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Optics and Photonics in Global Homeland Security III
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Volume Number: 6540
Date Published: 26 April 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6540
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Homeland security R&D budgets and conference overview
Author(s): Theodore T. Saito
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Combination of an on-line biomonitor using light emitting bacteria and a UV spectrophotometer probe for homeland security and drinking water safety
Author(s): Joep Appels; Eberhard Küster; Joep van den Broeke; Ben Tangena; Dick de Zwart; Albert Brandt
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Nectophotometer: an infrared motility monitor used to rapidly identify toxicity in effluents and receiving waters
Author(s): Richard W. Lo Pinto; John Santelli
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Water security: continuous monitoring of water distribution systems for chemical agents by SERS
Author(s): Frank Inscore; Chetan Shende; Atanu Sengupta; Stuart Farquharson
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Unmanned ground vehicles and EO-IR sensors for border patrol
Author(s): Robert A. Bell
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Remote optical interrogation of radiation sensitive infrared polarizers
Author(s): R. R. Boye; S. A. Kemme; P. Nandy; C. M. Washburn; S. Samora; S. M. Dirk; D. R. Wheeler
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True-color night vision cameras
Author(s): Jason Kriesel; Nahum Gat
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Enhanced surveillance system based on panomorph panoramic lenses
Author(s): Simon Thibault
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EO/IR sensors enhance border security, part two
Author(s): Dror Sharon; Robert McDaniel
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Application of IR microbolometers in border surveillance
Author(s): David K. Breakfield; Peter Norton; Dan Plemons; Christian Rodriguez; Dennis Sustare
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Polarization-holographic protection system
Author(s): George A. Kakauridze; Barbara N. Kilosanidze
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Countering MANPADS: study of new concepts and applications II
Author(s): Dominique Maltese; Jean-François Vergnolle; Julien Aragones; Mathieu Renaudat
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Improved self-protection using dynamically optimized expendable countermeasures
Author(s): Harald Hovland
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Advances in Raman spectroscopy for explosive identification in aviation security
Author(s): Javier D. Santillán; Christopher D. Brown; Wayne Jalenak
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Virtual sea border
Author(s): D. Ferriere; A. Rucinski; T. Jankowski
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Maritime security laboratory for maritime security research
Author(s): Barry J. Bunin; Alexander Sutin; Michael S. Bruno
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The Houston Ship Channel security: a case study
Author(s): Han Q. Le; P. A. Bellamy; S. S. S. Pei
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A smart camera system for fixed facility security surveillance
Author(s): John Love; Doug Van Dover; Scott Law
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Underwater olfaction for real-time detection of submerged unexploded ordnance
Author(s): Ross J. Harper; Matthew L. Dock
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Low cost MEMS hydrophones
Author(s): Keith J. Rebello; David A. Kitchin; Robert F. Henrick; Francisco Tejada
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Sensing and characterization of explosive vapors near 700 cm-1
Author(s): Alan R. Ford; Scott W. Reeve
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Automatic high throughput empty ISO container verification
Author(s): Alex Chalmers
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Determining water properties with remote sensing in littoral zones: What's available? What's possible?
Author(s): Patty Pratt; Brian Baldauf
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Network of wireless gamma-ray sensors for radiological detection and identification
Author(s): A. Barzilov; P. Womble; I. Novikov; J. Paschal; J. Board; K. Moss
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An underwater system for explosive detection
Author(s): Vladivoj Valkovic; Davorin Sudac; Dario Matika; Robert Kollar
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Biological and chemical terrorism scenarios and implications for detection system needs
Author(s): Susanna P. Gordon; Isabelle Chumfong; Donna M. Edwards; Nathaniel J. Gleason; Todd West; Lynn Yang
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Field-capable biodetection devices for homeland security missions
Author(s): George M. Dougherty; David S. Clague; Robin R. Miles
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System integration and development for biological warfare agent surveillance
Author(s): Jacob A. Mark; Lance D. Green; Alina Deshpande; P. Scott White
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Effectiveness of electrostatic shielding and electronic subtraction to correct for the hole trapping in CdZnTe semiconductor detectors
Author(s): A. E. Bolotnikov; G. S. Camarda; A. Hossain; Y. Cui; R. B. James
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Special nuclear material detection using pulsed neutron interrogation
Author(s): Frank H. Ruddy; John G. Seidel; Robert W. Flammang
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Fast digitization and discrimination of prompt neutron and photon signals using a novel silicon carbide detector
Author(s): Brandon W. Blackburn; James T. Johnson; Scott M. Watson; David L. Chichester; James L. Jones; Frank H. Ruddy; John G. Seidel; Robert W. Flammang
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Photon dosimetry using plastic scintillators in pulsed radiation fields
Author(s): David L. Chichester; Brandon W. Blackburn; James T. Johnson; Scott M. Watson
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Active millimeter wave detection of concealed layers of dielectric material
Author(s): N. J. Bowring; J. G. Baker; N. D. Rezgui; M. Southgate; J. F. Alder
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Non-scanning x-ray backscattering inspection systems based on x-ray focusing
Author(s): V. Grubsky; M. Gertsenshteyn; T. Jannson; G. Savant
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Bimodal detection of underground contamination in two-dimensional systems
Author(s): Maria F. Serrano-Guzmán; Ingrid Padilla; Rafael Rodriguez
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Development of advanced neutron/gamma generators for imaging and active interrogation applications
Author(s): J. Reijonen; N. Andresen; F. Gicquel; R. Gough; M. King; T. Kalvas; K.-N. Leung; T.-P. Lou; H. Vainionpaa; A. Antolak; D. Morse; B. Doyle; G. Miller; M. Piestrup
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Remote explosive and chemical agent detection using broadly tunable mid-infrared external cavity quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Timothy Rayner; Miles Weida; Michael Pushkarsky; Timothy Day
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Large area x-ray detectors for cargo radiography
Author(s): C. Bueno; D. Albagli; J. Bendahan; D. Castleberry; C. Gordon; F. Hopkins; W. Ross
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