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Sensors and Systems for Space Applications
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Volume Number: 6555
Date Published: 26 April 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6555
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Remote sensing phase fluorimetry using mercury vapor lamp
Author(s): Michael A. Lundin; Matthew J. Bohn
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High-efficiency UV laser for space-based wind lidar
Author(s): Floyd E. Hovis; Jinxue Wang
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Space-based direct detection wind mission design
Author(s): Thomas H. Zurbuchen; Richard Walker; Charles Richey; Jane Pavlich; Peter Tchoryk Jr.
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Optical sensing of atmospheric emissions with Cubesats and Nanosats
Author(s): Gary Swenson; Purvesh Thakker; Farzad Kamalabadi; Mathew Frank; Victoria Coverstone; Hank Voss
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Effects of optical artifacts in a laser-based spacecraft navigation sensor
Author(s): Jerry E. LeCroy; Dean S. Hallmark; Richard T. Howard
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Super resolution structured light illumination
Author(s): Laurence G. Hassebrook; Akshay G. Pethe; Charles Casey; Veera Ganesh Yalla; Daniel L. Lau
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Multicamera phase measuring profilometry for accurate depth measurement
Author(s): Yongchang Wang; Kai Liu; Qi Hao; Daniel Lau; Laurence G. Hassebrook
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Processing 3D flash LADAR point-clouds in real-time for flight applications
Author(s): R. Craig; I. Gravseth; R. P. Earhart; J. Bladt; S. Barnhill; L. Ruppert; C. Centamore
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Stereo-vision-based 3D modeling of space structures
Author(s): Stephen Se; Piotr Jasiobedzki; Richard Wildes
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A pose and position measurement system for the Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission
Author(s): Michael Balch; Dave Tandy
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Simulation tests of a lidar-based spacecraft pose determination algorithm
Author(s): Ronald C. Fenton; R. Rees Fullmer; Robert T. Pack
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Hydra AR&D sensor suite
Author(s): Fred Roe; Stephen R. Granade
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The lunar orbiter laser altimeter (LOLA) on NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) mission
Author(s): Haris Riris; Xiaoli Sun; John F. Cavanaugh; Glenn B. Jackson; Luis Ramos-Izquierdo; David E. Smith; Maria Zuber
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Commissioning of the CALIPSO payload
Author(s): Carl Weimer; Lyle Ruppert; Justin Spelman
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Utilizing UV and visible sensors on micro-satellites to demonstrate target acquisition and tracking
Author(s): Steven Brown; Dean Wada; Ali Ghafourian; Mark Greenman; Charles Harris; Carl Howlett; Thomas Humpherys; Vincent Nguyen
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DART AVGS flight results
Author(s): Richard T. Howard; Thomas C. Bryan
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Miniature, light weight, coherent optical receiver system for space platforms
Author(s): Abhay Joshi; Don Becker; Christoph Wree; Dan Mohr
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Real-world educational experience through project-oriented graduate classes in collaboration with industry
Author(s): Thomas H. Zurbuchen
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High-resolution imaging with small satellites: what are the possibilities and limitations?
Author(s): Rainer Sandau
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Autonomous docking experiments using the SPHERES testbed inside the ISS
Author(s): Simon Nolet; David W. Miller
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Sensors and systems for space applications: A methodology for developing fault detection, diagnosis, and recovery
Author(s): John L. Edwards; Randy M. Beekman; David B. Buchanan; Scott Farner; Gary R. Gershzohn; Mbuyi Khuzadi; D. F. Mikula; Gerry Nissen; James Peck; Shaun Taylor
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Evaluation of holographic subsurface radar for NDE of space shuttle thermal protection tiles
Author(s): Thomas Lu; Cooper Snapp; Tien-Hsin Chao; Anilkumar Thakoor; Tim Bechtel; Sergey Ivashov; Igor Vasiliev
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Stable 600°C silicon carbide MEMS pressure transducers
Author(s): Robert S. Okojie
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Docking and reconfiguration of modular spacecraft: preliminary SWARM testing at MSFC
Author(s): Nicholas R. Hoff III; Swati Mohan; Simon Nolet; David W. Miller
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Autonomous precision formation flying: a proposed fault tolerant attitude control strategy
Author(s): Tao Jiang; K. Khorasani
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SUMO/FREND: vision system for autonomous satellite grapple
Author(s): Jerome Obermark; Glenn Creamer; Bernard E. Kelm; William Wagner; C. Glen Henshaw
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Quantifying an imagery system's performance with transformational mission data analysis
Author(s): Alisha W. Mauck
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Modeling of electro-statically actuated two-axis (tip-tilt) MEMS torsion micro-mirrors for laser beamsteering
Author(s): C. L. Edwards; B. G. Boone; W. S. Levine; C. C. Davis
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A low-cost test-bed for real-time landmark tracking
Author(s): Ambrus Csaszar; Jay C. Hanan; Pierre Moreels; Christopher Assad
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Automated rendezvous and docking sensor testing at the flight robotics laboratory
Author(s): Richard T. Howard; Marlin L. Williamson; Albert S. Johnston; Linda L. Brewster; Jennifer D. Mitchell; Scott P. Cryan; David Strack; Kevin Key
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New approach to analysis and new principles for optimization of remote sensing systems
Author(s): Asadov Hikmat Hamid; Hajizadeh Anver Tariyel; Kerimov Mahmud Jalal; Isayev Azer Azad
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Optimal design of systems that evolve over time using neural networks
Author(s): Michael K. Nolan
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Modeling and control of active gravity off-loading for deployable space structures
Author(s): Trevor J. Bihl; Khanh D. Pham; Thomas W. Murphey
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The differential game barrier model for spacecraft under target maneuvering based on minimum error
Author(s): Qiu-hua Zhang; Jian Chen; Song-tao Sun; Yi Sun
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Simulation study of a robotics-based method for on-orbit identification of spacecraft inertia properties
Author(s): Ou Ma; Hung Dang; Khanh Pham
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Online tribology ball bearing fault detection and identification
Author(s): B. Ling; M. M. Khonsari
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