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Nonlinear Optics and Applications II
Editor(s): Mario Bertolotti
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Volume Number: 6582
Date Published: 8 May 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6582
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Nonparaxial evolution of femtosecond optical pulses.
Author(s): L. M. Kovachev
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Analytical dynamics of optical similariton solutions of the amplified nonlinear Schrödinger equation with varying parameters
Author(s): S. Wabnitz
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Dark solitary vortices in defocusing media
Author(s): Nikolaos K. Efremidis; P. Papagiannis; N. Moshonas; Y. Kominis; K. Hizanidis; B. A Malomed
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Self-induced waveguides created by second harmonic generation in lithium niobate
Author(s): Federico Pettazzi; V. Coda; Mathieu Chauvet; Eugenio Fazio
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Enhanced nonlinear interactions in optical slow wave structures and the limiting role of disorder
Author(s): Shayan Mookherjea; Andrew Oh
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The propagation of nonlinear TE surface waves in magnetic super lattices (LANS) film
Author(s): M. M. Shabat; H. M. Musa
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Periodically corrugated nonlinear planar waveguide as a source of squeezed light.
Author(s): Jan Perina Jr.; Ondřej Haderka; Concita Sibilia; Mario Bertolotti; Michael Scalora
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AlGaAs waveguide generation of counterpropagating twin photons
Author(s): L. Lanco; S. Ducci; J. Likforman; M. Ravaro; V. Berger; G. Leo
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Nonlinear spectroscopy and applications: time–resolved nonlinear spectroscopy of silicon nanocrystals
Author(s): N. Neudert; K. Zidek; M. Bittner; F. Trojanek
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Second harmonic generation from bulk glassceramics containing laser-poled dielectric nanocrystals
Author(s): A. Paleari; S. Brovelli; R. Lorenzi; N. Chiodini; G. Spinolo
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Flat-top temperature tuning response in periodically-poled nonlinear crystals
Author(s): Huw E. Major; Anna C. Peacock; Carl Farrell; Corin B. E. Gawith; Peter G. R. Smith; Matei Rusu; Mircea D. Guina; Oleg G. Okhotnikov
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Ring picosecond optical parametric oscillator pumped synchronously, intracavity, by a mode-locked Nd:YVO4 laser
Author(s): Alena Zavadilová; Václav Kubeček; Jean-Claude Diels
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Wavelength-agile coherent tunable mid-IR ZGP-OPO source and its applications
Author(s): Katsuhiko Miyamoto; Kazi Monowar Abedin; Hiromasa Ito
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Mitigating heat dissipation in a hydrogen-based Raman laser using coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering
Author(s): Nathalie Vermeulen; Christof Debaes; Hugo Thienpont
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Enhancement methods for CARS-based heat mitigation and application to near- and mid-infrared silicon-based Raman lasers
Author(s): Nathalie Vermeulen; Christof Debaes; Hugo Thienpont
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Narrowing of oscillation linewidth in a quasi-monolithic THz-wave parametric oscillator
Author(s): Hiroaki Minamide; Ruixiang Guo; Tomofumi Ikari; Hiromasa Ito
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Detection of coherent tunable THz-wave using of stimulated polariton scattering in MgO:LiNbO3
Author(s): Ruixiang Guo; Tomofumi Ikari; Hiroaki Minamide; Hiromasa Ito
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Improved emission and coherent detection of few-cycle terahertz transients using laser pulses at 1.5 μm
Author(s): Arno Schneider; Marcel Stillhart; Zhou Yang; Fabian Brunner; Peter Günter
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Perturbation theory of dispersion-managed fiber solitons
Author(s): Mário F. S. Ferreira; Mayra H. Sousa
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Stimulated Brillouin scattering in graded index multimode optical fiber by excitation of the fundamental mode only
Author(s): Philipp Lenke; Nils Nöther
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Novel optical CDMA platform for avionics applications
Author(s): Ivan Glesk; Paul R. Prucnal
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Nonlinear light propagation in photonic crystal fibers filled with nematic liquid crystals
Author(s): Katarzyna A. Rutkowska; Urszula A. Laudyn; Robert T. Rutkowski; Miroslaw A. Karpierz; Tomasz R. Wolinski; Jan Wójcik
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Nonlinear frequency conversion in double core photonic crystal fibers
Author(s): I. Bugar; D. Lorenc; I. V. Fedotov; A. B. Fedotov; R. Buczynski; D. Pysz; F. Uherek; A. M. Zheltikov
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Dark soliton dynamics and interactions in dynamically photo-induced lattices: interaction with a continuous wave
Author(s): Ilias Tsopelas; Yannis Kominis; Panagiotis Papagiannis; Nikolaos Moshonas; Lambros Halastanis; Nikolaos Efremidis; Kyriakos Hizanidis
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Measurement of thin films using slightly dispersive spectral interferometry
Author(s): R. Chlebus; P. Hlubina; D. Ciprian; J. Lunacek
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Dynamics of solitary waves in nonlinear media with Bragg gratings
Author(s): P. Papagiannis; L. Halastanis; I. Tsopelas; N. Moshonas; Y. Kominis; K. Hizanidis
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Investigation of spatiotemporal optical beam reallocation
Author(s): Nikos Moshonas; Yannis Kominis; Nikos Efremidis; Manousos Manousakis; Kyriakos Hizanidis
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Real-time gas density measurement using a ring cavity terahertz parametric oscillator
Author(s): S. Ohno; R. Guo; H. Minamide; H. Ito
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Ultrafast spectroscopy of semiconductor Bragg reflectors
Author(s): M. V. Ermolenko; S. A. Tikhomirov; V. V. Stankevich; O. V. Buganov; S. V. Gaponenko; P. I. Kuznetsov; G. G. Yakuscheva
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Femtosecond absorption bleaching in glasses with semiconductor nanoparticles
Author(s): Andrey Lipovskii; Mikko Halonen; Elena V. Kolobkova; Yuri P. Svirko
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Semiconductor-polymer composite with strong nonlinear optical properties
Author(s): Jan Franc; Volodymyr Babentsov; Petr Feychuk; Jan Kunc; P. Hlidek
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All-optical ultra-fast packet contention detection based on SOAs for 2x2 photonic nodes
Author(s): Mirco Scaffardi; Francesco Fresi; Gianluca Berrettini; Gianluca Meloni; Nicola Andriolli; Piero Castoldi; Luca Poti; Antonella Bogoni
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Four-wave mixing in intersubband transitions of a semiconductor quantum well structure
Author(s): Emmanuel Paspalakis; Aggeliki Kanaki; Andreas F. Terzis
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Dark photovoltaic spatial solitons: experiment and numerical solution
Author(s): Michal Bodnar
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Tunable optical filter for wavelength division multiplexing using photorefractive planar waveguide
Author(s): Satoshi Honma; Hirokazu Ito; Mitsuhiro Komatsu; Shinzo Muto; Atsushi Okamoto
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Efficient coupling for bidirectional pumping in EDFA with two mutually-pumped phase-conjugate mirrors
Author(s): Shugo Kano; Atsushi Okamoto; Yoshihisa Takayama; Kunihiro Sato
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