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Magnetorheological fluid template for basic studies of mechanical-chemical effects during polishing
Author(s): Chunlin Miao; Kirk M. Bristol; Anne E. Marino; Shai N. Shafrir; Jessica E. DeGroote; Stephen D. Jacobs
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Complete sub-aperture pre-polishing and finishing solution to improve speed and determinism in asphere manufacture
Author(s): Paul Dumas; Christopher Hall; Bob Hallock; Marc Tricard
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High-speed form preserving polishing of precision aspheres
Author(s): Rainer Boerret; Andreas Kelm; Helge Thiess
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Correction of high spatial frequency errors on optical surfaces by means of ion beam figuring
Author(s): M. Ghigo; R. Canestrari; D. Spiga; A. Novi
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Non-destructive evaluation (NDE) using multi-aperture DSPI system and fast Fourier transform method
Author(s): Basanta Bhaduri; N. Krishna Mohan; M. P. Kothiyal
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An analytical method for measuring the decentration of lens module
Author(s): Chir-Weei Chang
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Optical tests of a space mechanism under an adverse environment: GAIA secondary mirror mechanism under vaccum and thermal controlled conditions
Author(s): Gonzalo Ramos Zapata; Antonio Sánchez Rodríguez; Tomás Belenguer Dávila; Eduardo Urgoiti; Argiñe Ramírez Quintana
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Aspheric measurement based on the curvature sensing method
Author(s): YongKwan Kwon; ByoungChang Kim; Duck Hyun Wang; YunWoo Lee; HoSoon Yang; HyugGyo Rhee
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Simulation and uncertainty analysis for Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor
Author(s): Chuan Chung Chang; Cheng Chung Lee
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Three-dimensional imaging with acousto-optic fringe projector and piecewise temporal phase unwrapping
Author(s): Jindong Tian; Xiaobo Zhao; Xiaoli Liu; Xiang Peng
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Tellurite glass fiber fabrication and drawing furnace analysis
Author(s): Xunsi Wang; Qiuhua Nie; Tiefeng Xu; Shixun Dai; Chunping Xu; Jian Huang; Liren Liu
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Phase detection from two phase-shifting interferograms
Author(s): Yongjian Zhu; Liren Liu; Yanan Zhi; Zhu Luan; De'an Liu
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Fourier analysis of two-run-times-two-frame phase shift algorithm
Author(s): Xianghong Zhong
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Fiber Bragg gratings for laser interferometry with VCSEL diode at 760 nm wavelength
Author(s): Břetislav Mikel; Radek Helán; Ondřej Čip
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Extended range interferometry based on wavefront shaping
Author(s): M. L. Szczupak; L. Salbut
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A quantitative comparison of three grolishing techniques for the Precessions process
Author(s): D. D. Walker; A. Baldwin; R. Evans; R. Freeman; S. Hamidi; P. Shore; X. Tonnellier; S. Wei; C. Williams; G. Yu
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High performance optical materials cyclo olefin polymer ZEONEX
Author(s): Kazuyuki Obuchi; Masaaki Komatsu; Koji Minami
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Lens production enhancement by adoption of artificial influence functions and a knowledge-based system in a magnetorheological finishing process
Author(s): Elmar Pitschke; Peter Sperber; Rolf Rascher; Richard Stamp; Melvyn Smith; Lyndon Smith; Markus Schinhaerl
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