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Smart Sensors, Actuators, and MEMS III
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Volume Number: 6589
Date Published: 9 May 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6589
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The nano revolution: bottom-up manufacturing with biomolecules
Author(s): Yi-Fen Li; Jing Li; Chad Paavola; Hiromi Kagawa; Suzanne L. Chan; Jonathan D. Trent
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Fabrication and characterization of a passive silicon-based direct methanol fuel cell
Author(s): J. P. Esquivel; N. Sabaté; J. Santander; N. Torres; C. Cané
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Low-power low-latency MAC protocol for aeronautical applications
Author(s): Jordi Sabater; Martin Kluge; Sergio Bovelli; Josef Schalk
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Design and implementation of mechanical resonators for optimized inertial electromagnetic microgenerators
Author(s): C. Serre; A. Pérez-Rodríguez; N. Fondevilla; E. Martincic; J. R. Morante; J. Montserrat; J. Esteve
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Implementation of hard magnetic thin films on suspended cantilevers for electromagnetic energy harvesters
Author(s): E. Makarona; T. Speliotis; A. Darsinou; C. Tsamis; S. Chatzandroulis; D. Niarchos
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A compact optical ethylene monitoring system
Author(s): J. Wöllenstein; S. Hartwig; J. Hildenbrand; Andre Eberhardt; M. Moreno; J. Santander; R. Rubio; J. Fonollosa; L. Fonseca
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Oxygen measurements at high pressures using a low-cost polarisation-stabilized widely tunable vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser
Author(s): Benjamin Scherer; Jürgen Wöllenstein; Matthias Weidemüller; Wenzel Salzmann; Johannes Michael Ostermann; Fernando Rinaldi; Rainer Michalzik
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Thermo-activated nano-material for use in optical devices
Author(s): Solon Mias; Jan Sudor; Henri Camon
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Dye based light sensor for tag integration
Author(s): I. Sayhan; B. Hoetzer; J. Woellenstein; E. Rose; Th. Becker
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LTCC: a fascinating technology platform for miniaturized devices
Author(s): U. Schmid
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Ferromagnetic 3D impellor-shaped micro-stirrer bar for micromixing
Author(s): Arun K. Nallani; Jeong-Bong Lee
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Development of MEMS-based liquid chromatography modules for agrofood applications
Author(s): Antonella Benvenuto; Leandro Lorenzelli; Cristian Collini; Vittorio Guarnieri; Andrea Adami; Elisa Morganti
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Microfluidic chamber with acoustic actuation by LiNbO3 interdigital transducers for tumor cell investigations
Author(s): Matthias Gruber; Richard Heming; Eva-Maria Schnaeker; Thomas Seiler
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Presentation of silicon platforms for wireless advanced networks of sensors for aeronautics application
Author(s): K. Moreau; C. Ruby; S. Rolet; B. Petitjean; V. Rouet
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A novel low-power fluxgate sensor using a macroscale optimisation technique for space physics instrumentation
Author(s): G. Dekoulis; F. Honary
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Investigations on the passivation of thin film flow sensors on flexible substrates
Author(s): U. Schmid; A. Ababneh; H. Seidel; R. Wagner; K. Bauer
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A tuning fork gyroscope with compensated imbalance signal
Author(s): E. Arnold; F. Nuscheler
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A new micromachined sensor system for tactile measurements of high-aspect ratio microstructures
Author(s): M. Balke; E. Peiner; L. Doering
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Searching for hypothetical forces in the Casimir regime using a MEMS based force sensor
Author(s): Ricardo S. Decca; Daniel López; Dennis E. Krause; Ephraim Fischbach
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Resonance frequencies and modal shape characterization of piezoelectric microcantilevers
Author(s): P. Sanz-González; J. Hernando; J. Vazquez; J. L. Sanchez-Rojas
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Silicon cantilever sensor for micro-/nanoscale dimension and force metrology
Author(s): Erwin Peiner; Lutz Doering; Michael Balke; Andreas Christ
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Feedback loops with electrically driven microcantilevers
Author(s): Javier Malo; José-Ignacio Izpura
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Fabrication process for a flexible tag microlab
Author(s): E. Abad; B. Mazzolai; A. Juarros; D. Gómez; A. Mondini; I. Sayhan; A. Krenkow; Th. Becker
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Ultra-low-power electronics and devices for a multisensing RFID tag
Author(s): Stefano Zampolli; Ivan Elmi; Gian Carlo Cardinali; Andrea Scorzoni; Michele Cicioni; Santiago Marco; Francisco Palacio; Jose M. Gómez-Cama; Ilker Sayhan; Thomas Becker
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RFID reader with gas sensing capability for monitoring fruit along the logistic chain: array development and signal processing
Author(s): Eduard Llobet; Alexander Vergara; José Luis Ramírez; Stefano Zampolli; Thomas Becker; Luis Fonseca
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Design of all-plastic distributed pressure sensors based on electroactive materials
Author(s): Estibalitz Ochoteco; Jose A. Pomposo; Haritz Macicior; Miguel A. Arregui; Fernando Martinez; Gregorio Obieta; Hans Grande
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Two-dimensional MEMS array for maskless lithography and wavefront modulation
Author(s): D. López; V. A. Aksyuk; G. P. Watson; W. M. Mansfield; R. Cirelli; F. Klemens; F. Pardo; E. Ferry; J. Miner; T. W. Sorsch; M. Peabody; J. Bower; C. S. Pai; J. Gates
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Plasma-activated wafer bonding: the new low-temperature tool for MEMS fabrication
Author(s): V. Dragoi; G. Mittendorfer; C. Thanner; P. Lindner
