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Optical Materials and Structures Technologies III
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Volume Number: 6666
Date Published: 13 September 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6666
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Manufacturing of lightweighted ZERODUR components at SCHOTT
Author(s): Thorsten Döhring; Armin Thomas; Ralf Jedamzik; Heiko Kohlmann; Peter Hartmann
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Strength aspects for the design of ZERODUR glass ceramics structures
Author(s): Peter Hartmann; Kurt Nattermann; Thorsten Döhring; Markus Kuhr; Peter Thomas; Guenther Kling; Peter Gath; Stefano Lucarelli
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Athermal glass by design
Author(s): William A. Goodman
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Optimization of Spectralon through numerical modeling and improved processes and designs
Author(s): Bob Y. Chang; Ronald M. Huppe; Christina Chase; Dante P. D'Amato
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Advances in fabrication technologies for light weight CVC SiC mirrors
Author(s): K. Webb
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Development of lightweight SiC mirrors for the space infrared telescope for cosmology and astrophysics (SPICA) mission
Author(s): Hidehiro Kaneda; Takao Nakagawa; Takashi Onaka; Keigo Enya; Hirokazu Kataza; Sin'itirou Makiuti; Hideo Matsuhara; Masashi Miyamoto; Hiroshi Murakami; Hideki Saruwatari; Hidenori Watarai; Yukari Y. Yui
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Development of a systematic approach to space qualification of silicon carbide for mirror applications
Author(s): Iwona A. Palusinski; Isaac Ghozeil; Michael J. O'Brien; Jason M. Geis; David B. Witkin
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Metrology guided laser micromachining of SiC for mirrors
Author(s): R. L. Jacobsen; M. B. Scott; J. Pitz; A. A. Goshtasby; J. Britton; D. Smith
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Rapid fabrication of lightweight SiC aspheres using reactive atom plasma (RAP) processing
Author(s): Pradeep Subrahmanyan; George Gardopee; Yogesh Verma; Ning Li; Tom Yu; Thomas Kyler; Peter Fiske; Philip Sommer
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Characterization of hydrogenated silicon carbide produced by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition at low temperature
Author(s): G. Pareschi; G. Taglioni; S. Basso; O. Citterio; V. De Caprio; M. Ghigo; L. Novella; A. Novi; D. Spiga; L. Stringhetti
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Ultrasonic NDE of silicon carbide lightweight systems
Author(s): Andrew R Portune; Richard A. Haber; Raymond E. Brennan
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SiC-SiC composites optics for UV applications
Author(s): Witold Kowbel; J. C. Withers
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HB-Cesic composite for space optics and structures
Author(s): Matthias R. Krödel; Tsuyoshi Ozaki
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Design and fabrication of a single crystal silicon (SCSi) telescope: a success story
Author(s): Douglas R. McCarter; Roger A. Paquin M.D.; Eloise McCarter
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Carbon-carbon mirrors for exoatmospheric and space applications
Author(s): Duane E. Krumweide; Gary D. Wonacott; Patrick M. Woida; Rigel Q. Woida; Wei Shih
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Converted silicon carbide technology developments for optics
Author(s): Christopher Duston; Ken Woestman; Hugo Vargas; Brett deBlonk
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NTSIC: progress in recent two years
Author(s): Katsuhiko Tsuno; Kazuhiko Oono; Hiroshi Irikado; Shoko Suyama; Yoshiyasu Itoh
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NTSIC (new technology silicon carbide): evaluation of microstructure of high-strength reaction-sintered silicon carbide for optical mirror
Author(s): Shoko Suyama; Yoshiyasu Itoh
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Fabrication and optical characterization of a segmented and brazed mirror assembly
Author(s): David A. Bath; Steven C. Williams; Michel Bougoin; George J. Gardopee
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Cesic and silicon: a perfect combination for high performance applications
Author(s): Mathias Krödel; Maximilien J. Collon; Roland Graue; Dirk Kampf
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Manufacturing of a 3D complex hyperstable Cesic structure
Author(s): Matthias Kroedel; Pascal Courteau; Anne Poupinet; Giuseppe Sarri
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Reaction bonded silicon carbide gimbaled pointing mirror
Author(s): J. Robichaud; A. Akerstrom; S. Frey; D. Crompton; P. Cucchiaro; G. Deveau; M. Peters; S. Mason; C. Ullathorne
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SLMS athermal technology for high-quality wavefront control
Author(s): William A. Goodman; Marc T. Jacoby
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Laser generated TiC reinforced with Fe-Al matrix composite layer on Al-Si alloy
Author(s): A. Viswanathan; D. Sastikumar; Harish Kumar; A. K. Nath
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Cryogenic design and predicted performance of the James Webb space telescope beryllium aft optics subsystem optical bench
Author(s): K. Martinez; J. Sullivan; A. Barto; J. Lewis; R. Franck; T. Dreher; B. Shogrin; J. Sokol; W. Tandy Jr.
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Beryllium optics and beryllium-aluminum structures for reconnaissance applications
Author(s): Michael J. Russo; Stephen LoBiondo; Bryan Coon; Michel Engelhardt; William Pinzon
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Mirrors from light-weight sintered microspheres combined with replication techniques
Author(s): M. P. Ulmer; S. Vaynman; M. E. Graham; A. Davis; S. Ehelert; D. Baker; T. G. Kaye
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The limits of classical beam theory for bent strip residual stress measurements in plated metals
Author(s): Terry M. Sanderson
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38% Aluminum - 62% Beryllium shaped blank technology
Author(s): James T. Knapp
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Materials for high-energy laser windows: how thermal lensing and thermal stresses control the performance
Author(s): Claude A. Klein
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Optomechanical design, engineering, and assembly: 60 years of evolution
Author(s): Paul R. Yoder Jr.
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Theoretical analysis for double-liquid variable focus lens
Author(s): Runling Peng; Jiabi Chen; Songlin Zhuang
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Cryogenic performance of piezo-electric actuators for opto-mechanical applications
Author(s): Peter G. Halverson; Tyler J. Parker; Marie Levine
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