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Therapeutic Laser Applications and Laser-Tissue Interactions III
Editor(s): Alfred Vogel
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Volume Number: 6632
Date Published: 28 June 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6632
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
CO2 laser free-form processing of hard tissue
Author(s): Martin Werner; Manfred Klasing; Mikhail Ivanenko; Daniela Harbecke; Hendrik Steigerwald; Peter Hering
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Ultrashort pulse laser processing of hard tissue, dental restoration materials, and biocompatibles
Author(s): A. Yousif; M. Strassl; F. Beer; L. Verhagen; M. Wittschier; E. Wintner
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Partial kidney resection based on 1.94μm fiber laser system
Author(s): D. Theisen-Kunde; S. Tedsen; K. Herrmann; V. Danicke; R. Brinkmann
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Preliminary results on diode-laser assisted vaporization of prostate tissue
Author(s): Ronald Sroka; Michael Seitz; Oliver Reich; Alexander Bachmann; Verena Steinbrecher; Alexander Ackermann; Christian Stief
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Optical coherence tomography monitoring of vocal fold femtosecond laser microsurgery
Author(s): Henning Wisweh; Ulrich Merkel; Ann-Kristin Hüller; Kathrin Lüerßen M.D.; Holger Lubatschowski
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Characterization of biophysical properties of rabbit auricle reshaped via diode laser (&lgr;=980 nm)
Author(s): Tarek Abd-Allah El-Tayeb; Ahmad Elkharbotly; Mostafa Yosry; Hesham Ibrahem
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Surgical treatment of cerebral ischemia by means of diode laser: first experimental results and comparison with theoretical model
Author(s): C. D. Signorelli; A. Giaquinta; G. Iofrida; G. Donato; Fr. Signorelli; C. Bellecci; T. Lo Feudo; P. Gaudio; M. Gelfusa
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Interaction of a dual-wavelength laser system with cutaneous blood vessels
Author(s): Boris Majaron; Matija Milanič; J. Stuart Nelson
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A novel 3D modelling and simulation technique in thermotherapy predictive analysis on biological tissue
Author(s): F. Fanjul-Vélez; J. L. Arce-Diego; Oleg G. Romanov; Alexei L. Tolstik
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Space-time modeling of the photon diffusion in a three-layered model: application to the study of muscular oxygenation
Author(s): C. Mansouri; J. P. L'Huillier; V. Piron
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Stokes polarimetry for the characterization of bio-materials using liquid crystal variable retarders
Author(s): Shamaraz Firdous; Masroor Ikram
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The photons propagation into non trivial geometry
Author(s): I. V. Krasnikov; A. Yu. Setejkin
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Regulation of mesenchymal stromal cells differentiation by a blue laser irradiation
Author(s): Toshihiro Kushibiki; Kunio Awazu
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The influence of intravenous laser irradiation of blood on some metabolic and functional parameters in intact rabbits and experimental cerebral ischaemia
Author(s): N. Nechipurenko; L. Vasilevskaya; J. Musienko; G. Maslova
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Time-resolved photon migration through an adult head model: comparison between Finite Element and Monte Carlo calculations
Author(s): C. Mansouri; J. P. L'Huillier
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Frequency domain, time-resolved, and spectroscopic investigations of photosensitizers encapsulated in liposomal phantoms
Author(s): Ozzy Mermut; Jean-Pierre Bouchard; Jean-Francois Cormier; Kevin R. Diamond; Isabelle Noiseux; Marcia L. Vernon; Michael S. Patterson
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Mechanisms in photodynamic therapy: photosensitizers and cellular localization on K562 cells
Author(s): Rodica-Mariana Ion; Monica Neagu; Gina Manda; Carolina Constantin; Mihaela Calin
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5-aminolevulinic acid in aqueous gel: effective delivery system for ALA-based PDT
Author(s): Nataliya A. Sakharova; Nataliya I. Kazachkina; Andrey A. Pankratov; Raisa I. Yakubovskaya; Nikolai V. Osikov; Vladimir M. Negrimovsky; Sergey G. Kuzmin; Evgeny A. Lukyanets; Georgy N. Vorozhtsov
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Photodynamic therapy of non melanoma skin cancer murine model by topical application of a novel mTHPC liposomal formulation
