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Laser Optics 2006: Solid State Lasers and Nonlinear Frequency Conversion
Editor(s): Vladimir I. Ustyugov
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Volume Number: 6610
Date Published: 19 April 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6610
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The time and spatial dynamics of the YAG:Nd3+/YAG:Cr4+ microchip laser emission
Author(s): Andrey G. Okhrimchuk; Alexander V. Shestakov
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Numerical simulating of diode-side-pumped Nd3+:YAG rod laser performance
Author(s): A. J. Abazadze; J. M. Kolbatskov; G. M. Zverev
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Powerful subnansecond hybrid master oscillator-power amplifier Nd:YAG laser system
Author(s): Y. U. Guralnik; D. A. Kuznetsov; V. L. Naumov; A. G. Okhrimchuk; V. A. Romaniuk; A. V. Shestakov
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Compact neodymium phosphate glass laser emitting 300J/300GW pulses for pumping of a chirped pulse optical parametric amplifier
Author(s): A. K. Poteomkin; E. V. Katin; E. A. Khazanov; A. V. Kirsanov; G. A. Luchinin; A. N. Mal'shakov; M. A. Martyanov; O. V. Palashov; A. A. Shaykin
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Hybrid ytterbium doped active medium for femtosecond lasers
Author(s): E. V. Pestryakov; V. V. Petrov; V. I. Trunov; A. V. Kirpichnikov; A. V. Laptev; M. A. Merzliakov; S. N. Bagayev; V. N. Matrosov
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Some particularities to generations of solid state laser with nonlinear transparency absorber
Author(s): A. S. Kuchyanov
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2.94 um Er:YAG Q-switched laser with FE2+: ZnSe passive shutter
Author(s): Vadim A. Akimov; Mikhail P. Frolov; Yuri V. Korostelin; Vladimir I. Kozlovsky; Alexander I. Landman; Yuri P. Podmar'kov; Valeri G. Polushkin; Artem A. Voronov
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Room-temperature operation of a Fe2+:ZnSe laser
Author(s): Vadim A. Akimov; Mikhail P. Frolov; Yuri V. Korostelin; Vladimir I. Kozlovsky; Alexander I. Landman; Yuri P. Podmar'kov; Artem A. Voronov
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Combined CW ring single-frequency Ti:sapphire/dye laser for atom cooling and high-precision spectroscopy
Author(s): Sergey Kobtsev; Vladimir Baraulya; Vladimir Lunin
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Multifunctional lidar for needs of oil-and-gas pipes
Author(s): S. V. Alimov; S. V. Kascheev; D. V. Kosachev; S. B. Petrov; A. P. Zhevlakov
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Yb-doped fiber laser with tunable FBG
Author(s): V. A. Akulov; D. M. Afanasiev; S. A. Babin; S. I. Kablukov; M. A. Rybakov; A. A. Vlasov
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30W Yb3+ pulsed fiber laser with wavelength tuning and its second harmonic generation
Author(s): A. A. Krylov
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Stochastic model of polarization-dependent gain and gain fluctuations in fiber Raman amplifier with randomly varying birefringence
Author(s): Sergey Sergeyev; Sergei Popov; Ari T. Friberg
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Drastic reduction of heat release in magneto-optical elements: new ways toward a 100 kW average power Faraday isolator
Author(s): Dmitry S. Zheleznov; Efim A. Khazanov; Ivan B. Mukhin; Oleg V. Palashov
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Experimental study of Faraday isolator for kilowatt-level average powers
Author(s): A. V. Voytovich; V. V. Zelenogorsky; E. A. Khazanov; I. B. Mukhin; O. V. Palashov; A. K. Poteomkin; A. A. Shaykin; A. A. Soloviev
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Spatial filters for multistage laser amplifiers
Author(s): A. K. Poteomkin; T. Barmashova; A. V. Kirsanov; M. A. Martyanov; E. A. Khazanov; A. A. Shaykin
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Fluoride-single crystals for lasers of VUV and UV regions of spectrum
Author(s): V. V. Apollonov; S. P. Chernov; T. V. Ouvarova
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The study of processes of nonradiative energy transfer between ions Yb3+ and Tm3+ in alumosilicate fibers
Author(s): A. N. Abramov; A. N. Guryanov; E. M. Dianov; A. S. Kurkov; K. N. Nishchev; P. A. Ryabochkina; M. V. Jashkov
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Up-conversion media on basis single crystals BaY2F8 for UV and VUV solid state lasers
Author(s): A. A. Pushkar; T. V. Ouvarova; V. N. Molchanov
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Theoretical and experimental study of migration-assisted upconversion in high-concentration erbium doped silica fibers
Author(s): Sergey Sergeyev; Dmitry Khoptyar
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Spectroscopic investigation of sodium titanium orthophospates wide band red luminescence
Author(s): O. Chukova; S. Nedilko; R. Boiko; P. Nagornyi
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Thermally induced wavefront distortions in laser ceramics
Author(s): I. B. Mukhin; O. V. Palashov; I. L. Snetkov; E. A. Khazanov
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Resistance of KGSS 0180 neodymium glass to laser-induced damage under different irradiation conditions
Author(s): V. S. Sirazetdinov; V. I. Arbuzov; D. I. Dmitriev; K. V. Dukelsky; I. V. Ivanova; S. G. Lunter; V. N. Pasunkin; A. V. Savkin; A. V. Charukhchev; O. A. Sharov
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Efficient second-harmonic generation of CW radiation in an external optical cavity using non-linear crystal BIBO
Author(s): Sergey Kobtsev; Alexander Zavyalov
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Efficient resonant doubler of CW tunable single-frequency radiation with a 1-THz automatic quasi-smooth scan range
Author(s): Sergey Kobtsev; Vladimir Baraulya; Vladimir Lunin
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High effective SHG of femtosecond pulse with ring profile of beam in bulk medium with cubic nonlinear response
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Vladislav V. Trofimov
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Picosecond optical parametric oscillator sychronously intracavity pumped by mode-locked Nd:YVO4 laser
Author(s): Alena Zavadilová; Václav Kubeček; Jean-Clade Diels
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The spectrum of up-converted broadband radiation in nonlinear optical crystals
Author(s): Victor V. Krishtop; Viacheslav G. Efremenko; Man N. Litvinova; Alexander V. Syuy; Vladimir I. Stroganov; Eugene V. Tolstov
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Particularity of optical features of nonlinear barium sodium noibate
Author(s): S. V. Ivanova
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Observation of spontaneously grown domain structure in SBO crystals via nonlinear diffraction
Author(s): A. S. Aleksandrovsky; A. I. Zaitsev; A. V. Zamkov
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Classification of noncentrosymmetric oxides with RE3+ ions applicable for self frequency doubling (SFD) laser crystals
Author(s): V. V. Atuchin; B. I. Kidyarov; N. L. Tsirkina
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Self pulsing due to backward second-harmonic generation in engineered PPLN: the role of the induced cubic nonlinearity
Author(s): M. Conforti; A. Locatelli; C. De Angelis; A. Parini; M. Lauritano; G. Bellanca; S. Trillo
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