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Diffuse Optical Imaging of Tissue
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Volume Number: 6629
Date Published: 6 July 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6629
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fluorescence diffuse optical tomography: a wavelet-based model reduction
Author(s): Anne Frassati; Anabela DaSilva; Jean-Marc Dinten; Didier Georges
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Dynamic optical tomographic imager with optimized digital lock-in filtering
Author(s): Joseph M. Lasker; James M. Masciotti; Yang Li; Chris Fong; Andreas H. Hielscher
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Speckle pattern characterization by circular statistics
Author(s): M. C. Péron; E. Deléchelle; S. Guyot
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Evaluation of image reconstruction algorithm for near infrared topography by virtual head phantom
Author(s): Hiroshi Kawaguchi; Eiji Okada
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Near-surface sensitivity suppression way for diffuse reflective optical tomography: simulation and a phantom study
Author(s): Keiko Fukuda; Mamiko Fujii
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Novel method for depth-resolved brain functional imaging by time-domain NIRS
Author(s): Davide Contini; Lorenzo Spinelli; Alessandro Torricelli; Antonio Pifferi; Rinaldo Cubeddu
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Wavelengths optimization in multispectral diffuse optical tomography considering uncertainties in absorption spectra
Author(s): Bernhard Brendel; Tim Nielsen
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Depth selective diffuse optical computed topography: simulations and phantom experiments
Author(s): M. Fujii; A. Kawanaka; K. Nakayama
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Assessment of collagen absorption and related potential diagnostic applications
Author(s): Paola Taroni; Daniela Comelli; Arianna Giusto; Antonio Pifferi; Natasha Shah; Lorenzo Spinelli; Alessandro Torricelli; Rinaldo Cubeddu
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Influence of cell shape and orientation on the optical properties of human erythrocytes
Author(s): Martina Meinke; Moritz Friebel; Gerhard Müller
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Detection and characterization of an optical inhomogeneity by diffuse photon-pairs density wave in a multiple-scattering medium
Author(s): Li-Ping Yu; Jheng-Syong Wu; Yi-Hsin Chan; Li-Chen Su; Chien Chou
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Depth resolution by continuous-wave imaging
Author(s): E. Burteçin Aksel; Ata Akin
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CW and time domain procedures for accurate calibration of optical properties of liquid diffusive media at NIR wavelengths
Author(s): F. Martelli; L. Spinelli; A. Farina; A. Pifferi; A. Torricelli; R. Cubeddu; G. Zaccanti
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Determination of the optical properties of turbid media by measurement of the spatially resolved reflectance
Author(s): Marco Pilz; Alwin Kienle
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Light attenuation through turbid slabs calculated by solutions of the Maxwell equations
Author(s): J. Schäfer; A. Kienle; F. K. Forster; A. Strey
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Path-length correction for the haemoglobin-concentration measurement using the skull cranial window by multi-spectral imaging analysis
Author(s): Koichiro Sakaguchi; Shunsuke Furukawa; Takushige Katsura; Kyoko Yamazaki; Hideo Kawaguchi; Atsushi Maki; Eiji Okada
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Time-resolved measurement of the scattered light with an interferometric method based on the use of a camera
Author(s): D. Ettori; K. Zarychta; E. Tinet; S. Avrillier; J.-M. Tualle
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Determination of the optical properties of anisotropic biological media using isotropic and anisotropic diffusion models
Author(s): Alwin Kienle; Corinna Wetzel; Andrea Bassi; Daniela Comelli; Paola Taroni; Antonio Pifferi
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Imaging of hemodynamic effects in arthritic joints with dynamic optical tomography
Author(s): Andreas H. Hielscher; Joseph M. Lasker; Christopher J. Fong; Edward Dwyer
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Algorithms for muscle oxygenation monitoring corrected for adipose tissue thickness
Author(s): Dmitri Geraskin; Petra Platen; Julia Franke; Matthias Kohl-Bareis
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Modeling of influence of frontal sinus on NIRS signal of brain activation
Author(s): Daisuke Yamamoto; Shoko Kuroda; Eiji Okada
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Optical tomographic imaging of activation of the infant auditory cortex using perturbation Monte Carlo with anatomical a priori information
Author(s): Juha Heiskala; Kalle Kotilahti; Lauri Lipiäinen; Petri Hiltunen; P. Ellen Grant M.D.; Ilkka Nissilä
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Cerebral oxygenation monitoring during cardiac bypass surgery in infants with broad band spatially resolved spectroscopy
Author(s): Jan Soschinski; Lofti Ben Mine; Dmitri Geraskin; Gerardus Bennink; Matthias Kohl-Bareis
