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Current Research on Remote Sensing, Laser Probing, and Imagery in Natural Waters
Editor(s): Iosif M. Levin; Gary D. Gilbert; Vladimir I. Haltrin; Charles C. Trees
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Volume Number: 6615
Date Published: 26 April 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6615
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
New approach to atmospheric correction of satellite ocean color data
Author(s): Oleg V. Kopelevich; Sergey V. Sheberstov; Svetlana Vazyulya; Ilia G. Zolotov; Sean W. Bailey
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Satellite monitoring of spatial variability in the Baltic Sea ecosystem: possible applications of the DESAMBEM algorithm
Author(s): Bogdan Woźniak; Adam Krężel; Mirosław Darecki; Jerzy Dera
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Restoring number of suspended particles in ocean using satellite optical images and forecasting particle fields
Author(s): Vladimir I. Haltrin; Robert A. Arnone; Peter Flynn; Brandon Casey; Alan D. Weidemann; Dong-Shang Ko
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Diagnostics of mesoscale water exchange from full mormalized radiance spectra
Author(s): Genrik S. Karabashev; Marina A. Evdoshenko; Sergey V. Sheberstov
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Measurements of the volume scattering function in a coastal environment
Author(s): Jean-François Berthon; Michael Lee; Eugeny Shybanov; Giuseppe Zibordi
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Assessment of underwater irradiance and absorption of solar radiation at water column from satellite data
Author(s): Oleg V. Kopelevich; Sergey V. Sheberstov; Vladimir I. Burenkov; Svetlana V. Vazyulya; Maria V. Likhacheva
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Improving regional bio-optical inversion algorithms using state-of-the-art hydro-optical instrumentation
Author(s): Michael E. Lee; Eugeny B. Shybanov; Elena N. Korchemkina; Oleg V. Martynov
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Use of SeaWiFS data to estimate water optical properties of the Black Sea
Author(s): Vyacheslav V. Suslin; Vadim S. Suetin; Sergey N. Korolev; Alex A. Kucheryavyi
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Bio-optical characteristics of the seas surrounding Russia from satellite ocean color data
Author(s): Vladimir I. Burenkov; Oleg Victorovic Kopelevich; Sergey V. Sheberstov; Elena A. Lukianova; Olga Vladimirov Prokhorenko
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Retrieval of seawater inherent optical properties profiles from lidar waveforms
Author(s): Eleonora Zege; Iosif Katsev; Alexander Prikhach
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Inverse problems of lidar sensing of the ocean
Author(s): I. S. Dolina; L. S. Dolin; I. M. Levin; A. A. Rodionov; V. A. Savel'ev
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Some novel approaches in laser remote sensing of natural waters based on recognition of spectral patterns with the help of artificial neural networks
Author(s): T. A. Dolenko; I. V. Fadeeva; S. A. Burikov; S. A. Dolenko; V. V. Fadeev
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Results of Barents Sea airborne lidar survey
Author(s): Yury A. Goldin; Alexander N. Vasilev; Alexander S. Lisovskiy; Vladimir I. Chernook
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Estimation of the water optical properties and bottom reflectance from SHOALS data
Author(s): V. I. Feygels; Y. Kopilevich; G. H. Tuell; A. Surkov; P. LaRocque; A. G. Cunningham
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Simulation of the performance of ocean imaging lidar with polarization devices
Author(s): Eleonora Zege; Iosif Katsev; Alexander Prikhach
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Shipboard polarized lidar for seawater column sounding
Author(s): Yury A. Goldin; Boris A. Gureev; Yuly I. Ventskut
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Image transfer through rough sea surface: computer simulations
Author(s): Lev Dolin; Gary Gilbert; Iosif Levin; Alexander Luchinin; Vladimir Savel'ev; Steve Stewart
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A new method for the observation of underwater objects through rough sea surface
Author(s): V. L. Weber
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Correcting images of underwater objects distorted by sea surface roughness
Author(s): L. S. Dolin; A. G. Luchinin; V. I. Titov; D. G. Turlaev
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In situ and airborne optical measurements in the surf zone
Author(s): G. D. Gilbert; J. S. Schoonmaker; J. J. Dirbas; N. H. Witherspoon
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Image transfer through a rough water surface: laboratory experiments
Author(s): V. Y Osadchy; V. Savtchenko; O. Frantsuzov; N. Rybalka
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Backscatter corrected Fournier-Forand phase function for remote sensing and underwater imaging performance evaluation
Author(s): G. R. Fournier
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Secchi disk theory: a reexamination
Author(s): Iosif M. Levin; Tamara M. Radomyslskaya
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