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Automatic Target Recognition XVII
Editor(s): Firooz A. Sadjadi
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Volume Number: 6566
Date Published: 26 April 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6566
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Phenomenological modeling of surface roughness for predicting reflection from targets
Author(s): Lawrence B. Wolff
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Minace filter infrared target tracking, recognition, and rejection tests with aspect view, depression angle, and scale variations
Author(s): Rohit Patnaik; David Casasent
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Automatic aerial target detection and tracking system in airborne FLIR images based on efficient target trajectory filtering
Author(s): Carlos R. del-Blanco; Fernando Jaureguizar; Luis Salgado; Narciso García
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Ground-target detection in a virtual battlefield
Author(s): Patrick Gozard; Thierry Cathala
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Wavelet-based target detection using multiscale directional analysis
Author(s): Bradley J. Chambers; William D. Reynolds Jr.; Derrick S. Campbell; Darius K. Fennell; Rashid Ansari
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Three-dimensional passive sensing photon counting for object classification
Author(s): Seokwon Yeom; Bahram Javidi; Edward Watson
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Searching for a fast alternative to KNN for infrared ATR
Author(s): Ross S. Eaton; Magnùs S. Snorrason
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Evaluation of the VIVID confirmatory identification module
Author(s): Kyle J. Erickson; Philip M. Hanna; Lori A. Westerkamp; John C. Mossing
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High-performance polarization-enhanced wavelet filter joint-transform correlation for automated single/multiple target recognition system
Author(s): A. M. El-Saba; M. S. Alam; H. Nalluri
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Application of interferoceiver for battleship self defense
Author(s): Ming-Chiang Li
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Radar classification of landmines by time-frequency analysis
Author(s): D. Wong; L. Nguyen; G. Gaunaurd
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Feature extraction for classification of signals propagating in channels with dispersion and dissipation
Author(s): Greg Okopal; Patrick Loughlin
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Constructing densities from moments
Author(s): Leon Cohen; Keith Davidson; Patrick Loughlin
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Pattern recognition in hyperspectral imagery using one-dimensional maximum average correlation height filter and Mahalanobis distance
Author(s): M. F. Islam; M. S. Alam; M. I. Elbakary
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Nonlinear unmixing of hyperspectral data using BDRF and maximum likelihood algorithm
Author(s): M. T. Rahman; M. S. Alam
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An automated method for pattern recognition using linear mixing model and vertex component analysis
Author(s): N. Haq; M. S. Alam; E. Sarigul
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Probabilistic graphical models and their application in data fusion
Author(s): Steven Bottone; Clay Stanek
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Target identification using multi-radar fusion
Author(s): I. Jouny
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Tracking moving targets in complex environments by fusing active and passive sensors
Author(s): Ben G. Fitzpatrick; Li Liu; Yun Wang; Zhanqi Cheng
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An ensemble approach to data fusion and its application to ATR
Author(s): Costin Barbu; Jing Peng; Richard Sims
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Sense and avoid technology for unmanned aircraft systems
Author(s): John McCalmont; James Utt; Michael Deschenes; Michael Taylor; Richard Sanderson; Joel Montgomery; Randal S. Johnson; David McDermott
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Signal-to-noise behavior for matches to gradient direction models of corners in images
Author(s): David W. Paglieroni; Siddharth Manay
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Multiple target vehicles detection and classification based on low-rank decomposition
Author(s): Teeradache Viangteeravat; Amir Shirkhodaie; Haroun Rababaah
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Toward a sensor-based threat warning system for patrols in MOUT scenarios
Author(s): Jürgen Metzler; Dieter Willersinn
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Point target detection using super-resolution reconstruction
Author(s): Judith Dijk; Adam W. M. van Eekeren; Klamer Schutte; Dirk-Jan J. de Lange
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Precise estimation of pose for vehicles in MSTAR imagery
Author(s): Frank McFadden
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An efficient quadratic correlation filter for automatic target recognition
Author(s): W. B. Mikhael; P. Ragothaman; R. Muise; A. Mahalanobis
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Efficient structures for image decomposition using directional filter banks
Author(s): Rashid Ansari; Darius Fennell; Ahmet Bagci; William Reynolds; Derrick Campbell; Bradley Chambers
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Optical correlator based pose estimation using a bank of filters and a pose search algorithm
Author(s): John Outerbridge; Don A. Gregory
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A novel ROC approach for performance evaluation of target detection algorithms
Author(s): Priya Ganapathy; Julie A. Skipper
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Evaluation testbed for ATD performance prediction (ETAPP)
Author(s): Scott K. Ralph; Ross Eaton; Magnús Snorrason; John Irvine; Steve Vanstone
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EO/IR ATR performance modeling to support fusion experimentation
Author(s): Barton Kahler; Erik Blasch; David J. Pikas; Tim Ross
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Phenomenological fireball model for remote identification of high-explosives
Author(s): Kevin C. Gross; Joseph Wayman; Glen P. Perram
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Evaluation of object level change detection techniques
Author(s): John M. Irvine; Stuart Bergeron; Doug Hugo; Michael A. O'Brien
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Construction and correction of probability densities
Author(s): Leon Cohen
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Human motion tracking using mean shift clustering and discrete cosine transform
Author(s): M. M. Islam; M. S. Alam
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Vision-based vehicle tracking using image alignment with symmetrical function
Author(s): L. C. Cheung; Y. S. Moon
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Facial feature tracking with the super image vector inner product
Author(s): Wei Su; Laurence G. Hassebrook; S. Hariharan
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Rapid automatic target recognition using generic 3D sensor and shape-from-motion data
Author(s): G. Bouchette; P. Iles; C. English; M. Labrie; B. Powaschuk; P. Church; J. Maheux
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Statistical models for target detection in infrared imagery
Author(s): Samuel H. Huddleston; Xin Zhou; William B. Evans; Alice Chan; Michael D. DeVore
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