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Window and Dome Technologies and Materials X
Editor(s): Randal W. Tustison
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Volume Number: 6545
Date Published: 29 April 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6545
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Development of hot-pressed and chemical-vapor-deposited zinc sulfide and zinc selenide in the United States for optical windows
Author(s): Daniel C. Harris
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International development of chemical vapor deposited zinc sulfide
Author(s): John McCloy
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Optical properties of epitaxial single-crystal chemical-vapor-deposited diamond
Author(s): Giorgio Turri; Ying Chen; Michael Bass; David Orchard; James E. Butler; Sally Magana; Tatayana Feygelson; Derrick Thiel; Kevin Fourspring; Joni Pentony; Samantha Hawkins; Meghan Baronowski; Randle V. Dewees; Michael D. Seltzer; Andrew Guenthner; Daniel C. Harris; C. Martin Stickley
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Spectral characterization of diffractively structured GaAs using the ARISTMS
Author(s): Phil Coulter; Michael Wilson
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Fluorinated silicate glass for conventional and holographic optical elements
Author(s): Leonid Glebov
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Development of a laser glass for the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): Joseph S. Hayden; John H. Campbell; Stephen A. Payne
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Spark plasma sintering and forming of transparent polycrystalline Al2O3 windows and domes
Author(s): Dongtao Jiang; Dustin M. Hulbert; Umberto Anselmi-Tamburini; Terry Ng; Donald Land; Amiya K. Muhkerjee
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Nano-composite optical ceramics for infrared windows and domes
Author(s): Todd Stefanik; Richard Gentilman; Patrick Hogan
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Polycrystalline yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) for IR transparent missile domes and windows
Author(s): J. C. Huie; C. B. Dudding; J. McCloy
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Optical properties of Nd-doped and undoped polycrystalline YAG
Author(s): Michael E. Thomas; Alison K. Carr; Diane Limsui; Jean C. Huie
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Erosion studies of infrared dome materials
Author(s): Roger M. Sullivan; Andrew Phelps; James A. Kirsch; Earle A. Welsh; Daniel C. Harris
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BRDF and BSDF models for diffuse surface and bulk scatter from transparent windows
Author(s): Michael E. Thomas; Donald D. Duncan
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Application of nondestructive optical techniques in the detection of surface and subsurface defects in sapphire
Author(s): Ikerionwu A. Akwani; Douglas L. Hibbard; Keith T Jacoby
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Characterization of AFB sapphire single crystal composites for infrared window application
Author(s): H.-C. Lee; H. E. Meissner
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Simulation and experimental results of sub-aperture transmitted wavefront measurements of a window using a time-delayed source
Author(s): Matthew B. Dubin; William P. Kuhn
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Transmitted wavefront metrology of hemispheric domes using scanning low-coherence dual-interferometry (SLCDI)
Author(s): Damon W. Diehl; Christopher Cotton; Christopher J. Ditchman; Bryan Statt
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Time-delayed source and interferometric measurement of domes and windows
Author(s): William P. Kuhn; Matthew Dubin
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Laser-assisted pre-finishing of optical ceramic materials
Author(s): Jay C. Rozzi; Odile H. Clavier; Michael D. Barton
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Developments in the finishing of domes and conformal optics
Author(s): Aric B. Shorey; William Kordonski; Justin Tracy; Marc Tricard
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Contact mechanics models and algorithms for dome polishing with UltraForm Finishing (UFF)
Author(s): Christophe Bouvier; Sheryl M. Gracewski; Stephen J. Burns
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Improving surface figure and microroughness of IR materials and diamond turned surfaces with magnetorheological finishing (MRF)
Author(s): Christopher Supranowitz; Christopher Hall; Paul Dumas; Bob Hallock
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High durability antireflection coatings for silicon and multispectral ZnS
Author(s): Shay Joseph; Orna Marcovitch; Ygal Yadin; Dror Klaiman; Nitzan Koren; Hedva Zipin
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iDLC: hardcoat for chalcogenide glass and other IR materials
Author(s): K. Rogers; John Ward; Y. Guimond
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Effects of mesh voids on insertion loss of metallic mesh coatings
Author(s): Jennifer Halman; Keith Ramsey; Vashti Sawtelle
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Update on the development of high performance anti-reflecting surface relief micro-structures
Author(s): Douglas S. Hobbs; Bruce D. MacLeod; Juanita R. Riccobono
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An improved soft-chemistry approach to the preparation of spinel powders
Author(s): Ronald Cook
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Polycrystalline transparent spinel domes for multimode seeker applications
Author(s): A. A. DiGiovanni; A. LaRoche; L. Schubel; L. Fehrenbacher; D. W. Roy
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Critical parameters for grinding large sapphire window panels
Author(s): Joseph R. Bashe; Gene Dempsey; Ikerionwu A. Akwani; Keith T. Jacoby; Douglas L. Hibbard
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Improvements in large window and optics production
Author(s): Bob Hallock; Bill Messner; Chris Hall; Chris Supranowitz
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Reduced angle-shift infrared bandpass filter coatings
Author(s): B. M. Lairson; J. Mosier; K. Gibbons; J. H. Sternbergh; M. A. George
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