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Liquid Crystals XI
Editor(s): Iam Choon Khoo
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Volume Number: 6654
Date Published: 12 September 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6654
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Polarization dependent photoactuation in azobenzene LC polymers
Author(s): Timothy J. White; J. J. Koval; V. P. Tondiglia; L. V. Natarajan; R. A. Vaia; S. Serak; V. Grozhik; N. Tabirian; Timothy J. Bunning
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Three-dimensional alignment of liquid crystals in nanostructured porous thin films
Author(s): Nicholas Wakefield; Jeremy Sit
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Polarization-independent tunable optical filters based on liquid crystal polarization gratings
Author(s): Elena Nicolescu; Michael J. Escuti
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Nonlinear effects in a liquid crystal optical oscillator
Author(s): S. Residori; U. Bortolozzo; Jean-Pierre Huignard; A. Montina; F. T. Arecchi
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Photoalignment of monodisperse glassy-nematic oligofluorenes
Author(s): Anita Trajkovska; Chunki Kim; Jason U. Wallace; Shaw H. Chen
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Tuning of a cholesteric filter having a negative dielectric anisotropy
Author(s): Lalgudi V. Natarajan; Jeremy M. Wofford; Vincent P. Tondiglia; Richard L. Sutherland; Stephen A. Siwecki; Hilmar Koerner; Richard A. Vaia; Timothy J. Bunning
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Implementation of colorless shutter-based free-space optical interconnections using ferroelectric liquid crystal spatial light modulators
Author(s): H.-H. Chou; N. Collings; T. D. Wilkinson; F. Zhang; W. A. Crossland
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Nanosecond-cw visible-IR all-optical switching and nonlinear transmission with nonlinear organic optical liquids and liquid crystals
Author(s): I. C. Khoo; A. Diaz; J. Liou; J. H. Park; M. Stinger; S. Kubo; T. Mallouk
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Super-structured smectics and their application
Author(s): I. Nishiyama; T. Yamamoto; J. Yamamoto; H. Yokoyama
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Using time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT) in the design and development of near-IR dopants for liquid crystal device applications
Author(s): K. L. Marshall; R. Wang; M. Coan; A. G. Noto; K. Leskow; R. Pauszek; A. Moore
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Optical aspects of inhomogeneous molecular order in confined NLC systems: Monte Carlo studies
Author(s): Grzegorz Pawlik; Antoni C. Mitus; Francois Kajzar
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Mesophase semiconductors and the field effect transistors
Author(s): Y. Shimizu; K. Oikawa; K. Nakayama; H. Monobe; T. Kimoto; K. Tsuchiya; B. Heinrich; D. Guillon; M. Yokoyama
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Electro-optical effect coupled with macroscopic deformation of swollen nematic elastomers
Author(s): Kenji Urayama; Atsushi Fukunaga; Ichiro Kobayashi; Toshikazu Takigawa
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Photo-tuning of structural color of composite material consisting of inverse opal structure and azo-polymer liquid crystal
Author(s): S. Kurihara; M. Moritsugu; Shoichi Kubo; Sun-nam Kim; Tomonari Ogata; Takamasa Nonaka; Osamu Sato
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Optical properties of organic-based periodic structures
Author(s): Daniele E. Lucchetta; Francesco Vita; Riccardo Castagna; Oriano Francescangeli; Francesco Simoni
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Computer simulation of liquid crystal spatial light modulator based on surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): P. Kogan; B. Apter; I. Baal-Zedaka; U. Efron
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The unique optical and physical properties of soft, transparent, stimulus-sensitive nanocomposite gels
Author(s): Kazutoshi Haraguchi; Huan-jun Li; Liyuan Song
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Multidomain liquid crystal alignment properties on anchoring controllable polymer surface
Author(s): Rumiko Yamaguchi; Susumu Sato
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Switching properties of VAN LCoS devices with ultra-microscale electrodes
Author(s): R. Ghannam; N. Collings; W. Crossland; R. James; S. Day; A. Fernandez
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Dynamic polarization switching and stimulated orientational scattering in nematic liquid crystals
Author(s): Michael V. Stinger; Andres Diaz; Justin D. Liou; Iam-Choon Khoo
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Nonlinear dye-doped liquid crystals for fast and broadband CW and long-pulse laser power control and switching
Author(s): J. D. Liou; J. H. Park; M. V. Stinger; A. Diaz; J. Huang; I. C. Khoo
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Tunable feedback resonator based on a nematic liquid crystal cell as variable capacitance
Author(s): C. Marcos; J. C. Torres; J. M. S. Pena; I. Pérez; C. Vázquez
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Tunable refractive index materials with metallic nano-spheres dispersed in organic liquids
Author(s): Andres Diaz; Shoichi Kubo; Yan Tang; Justin Liou; Theresa S. Mayer; Iam Choon Khoo; Thomas E. Mallouk
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