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Time-resolved non-contact fluorescence diffuse optical tomography measurements with ultra-fast time-correlated single photon counting avalanche photodiodes
Author(s): Yves Bérubé-Lauzière; Vincent Robichaud; Éric Lapointe
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Time-of-flight non-contact fluorescence diffuse optical tomography with numerical constant fraction discrimination
Author(s): Yves Bérubé-Lauzière; Vincent Robichaud
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360° free space fluorescence molecular tomography using silhouette surface reconstruction
Author(s): T. Lasser; N. Deliolanis; A. Soubret; J. Ripoll; V. Ntziachristos
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Whole body in vivo examination of small animals by simultaneous X-rays/optical tomography: comparison between the reconstructions obtained with different types of fluorescent labels
Author(s): A. Da Silva; T. Bordy; M. Debourdeau; J.-M. Dinten; P. Peltié; P. Rizo
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Diffuse optical tomography forward model refinements in media with heterogeneous optical properties
Author(s): Simon Fortier; Frederic Leblond
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fDOT for in vivo follow-up of tumor development in mice lungs
Author(s): Anne Koenig; Lionel Hervé; Anabela Da Silva; Jean-Marc Dinten; Jérôme Boutet; Michel Berger; Véronique Josserand; Jean-Luc Coll; Philippe Peltié; Philippe Rizo
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First clinical trials of the Twente photoacoustic mammoscope (PAM)
Author(s): Susanne E. Vaartjes; Johan C. G. van Hespen; Joost M. Klaase; Frank M. van den Engh; Andy K. H. Thé; Wiendelt Steenbergen; Ton G. van Leeuwen; Srirang Manohar D.D.S.
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Radiotherapy dosimetry assessment with optical projection tomography
Author(s): Giannis Zacharakis; Antonios Papadakis; Fotini Zacharopoulou; Anikitos Garofalakis; Thomas Maris; Jorge Ripoll
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High frequency oscillations in brain hemodynamic response
Author(s): Ata Akin; Hayrunnisa Bolay M.D.
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Analysis of skin recovery from mechanical indentation using diffuse lighting and digital imaging
Author(s): Neil T. Clancy; Martin J. Leahy; Gert E. Nilsson; Chris Anderson
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Filtering effect to improve the reconstructed image quality of diffuse optical imaging
Author(s): Min-Cheng Pan; Chien-Hung Chen; Liang-Yu Chen; Min-Chun Pan
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Development of a computer vision binocular system for non-contact small animal model skin cancer tumour imaging
Author(s): Dimitris S. Gorpas; Kostas Politopoulos; Dido Yova
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Three dimensional near infrared tomography of the breast
Author(s): Matthew E. Eames; Brian W. Pogue; Colin M. Carpenter; Hamid Dehghani
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Monitoring muscle metabolic indexes by time-domain near infrared spectroscopy during knee flex-extension induced by functional electrical stimulation
Author(s): Alessandro Torricelli; Davide Contini; Lorenzo Spinelli; Rinaldo Cubeddu; Franco Molteni; Simona Ferrante; Alessandra Pedrocchi; Giancarlo Ferrigno
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Continuous performance test assessed with time-domain functional near infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Alessandro Torricelli; Davide Contini; Lorenzo Spinelli; Matteo Caffini; Michele Butti; Giuseppe Baselli; Anna Maria Bianchi; Alessandra Bardoni; Sergio Cerutti; Rinaldo Cubeddu
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Measurement of the phase function of phantom medias with a two axis goniometer
Author(s): R. Michels; S. Boll; A. Kienle
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Spatial resolved diffuse reflection as a tool for determination of size and embedding depth of blood vessels
Author(s): Alexander V. Bykov; Alexander V. Priezzhev; Risto Myllyla
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Sensitivity analysis for small imaging domains using the frequency-domain transport equation
Author(s): Xuejun Gu; Kui Ren; Andreas H. Hielscher
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Transmission RF diffuse optical tomography instrument for human breast imaging
Author(s): Kijoon Lee; Soren D. Konecky; Regine Choe; Han Y. Ban; Alper Corlu; Turgut Durduran; Arjun G. Yodh
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Approach to estimating low contrast inclusion with a priori guidance
Author(s): Min-Chun Pan; Chien-Hung Chen; Liang-Yu Chen; Min-Cheng Pan
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Fluorescence lifetime imaging through turbid media reconstructed in the Fourier domain using time-gated imaging data
Author(s): Vadim Y. Soloviev; Khadija B. Tahir; James McGinty; Dan S. Elson; Mark Neil; Alessandro Sardini; Joseph Hajnal; Simon R. Arridge; Paul M. W. French
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Imaging through a biological medium using speckle noise removal techniques
Author(s): Aoife Cuddihy; Bryan Hennelly; Thomas J. Naughton; Charles Markham; Raymond O'Neill
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