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Defense Transformation and Net-Centric Systems 2007
Editor(s): Raja Suresh
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Volume Number: 6578
Date Published: 30 April 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6578
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Tactical service-oriented architecture over wireless communications
Author(s): Johnathon Gohde; Peter Griffin; Brent Rickenbach
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Testbed for large volume surveillance through distributed fusion and resource management
Author(s): Pierre Valin; Adel Guitouni; Éloi Bossé; Hans Wehn; Richard Yates; Harold Zwick
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An evaluation of case-based classification to support automated web service discovery and brokering
Author(s): Roy Ladner; Elizabeth Warner; Fred Petry; Kalyan Moy Gupta; David W. Aha
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Enabling dynamic interoperability with multiple community of interest (COI) systems
Author(s): Austin Armbruster; Eric J. Martens; David E. Corman
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An investigative analysis of information assurance issues associated with the GIG's P&P architecture
Author(s): B. S. Farroha; R. G. Cole; D. L. Farroha; A. DeSimone
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Embedded instrumentation systems architecture
Author(s): Nikita A. Visnevski
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Widely distributed C4ISR
Author(s): David A. Goughnour; Swati D. Allen; Michael J. Salonish
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Measuring kill chain performance in complex environments
Author(s): Scott James; Andrew Coutts; Colin Stanford; Fred Bowden; Dean Bowley
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Evaluating technologies for tactical information management in net-centric systems
Author(s): Ming Xiong; Jeff Parsons; James Edmondson; Hieu Nguyen; Douglas Schmidt
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Dynamic policy enforcement in JBI information management services with the KAoS policy and domain services
Author(s): Justin Donnelly; Jacob Madden; Alden Roberts; Matthew Greenberg; Jeffrey Bradshaw; Andrzej Uszok
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A QoS management system for dynamically interoperating network-centric systems
Author(s): Joseph P. Loyall; Praveen K. Sharma; Matthew Gillen; Richard E. Schantz
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AIMS taking on roles to support tactical information dominance
Author(s): Philip Joseph Ceccio; Robert G. Hillman
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iFUSE: a development environment for composable easy-to-assemble information transforms
Author(s): Robert A. Joyce; Jennifer P. Cormier
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Semantic mediation and transformation services: perspectives on military application areas
Author(s): James R. Milligan
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Pedigree management and assessment in a net-centric environment
Author(s): Marisa M. Gioioso; S. Daryl McCullough; Jennifer P. Cormier; Carla Marceau; Robert A. Joyce
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Composition modeling framework (CMF)
Author(s): Gennady R. Staskevich; James R. Milligan; Thomas A. Clark
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Effectively networking unattended ground sensors
Author(s): Gregory L. Duckworth
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Methods for calculating the probability of detection and target location error of unattended ground sensors
Author(s): Keith W. Brendley; Gene Klager
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A novel framework for command and control of networked sensor systems
Author(s): Genshe Chen; Zhi Tian; Dan Shen; Erik Blasch; Khanh Pham
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Interference multiple access communications
Author(s): L. Reggie Brothers; James A. DeBardelaben; Joshua Niedzwiecki; Rachel E. Learned; Yiftach Eisenberg; David M. Cooper
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Throughput of 802.11g wireless devices in ad hoc mode
Author(s): Brian B. Luu; Rommie L. Hardy
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The airborne network definition project: a network architecture effort for future battlefield networks that enable network-centric warfare
Author(s): Bishwaroop Ganguly; Steven Finn; Jeffrey McLamb; Wayne Bynoe; Leonid Veytser; Igor Pedan; Jeremy Mineweaser; Steven Davidson
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Live-flight demonstration of agent technology for connecting the tactical edge to the global information grid
Author(s): Eric J. Martens; David E. Corman
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Demonstration of high-data-rate wavelength division multiplexed transmission over a 150-km free space optical link
Author(s): David W. Young; Joseph E. Sluz; Juan C. Juarez; Marc B. Airola; Raymond M. Sova; Harry Hurt; Malcolm Northcott; John Phillips; Andy McClaren; Don Driver; David Abelson; James Foshee
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Long distance laser communications demonstration
Author(s): Malcolm J. Northcott; A. McClaren; J. E. Graves; John Phillips; Don Driver; David Abelson; David W. Young; Joseph E. Sluz; Juan C. Juarez; Marc B. Airola; Raymond M. Sova; Harry Hurt; James Foshee
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A framework for assessing and predicting network loads and performance for network-centric operations and warfare
Author(s): Eunice E. Santos
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Synchronization for wireless multi-radar covert communication networks
Author(s): Shrawan C. Surender; Ram M. Narayanan
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A network-centric robust resource allocation strategy for unmanned systems: stability analysis
Author(s): K. Bouyoucef; K. Khorasani
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Node compromise attacks and network connectivity
Author(s): Kevin Chan; Faramarz Fekri
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Multiplatform information-based sensor management: an inverted UAV demonstration
Author(s): Chris Kreucher; John Wegrzyn; Michel Beauvais; Ralph Conti
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Agent-based multi-platform control, collaboration, and target hand-off
Author(s): Norm Coleman; Ben Tirabassi; Doug MacKenzie
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Formation control in multi-player pursuit evasion game with superior evaders
Author(s): Xu Wang; Jose B. Cruz Jr.; Genshe Chen; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch
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Collaborative multi-target tracking using networked micro-robotic vehicles
Author(s): Subir Biswas; Sonny Gupta; Fan Yu; Tao Wu
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Hunter standoff killer team (HSKT) ground and flight test results
Author(s): Balinda Moreland; Mark Ennis; Robert Yeates; Timothy Condon
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Author(s): Brian Leininger; Richard E. Nichols; Casey Gragg
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Geospatial challenges in a net centric environment: actionable information technology, design, and implementation
Author(s): Michael R. Hieb; Sean Mackay; Michael W. Powers; Harland Yu; Martin Kleiner; J. Mark Pullen
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Orchestrating and optimizing multi-source ISR assets
Author(s): Michael G. Limcaco
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Geographic information systems (GIS) approaches for geographic dynamics understanding and event prediction
Author(s): May Yuan
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Detecting space-time cancer clusters using residential histories
Author(s): Geoffrey M. Jacquez; Jaymie R. Meliker
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Author(s): Christian Andreasen; Chung Hye Read
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Maritime domain awareness community of interest net centric information sharing
Author(s): Mark Andress; Brian Freeman; Trey Rhiddlehover; John Shea
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Determinants for global cargo analysis tools
Author(s): M. Wilmoth; W. Kay; C. Sessions; M. Hancock
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Comprehensive maritime awareness (CMA) joint capabilities technology demonstration (JCTD)
Author(s): Chris Dwyer
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Automated detection of objects in sidescan sonar data
Author(s): John M. Irvine; Steven A. Israel; Stuart M. Bergeron
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SeeCoast: persistent surveillance and automated scene understanding for ports and coastal areas
Author(s): Bradley J. Rhodes; Neil A. Bomberger; Todd M. Freyman; William Kreamer; Linda Kirschner; Adam C. L’Italien; Wendy Mungovan; Chris Stauffer; Lauren Stolzar; Allen M. Waxman; Michael Seibert
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