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Bioengineered and Bioinspired Systems III
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Volume Number: 6592
Date Published: 22 May 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6592
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Seizure prediction by delay-type single-layer discrete-time cellular nonlinear networks (DTCNN)?
Author(s): Christian Niederhöfer; Frank Gollas; Ronald Tetzlaff
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A low-noise low-power EEG acquisition node for scalable brain-machine interfaces
Author(s): Thomas J. Sullivan; Stephen R. Deiss; Gert Cauwenberghs; Tzyy-Ping Jung
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Wireless address event representation system for biological sensor networks
Author(s): Fopefolu Folowosele; Jonathan Tapson; Ralph Etienne-Cummings
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Address-event-based platform for bioinspired spiking systems
Author(s): A. Jiménez-Fernández; C. D. Luján; A. Linares-Barranco; F. Gómez-Rodríguez; M. Rivas; G. Jiménez; A. Civit
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AER image filtering
Author(s): F. Gómez-Rodríguez; A. Linares-Barranco; R. Paz; L. Miró-Amarante; G. Jiménez; A. Civit
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Mental models for cognitive control
Author(s): Malte Schilling; Holk Cruse; Josef Schmitz
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The WLC principle for action-oriented perception
Author(s): Paolo Arena; Luigi Fortuna; Davide Lombardo; Luca Patané; Manuel G. Velarde
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Multisensory architectures for action-oriented perception
Author(s): L. Alba; P. Arena; S. De Fiore; J. Listán; L. Patané; A. Salem; G. Scordino; B. Webb
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A mathematical model for localization and tracking of telemetry capsules using RSSI signals
Author(s): Khalil Arshak; Francis Adepoju
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Two-color amorphous silicon photodiode for multicolor detection of labeled DNA
Author(s): D. Caputo; G. de Cesare; A. Nascetti; R. Negri; R. Scipinotti
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Integrated circuit interface for artificial skins
Author(s): R. Maldonado-López; F. Vidal-Verdú; G. Liñán
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Chemical modification of porous silicon mirror for biosensing applications
Author(s): G. Palestino Escobedo; R. Legros; B. de la Mora Mojica; J. A. del Río Portilla; J. E. Pérez López; C. Gergely
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Biomimetic micromechanical adaptive flow-sensor arrays
Author(s): Gijs Krijnen; Arjan Floris; Marcel Dijkstra; Theo Lammerink; Remco Wiegerink
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A bioinspired architecture approach for a one-billion transistor smart CMOS camera chip
Author(s): Dietmar Fey; Marcus Komann
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Some aspects of amacrine neuron simulation for motion detection
Author(s): J. A. Martin-Pereda; A. P. Gonzalez-Marcos
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Sensory-motor neural loop discovering statistical dependences among imperfect sensory perception and motor response
Author(s): Nazareth P. Castellanos; Valeri A. Makarov; Luca Patané; Manuel G. Velarde
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STDP with adaptive synaptic delay for robot navigation control
Author(s): Paolo Arena; Luca Patané; Francesco Distefano; Sebastiano Bucolo; Orazio Aiello
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Walking capabilities of Gregor controlled through Walknet
Author(s): Paolo Arena; Luca Patané; Malte Schilling; Josef Schmitz
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Adaptive bioinspired landmark identification for navigation control
Author(s): Paolo Arena; Holk Cruse; Luigi Fortuna; Davide Lombardo; Luca Patané; Rosa Rapisarda
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A self-adjusting negative feedback joint controller for legs standing on moving substrates of unknown compliance
Author(s): Axel Schneider; Holk Cruse; Björn Fischer; Josef Schmitz
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An obstacle avoidance method for a redundant manipulator controlled through a recurrent neural network
Author(s): Paolo Arena; Holk Cruse; Luigi Fortuna; Luca Patané
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Design and simulation of interdigitated micro-electrode arrays for tumor cells separation and detection
Author(s): Elisa Morganti; Cristian Collini; Romina Cunaccia; Leandro Lorenzelli
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Holographic optical tweezers combined with a microfluidic device for exposing cells to fast environmental changes
Author(s): Emma Eriksson; Jan Scrimgeour; Jonas Enger; Mattias Goksör
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Real-time monitoring system for microfluidics
Author(s): F. Sapuppo; G. Cantelli; L. Fortuna; P. Arena; M. Bucolo
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Production of miniaturized biosensors through laser-induced forward transfer
Author(s): J. M. Fernández-Pradas; M. Duocastella; M. Colina; P. Serra; J. L. Morenza
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Glucose oxidase characterization for the fabrication of hybrid microelectronic devices
Author(s): Manuela Fichera; Sebania Libertino; Venera Aiello; Antonino Scandurra; Fulvia Sinatra; Marcella Renis; Salvatore Lombardo
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Metallic nanowires on a new protein template
Author(s): S. Padalkar; J. Hulleman; P. Deb; K. Cunzeman; J. C. Rochet; E. A. Stach; L. Stanciu
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Selective functionalization of II-VI semiconductor quantum dots with peptides and integrins of cancer cells for biophotonic applications
Author(s): Bakhysh Bairamov; Vladimir Toporov; Farid Bayramov; Vladislav Lanzov; Mitra Dutta; Michael A. Stroscio; G. Irmer
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A novel method for accurate patterning and positioning of biological cells
Author(s): Gaoshan Jing; Joseph P. Labukas; Aziz Iqbal; Susan Fueshko Perry; Gregory S. Ferguson; Svetlana Tatic-Lucic
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Functionalization of semiconductors for biosensing applications
Author(s): E. Estephan; C. Larroque; P. Martineau; T. Cloitre; Cs. Gergely
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Design, realization, and testing of a SPR biosensing system for wine quality monitoring
Author(s): Guido Spoto; G. Badalamenti; G. D'Arpa; D. La Manna; S. Maddiona; C. Mammina; A. Piazza; G. Reginella; S. Sclafani; F. Tramuto
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Immobilization and characterization of the transmembrane ion channel peptide gramicidin in a sol-gel matrix
Author(s): Rocío Esquembre; José Antonio Poveda; Ricardo Mallavia; C. Reyes Mateo
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Toward new fluorescent bioinspired sensors: interaction of poly(fluorene-phenylene) with phospholipid bilayers
Author(s): R. Mallavia; F. J. Paya; A. Salinas; A. Estepa; C. R. Mateo
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Quality evaluation of blurred and noisy images through local entropy histograms
Author(s): S. Gabarda; G. Cristóbal
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Nonreference image fusion evaluation procedure based on mutual information and a generalized entropy measure
Author(s): Rodrigo Nava; Gabriel Cristóbal; Boris Escalante-Ramírez
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