Author(s): E. Alexandratou; M. Kyriazi; T. Trebst; S. Gräfe; D. Yova
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Photodynamic therapy of murine non-melanoma skin carcinomas with diode laser after topical application of aluminum phthalocyanine chloride
Author(s): Maria Kyriazi; Eleni Alexandratou; Dido Yova; Michail Rallis; Tilmann Trebst
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Design of a light delivery system for the photodynamic treatment of the Crohn's disease
Author(s): Tanja Gabrecht; Francois Borle; Hubert van den Bergh; Pierre Michetti; Maria-Anna Ortner; Georges Wagnières
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Photodynamic therapy for treatment subretinal neovascularization
Author(s): Sergey E. Avetisov; Maria V. Budzinskaja; Tatyana N. Kiseleva; Natalia V. Balatskaya; Irina V. Gurova; Viktor B. Loschenov; Sergey A. Shevchik; Sergey G. Kuzmin; Georgy N. Vorozhtsov
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Adjuvant photodynamic therapy (PDT) with photosensitizer photosens for superficial bladder cancer: experimental investigations to treat prostate cancer by PDT with photosens
Author(s): Oleg I. Apolikhin; Igor V. Chernishov; Andrey V. Sivkov; Denis V. Altunin; Sergey G. Kuzmin; Georgy N. Vorozhtsov
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Results of photodynamic therapy in the combined treatment of choroidal metastasis
Author(s): Vera G. Likhvantseva; Ekaterina V. Osipova; Mikhail V. Petrenko; Oksana Yu. Merzlyakova; Sergey G. Kuzmin; Georgy N. Vorozhtsov
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Temperature control during diode laser welding in a human cornea
Author(s): Francesca Rossi; Paolo Matteini; Roberto Pini; Luca Menabuoni
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Femtosecond refractive eye surgery: study of laser parameters for even more efficiency and safety
Author(s): Ronan Le Harzic; Christian Wüllner; D. Bruneel; Christof Donitzky; Karsten König
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Interferometric optical online dosimetry for selective retina treatment (SRT)
Author(s): Hardo Stoehr; Lars Ptaszynski; Andreas Fritz; Ralf Brinkmann
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Optoacoustic online temperature determination during retinal laser photocoagulation
Author(s): Kerstin Schlott; Jens Stalljohann; Benjamin Weber; Jochen Kandulla; Katharina Herrmann; Reginald Birngruber; Ralf Brinkmann
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Dynamics and detection of laser induced microbubbles in the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE)
Author(s): Andreas Fritz; Lars Ptaszynski; Hardo Stoehr; Ralf Brinkmann
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Influence of choroidal perfusion on retinal temperature increase during retinal laser treatments
Author(s): Katharina Herrmann; Christian Flöhr; Jens Stalljohann; Gabriela Apiou-Sbirlea; Jochen Kandulla; Reginald Birngruber; Ralf Brinkmann
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Ophthalmic drug delivery utilizing two-photon absorption: a novel approach to treat posterior capsule opacification
Author(s): H.-C. Kim; J. Träger; M. Zorn; N. Haberkorn; N. Hampp
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Materials for intraocular lenses enabling photo-controlled tuning of focal length in vivo
Author(s): Jens Träger; Jasmin Heinzer; Hee-Cheol Kim; Norbert Hampp
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fs-Lentotomie: changing the accommodation amplitude of presbyopic human crystalline lenses by fs laser pulses
Author(s): S. Schumacher; U. Oberheide; H. Theuer; M. Fromm; T. Ripken; G. Gerten; W. Ertmer; H. Lubatschowski
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Femtosecond laser-induced cavitations in the lens of the human eye
Author(s): Line Kessel M.D.; Jose Nymand; Michael Harbst; Mike van der Poel; Lars Eskildsen; Michael Larsen M.D.
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Efficacy of a single high dose versus multiple low doses of LLLT on wounded skin fibroblasts
Author(s): Denise H. Hawkins; Heidi Abrahamse
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Cationic colloidal gold assisting delivery of macromolecular fluoresceins into target CHO-K1 cells by focused femtosecond laser
Author(s): Zheng Li; Zhenxi Zhang; Xiaochao Qu; Jing Wang; Gereon Hüttmann
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Laser-mediated perforation of plant cells
Author(s): Martin Wehner; Philipp Jacobs; Dominik Esser; Helga Schinkel; Stefan Schillberg
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