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Nondestructive Characterization for Composite Materials, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Infrastructure, and Homeland Security 2007
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Volume Number: 6531
Date Published: 5 April 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6531
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Damage assessment of composite laminate by using fiber optic AE sensor based on fused-tapered coupler
Author(s): Jinsong Leng; Juncai Hao
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Sensing inaccessible damage in a structure using frequency response functions
Author(s): Ser Tong Quek; Xiaoyan Hou
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Soft matter acoustics: non-destructive health monitoring of polymer blend films
Author(s): Albert E. Kamanyi; Wilfred Ngwa; Tribikram Kundu; Wolfgang Grill
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Quantification of damage detection schemes using receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves
Author(s): Stephen Trickey; Mark Seaver; Jon Nichols
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Nondestructive detection of delamination and debonding of CFRP by a laser-based ultrasonic visualization method
Author(s): J. Takatsubo; S. Yashiro; H. Tsuda; N. Toyama; J.R. Lee; T. Ogisu
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Responsive satellites and the need for structural health monitoring
Author(s): Brandon J. Arritt; Amrita Kumar; Steven Buckley; Robert Hannum; Jeffry Welsh; Shawn Beard; Xinlin Qin; Peter Wegner
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Possibility of electrical discharge pulse sound for hammering test
Author(s): Yoshiaki Akematsu; Kazuro Kageyama; Naotake Mohri; Hideaki Murayama; Makoto Kanai
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A wavelength multiplexed interferometric inertial sensor network for nondestructive evaluation and distributed monitoring
Author(s): Maximillian A. Perez; Andrei M. Shkel
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Integrated acoustic emission/vibration sensor for detecting damage in aircraft drive train components
Author(s): Valery F. Godínez-Azcuaga; Didem Ozevin; Richard D. Finlayson; Athanasios Anastasopoulos; Apostolos Tsimogiannis
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The use of composite materials increase the availability of oil and gas and reduce the cost of drilling and production operations
Author(s): James C. Leslie
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Single crystal piezoelectric composites for advanced NDT ultrasound
Author(s): Xiaoning Jiang; Kevin Snook; Wesley S. Hackenberger; Xuecang Geng
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Design of piezoelectric transducers for health monitoring of composite aircraft structures
Author(s): Tadeusz Stepinski; Marcus Engholm
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NDI technique development for new technologies
Author(s): Susan Ruth
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Lamb wave propagation in composite laminates using a higher-order plate theory
Author(s): Lei Wang; F. G. Yuan
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A scaleable integrated sensing and control system for NDE, monitoring, and control of medium to very large composite smart structures
Author(s): Jerry Jones; Valerie Rhoades; Radford Arner; Timothy Clem; Adam Cuneo
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Structural identification, damage identification and structural health monitoring
Author(s): Sreenivas Alampalli; Mohammed Ettouney
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Application of statistical pattern classification methods for damage detection to field data
Author(s): Carlos Cabrera; Allen Cheung; Pooya Sarabandi; K. Krishnan Nair; Anne Kiremidjian
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Application of PDE methods for image-based concrete surface damage detection
Author(s): ZhiQiang Chen; Tara C. Hutchinson
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Long term health monitoring systems for bridges
Author(s): Ming L. Wang
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Integrity monitoring of an old steel bridge using fiber optic distributed sensors based on Brillouin scattering
Author(s): Branko Glišić; Daniele Posenato; Daniele Inaudi
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Structural health monitoring of Lindquist bridge
Author(s): D. D. Sargent; E. R. Murison; B. Bakht; A. A. Mufti
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Monitoring fatigue life in concrete bridge deck slabs
Author(s): J. Newhook; V. Limaye
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Self repair of impact, higher energy impact, and earthquake damage in infrastructure systems made of polymers and concrete
Author(s): Carolyn Dry
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Predicting deflections of a simply supported pre-stressed concrete girder subjected to static loads from observed strains
Author(s): Aftab Mufti; Leslie Jaeger; Chad Klowak; Nikolas Kyriakopoulos; Baidar Bakht; Gamil Tadros
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Progress in air-coupled ultrasound
Author(s): Subash Jayaraman; Dominik Pellkofer; Ian Lucas; Michal Bezdek; Bernhard Tittmann
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Terahertz NDE application for corrosion detection and evaluation under shuttle tiles
Author(s): Robert F. Anastasi; Eric I. Madaras; Jeffrey P. Seebo; Stephen W. Smith; Janice K. Lomness; Paul E. Hintze; Catherine C. Kammerer; William P. Winfree; Richard W. Russell
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Capacitance sensors for the nondestructive measurement of moisture content in in-shell peanuts
Author(s): Chari V. Kandala; Chris L. Butts
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Filtering of NDT signals obtained from wrapped steel cables
Author(s): R. Christen; A. Novakovic; A. Bergamini; M. Motavalli
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Performance evaluation of decentralized wireless sensing and control in civil structures
Author(s): Yang Wang; R. Andrew Swartz; Jerome P. Lynch; Kincho H. Law; Chin-Hsiung Loh
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A passive wireless displacement sensor for structural health monitoring of civil structures
Author(s): A. Hladio; D. Card; D. J. Thomson; G. E. Bridges; C. Klowak; A. Mufti
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Significance evaluation of geometric features in classification of chinese facial images
Author(s): Jiamin Liu; Yijun Lan; Ying Zhou; Tianwei Ma; Yingjun Pan; Weiguo Gong
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On an image reconstruction method for ECT
Author(s): Akira Sasamoto; Takayuki Suzuki; Yoshihiro Nishimura
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Sampling phased array: a new technique for signal processing and ultrasonic imaging
Author(s): M. Kröning; A. Bulavinov; K. M. Reddy; L. von Bernus; D. Joneit
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