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The influence of varying sputter deposition conditions on the wet chemical etch rate of AlN thin films
Author(s): A. Ababneh; H. Kreher; H. Seidel; U. Schmid
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Temperature stress impact on power RF MEMS switches
Author(s): Chloé Bordas; Katia Grenier; David Dubuc; Mathieu Paillard; Jean-Louis Cazaux; Robert Plana
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Inductively coupled MEMS-based micro RFID transponder
Author(s): Hong M. Lu; Chuck Goldsmith; Jeong-Bong Lee
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Germanium as an integrated resistor material in RF MEMS switches
Author(s): K. Grenier; C. Bordas; S. Pinaud; L. Salvagnac; D. Dubuc
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A metal-to-metal contact RF MEMS switch towards handsets applications
Author(s): Tauno Vähä-Heikkilä; Pekka Rantakari
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Detection of unburned fuel as contaminant in engine oil by a gas microsensor array
Author(s): Simonetta Capone; Marzia Zuppa; Dominique S. Presicce; Mauro Epifani; Luca Francioso; Pietro Siciliano; C. Distante
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Nano and micro stripe based metal oxide thin film gas sensor
Author(s): Stefan Palzer; Emmanuel Moretton; Francisco Hernandez Ramirez; Albert Romano-Rodriguez; Juan Ramon Morante; Jürgen Wöllenstein
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Nanofabrication of TiO2 nanowires: I-V characteristic and improvement of metal oxides gas sensing properties
Author(s): L. Francioso; A. Forleo; A. M. Taurino; P. Siciliano
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Bismuth film electrodes for heavy metals determination
Author(s): Vlastimil Rehacek; Ivan Hotovy; Marian Vojs; Fedor Mika
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Gamma radiation and ozone sensing properties of In2O3:ZnO:SnO2 thin films
Author(s): K. Arshak; O. Korostynska; G. Hickey
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Quartz crystal nano-balance for hydrogen sensing at room temperature using carbon nanotubes aggregates
Author(s): M. Lucci; F. Toschi; V. Sessa; S. Orlanducci; E. Tamburri; M. L. Terranova
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Design and development of a microheater on GaAs for MEMS gas sensor array
Author(s): Ivan Hotovy; Vlastimil Rehacek; Tibor Lalinsky; Stefan Hascik; Fedor Mika
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Mixed metal oxide films as pH sensing materials
Author(s): Khalil Arshak; Edric Gill; Olga Korostynska; Arousian Arshak
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Micro and nanotechnologies for the development of an integrated chromatographic system
Author(s): O. Casals; A. Romano-Rodríguez; X. Illa; C. Zamani; A. Vilà; J. R. Morante; I. Gràcia; P. Ivanov; N. Sabaté; L. Fonseca; J. Santander; E. Figueras; C. Cané
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The MicroActive project: automatic detection of disease-related molecular cell activity
Author(s): Liv Furuberg; Michal Mielnik; Ib-Rune Johansen; Jörg Voitel; Anja Gulliksen; Lars Solli; Frank Karlsen; Tobias Bayer; Friedhelm Schönfeld; Klaus Drese; Helen Keegan; Cara Martin; John O'Leary; Lutz Riegger; Peter Koltay
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DLC/TiNi microcage for biopsy applications
Author(s): Y. Q. Fu; J. K. Luo; S. Ong; S. Zhang; A. J. Flewitt; W. I. Milne
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SMA micro actuators for active shape control, handling technologies, and medical applications
Author(s): M. Leester-Schädel; B. Hoxhold; S. Demming; S. Büttgenbach
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An alternative system for mycotoxin detection based on amorphous silicon sensors
Author(s): D. Caputo; G. de Cesare; P. De Rossi; C. Fanelli; A. Nascetti; A. Ricelli; R. Scipinotti
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Pulse voltammetry wine defects identification by means of miniaturized microelectrodes
Author(s): L. Francioso; R. Bjorklund; P. Siciliano; T. K. Rulcker
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Development of automated microrobot-based nanohandling stations for nanocharacterization
Author(s): Sergej Fatikow; Volkmar Eichhorn; Florian Krohs; Iulian Mircea; Christian Stolle; Saskia Hagemann
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Identification of wine defects by means of a miniaturized electronic tongue
Author(s): G. Verrelli; L. Francioso; P. Siciliano; C. Di Natale; A. D'Amico; R. Paolesse; A. Logrieco
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On the influence of nano-sized palladium clusters at the surface of SnO2 thin films on the gas response
Author(s): Stefan Palzer; Emmanuel Moretton; Chunrong Yin; Bernd von Issendorf; Jürgen Wöllenstein
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Three-dimensional simulation of sacrificial etching
Author(s): Johann Cervenka; Hajdin Ceric; Siegfried Selberherr
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Application of PZT thick-films on adjusting purposes in micro-optical systems
Author(s): C. Bruchmann; B. Höfer; P. Schreiber; R. Eberhardt; W. Buss; T. Peschel; S. Gebhardt; A. Tünnermann; E. Beckert
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VHDL implementation of a communication interface for integrated MEMS
Author(s): E. Magdaleno Castelló; M. Rodríguez Valido; A. J. Ayala Alfonso
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Modelling and simulation of a micromachined angular rate sensor with optimised mechanical suspension
Author(s): A. Kulygin; M. Gergen; U. Schmid; H. Seidel
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Physical modeling of a highly sensitive linear MOS sensor for 2D detection of magnetic fields
Author(s): Ali Abou-Elnour; Ossama Abo-Elnor; Mohamed Y. Essam; M. Marzouk Ibrahim
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Coupling coefficient determination based on simulation and experiment for ST-cut quartz saw delay-line response
Author(s): Yi-Chu Hsu; Ngoc-Bich Le; Ling-Sheng Jang
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A domotic application for educational tasks
Author(s): S. Alayón; C. González; Y. Vargas; L. Hernández
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