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Independent Component Analyses, Wavelets, Unsupervised Nano-Biomimetic Sensors, and Neural Networks V
Editor(s): Harold H. Szu; Jack Agee
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Volume Number: 6576
Date Published: 9 April 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6576
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Independent vector analysis for real world speech processing
Author(s): Intae Lee; Te-Won Lee
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Improved denoising approach using higher-order statistics
Author(s): Samuel P. Kozaitis
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Design and implementation of a support vector machine using an optoelectronic matrix-vector multiplier
Author(s): J. Gimeno; H. Lamela; M. Jiménez; M. González; M. Ruiz-Llata
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Unsupervised learning with mini free energy
Author(s): Harold Szu; Lidan Miao; Hairong Qi
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Learning, entropy, free energy, an underlying commonality?
Author(s): John E. Gray; Harold H. Szu
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Design of a cylindrical fiber-optic lens focusing passive dual-color IR spectra and readout
Author(s): Kenneth Byrd; Harold Szu
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Exploratory analysis of functional MRI data using HSOM and HTMP
Author(s): Axel Saalbach; Oliver Lange; Anke Meyer-Baese
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Singular value decomposition-based segmentation of multi-component signals
Author(s): Sreeraman Rajan; Rajamani Doraiswami
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Analysis of breast MRI data based on (topographic) independent and tree-dependent component analysis
Author(s): Axel Saalbach; Oliver Lange; Tim Nattkemper; Anke Meyer-Baese
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Multispectral MWIR image classification using filters derived from independent component analysis
Author(s): Srikant Chari; Carl Halford; Eddie Jacobs; Aaron Robinson
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A taste of compressed sensing
Author(s): Albert Cohen; Wolfgang Dahmen; Ronald DeVore
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Next gen wavelets down-sampling preserving statistics
Author(s): Harold Szu; Lidan Miao; Pornchai Chanyagon; Masud Cader
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Video watermarking capacity in the DWT hierarchy
Author(s): M. Mitrea; O. Dumitru; F. Prêteux
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The Rocchio classifier and second generation wavelets
Author(s): Patricia H. Carter
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Wavelet-based fusion approach using unique reconstruction approach
Author(s): M. Ouendeno; S. P. Kozaitis
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Texture classification using wavelet preprocessing and vector quantization
Author(s): Eric P. Lam
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Improved total variation algorithms for wavelet-based denoising
Author(s): Glenn R. Easley; Flavia Colonna
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Nanorobot assembly of carbon nanotubes for mid-IR sensor
Author(s): Ning Xi; Jiangbo Zhang; Harold Szu; Guangyong Li
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Future directions of nanometrology and nanomanufacturing
Author(s): Kevin W. Lyons
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Wellness engineering for better quality of life of aging baby boomer
Author(s): Harold Szu
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A plea for adaptive data analysis
Author(s): Norden E. Huang
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Exploring pavement crack evaluation with bidimensional empirical mode decomposition
Author(s): Albert Ayenu-Prah; Nii Attoh-Okine
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Noninvasive methodology for wellness baseline profiling
Author(s): Danny Wen-Yaw Chung; Yuh-Show Tsai; Shaou-Gang Miaou; Walter H. Chang; Yaw-Jen Chang; Shia-Chung Chen; Y. Y. Hong; C. S. Chyang; Quan-Shong Chang; Hon-Yen Hsu; James Hsu; Wei-Cheng Yao; Ming-Sin Hsu; Ming-Chung Chen; Shi-Chen Lee; Charles Hsu; Lidan Miao; Kenny Byrd; Mohamed F. Chouikha; Xin-Bin Gu; Paul C. Wang; Harold Szu
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Contactless monitoring of electric fields to improve security and safety
Author(s): Howard Sidman; Robert W. VanDine; Ted Wong
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Smart Altera firmware for DSP with FPGAs
Author(s): Uwe Meyer-Baese; A. Vera; A. Meyer-Baese; M. Pattichis; R. Perry
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FPGA wavelet processor design using language for instruction-set architectures (LISA)
Author(s): Uwe Meyer-Bäse; Alonzo Vera; Suhasini Rao; Karl Lenk; Marios Pattichis
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3D map generation for biomimetic applications using a network of multi-static radar sensors
Author(s): Shubha Kadambe
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Analog processor design for potentiometric sensor array and its applications in smart living space
Author(s): Danny Wen-Yaw Chung; You-Lin Tsai; Tai-Tsun Liu; Chun-Liang Leu; Chung-Huang Yang; Dorota G. Pijanowska; Wladyslaw Torbicz; Piotr B. Grabiec; Bohdan Jaroszewicz
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Neural dynamic optimization for autonomous aerial vehicle trajectory design
Author(s): Peng Xu; Ajay Verma; Richard J. Mayer
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Hardware implementation of a neural vision system based on a neural network using integrated and fire neurons
Author(s): M. González; H. Lamela; M. Jiménez; J. Gimeno; M. Ruiz-Llata
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Programmed optoelectronic time-pulse coded relational processor as base element for sorting neural networks
Author(s): Vladimir G. Krasilenko; Vitaliy F. Bardachenko; Alexander I. Nikolsky; Alexander A. Lazarev
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A weighted quadratic asymptotic analysis of cost functions used in classifier design with extensions to finite-size training sets
Author(s): Gerald J. Dobeck
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A fault-tolerant fully adaptive routing algorithm for collaborative computing in wireless mesh networks
Author(s): Cao Liang; Xin-Ming Huang; Jing Ma
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Autonomous unmanned air vehicles (UAV) techniques
Author(s): Ming-Kai Hsu; Ting N. Lee
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An FPGA-based rapid prototyping platform for wavelet coprocessors
Author(s): Alonzo Vera; Uwe Meyer-Baese; Marios Pattichis
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Arrogance analysis of several typical pattern recognition classifiers
Author(s): Chen Jing; Shengping Xia; Weidong Hu
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Implicit differential analysis for cortical models
Author(s): Frank McFadden; Harold Szu
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Intellectual property protection of IP cores through high-level watermarking
Author(s): E. Castillo; U. Meyer-Baese; A. García; L. Parrilla; A. Lloris
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Technique of information hiding based on neural network
Author(s): Li Xu; Gu Tao
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Research on the technique of public watermarking system based on wavelet transform and neural network
Author(s): Li Xu; Gu Tao
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Carrier signal design using constrained iterative spectral deconvolution
Author(s): Abolfazl M. Amini
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