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Terahertz for Military and Security Applications V
Editor(s): James O. Jensen; Hong-Liang Cui
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Volume Number: 6549
Date Published: 3 May 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6549
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Advanced terahertz imaging system performance model for concealed weapon identification
Author(s): Steven R. Murrill; Brian Redman; Richard L. Espinola; Charmaine C. Franck; Douglas T. Petkie; Frank C. De Lucia; Eddie L. Jacobs; Steven T. Griffin; Carl E. Halford; Joe Reynolds
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Terahertz spectroscopy of TNT for explosive detection
Author(s): Tatiana N. Brusentsova; Robert E. Peale; Andrey V. Muravjov; Leonard P. Chen; Michael D. Jack; Michael A. Gritz
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Modeling and characterization of cloth at sub-millimeter wavelengths
Author(s): Eddie Jacobs; Steven Griffin
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Broadband terahertz time-domain and Raman spectroscopy of explosives
Author(s): A. D. Burnett; W. H. Fan; P. C. Upadhya; J. E. Cunningham; H. G. M. Edwards; J. Kendrick; T. Munshi; M. Hargreaves; E. H. Linfield; A. G. Davies
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Terahertz measurement and imaging detection of delamination and water intrusion in ground based radome panels
Author(s): David Zimdars; Jeffrey White; Gregg Sucha; G. Fichter; G. Stuk; C. Megdanoff; A. Chernovsky; S. L. Williamson
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Towards an active real-time THz camera: first realization of a hybrid system
Author(s): T. May; C. am Weg; A. Alcin; B. Hils; T. Löffler; H. G. Roskos
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Terahertz standoff imaging testbed design and performance for concealed weapon and device identification model development
Author(s): Charmaine C. Franck; Dave Lee; Richard L. Espinola; Steven R. Murrill; Eddie L. Jacobs; Steve T. Griffin; Douglas T. Petkie; Joe Reynolds
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Terahertz interferometric imaging of RDX
Author(s): Alexander M. Sinyukov; Robert B. Barat; Dale E. Gary; Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou; Ivan Zorych; David Zimdars; John F. Federici
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Terahertz imaging system for stand-off detection of threats
Author(s): H.-W. Hübers; A. D. Semenov; H. Richter; U. Böttger
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A high resolution terahertz spectrometer for chemical detection
Author(s): Alexander Majewski; Rene Abreu; Michael Wraback
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Detection of 3.4 THz radiation from a quantum cascade laser using a microbolometer infrared camera
Author(s): Barry N. Behnken; Michele Lowe; Gamani Karunasiri; Danielle Chamberlain; Peter Robrish; Jérôme Faist
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A superconducting terahertz imager
Author(s): T. May; S. Anders; V. Zakosarenko; M. Starkloff; H.-G. Meyer; G. Thorwirth; E. Kreysa
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An integrated continuous-wave terahertz biosensor
Author(s): Mohammad Neshat; Daryoosh Saeedkia; Ramin Sabry; Safieddin Safavi-Naeini
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Reflectivity and emissivity modeling for metals and plastics at THz frequencies
Author(s): Steven T. Griffin; Eddie L. Jacobs; Steve R. Murrill
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Guided-wave propagation on a cylindrical conductor at millimeter-wave or terahertz frequencies
Author(s): James C. Wiltse
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THz and far-IR vibrational spectrum of DNA nucleotides bonded to Si substrates
Author(s): Brandee Woolard; Peiji Zhao
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Examining explosive residues on surfaces with terahertz technology
Author(s): Yamac Dikmelik; Michael J. Fitch; Megan R. Leahy-Hoppa; Robert Osiander
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Unsupervised image segmentation for passive THz broadband images for concealed weapon detection
Author(s): Mabel D. Ramírez; Charles R. Dietlein; Erich Grossman; Zoya Popović
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Comparison of the THz absorption feature in lactose to related saccharides
Author(s): Jon E. Bjarnason; Elliott R. Brown; Timothy M. Korter
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Performance comparison of Nb and NbN antenna-coupled microbolometers
Author(s): C. Dietlein; A. Luukanen; J. S. Penttilä; H. Sipola; L. Grönberg; H. Seppä; P. Helistö; E. N. Grossman
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Carbon-nanotube field-emitter driven compact frequency-scanning THz source
Author(s): S. J. Papadakis; A. H. Monica; J. Yu; J. A. Miragliotta; R. Osiander; T. Antonsen; G. Nusinovich
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Compact mission configurable mm-wave spectrometer based on a channel drop filter
Author(s): Evgenya I. Smirnova; Aimee G. Bailey; Lawrence M. Earley; Sergey S. Kurennoy
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Compact fiber pumped terahertz source
Author(s): Daniel Creeden; John C. McCarthy; Peter A. Ketteridge; Timothy Southward; Peter G. Schunemann; James J. Kmoiak; Webster Dove; Evan P. Chicklis
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Semiconductor based optically controlled THz optics
Author(s): I-Chun Anderson Chen; Seong-wook Park; Canan Karaalioglu; Azza Meshal; Niel Vallestro; Rainer Martini
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Finesse of silicon-based terahertz Fabry-Perot spectrometer
Author(s): Justin W. Cleary; Robert E. Peale; Ravi Todi; Kalpathy Sundaram; Oliver Edwards
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Processing multi-species terahertz spectra for detection of a particular species
Author(s): Robert Noll
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Gain and far-field patterns for phase-correcting Fresnel zone plate antennas at millimeter-wave and terahertz frequencies
Author(s): James C. Wiltse
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