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Sensor Systems and Networks: Phenomena, Technology, and Applications for NDE and Health Monitoring 2007
Editor(s): Kara J. Peters
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Volume Number: 6530
Date Published: 29 March 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6530
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fiber-optic Bragg grating sensors for structural health monitoring at cryogenic temperatures
Author(s): Wolfgang Ecke; Ines Latka; Tobias Habisreuther; Johann Lingertat
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Extension of fiber optic grating sensor technology toward very high temperatures for structural monitoring
Author(s): Eric Udd
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FlexPatch: a rugged miniature FBG strain sensor
Author(s): Steve Ferguson; Don Snyder; Tom Graver; Alexis Méndez
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Miniature UAV telemetry using a portable integrated FOS system
Author(s): Wesley Kunzler; Jason Newman; Daniel Wilding; Richard Selfridge; Stephen Schultz; Michael Wirthlin; Andres Rodriguez
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Large scale distribution monitoring of FRP-OF based on BOTDR technique for infrastructures
Author(s): Zhi Zhou; Jianping He; Kai Yan; Jinping Ou
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X-ray detectors for NDE applications
Author(s): Michael Kroening; Revaz G. Melkadze; Tatiana M. Lezhneva; Levan B. Khvedelidze; Givi D. Kalandadze; Tilo Baumbach; Axel Berthold
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Emission of multiple types of radiation using a miniature ferroelectric-based single source
Author(s): Yoseph Bar-Cohen; Shyh-Shiuh Lih; Xiaoqi Bao; Stewart Sherrit; Mircea Badescu
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Ultrasonic 3D imaging system for the automated application in milling machines
Author(s): Robert Schmitt; Philip Hafner
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Process monitoring system for laser transmission welding of plastics using direct visualisation of the weld seam
Author(s): Dirk Herzog; Mireia Fargas; Oliver Meier; Alexander von Busse
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Nondestructive testing of ferroelectrics by thermal wave methods
Author(s): Gerald Gerlach; Gunnar Suchaneck; Alena Movchikova; Olga Malyshkina
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New sensor principles based on Barkhausen noise
Author(s): Jürgen Schreiber; Norbert Meyendorf
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Structure-integrated fiber-optic sensors for reliable static and dynamic analysis of concrete foundation piles
Author(s): Matthias Schallert; Detlef Hofmann; Wolfgang R. Habel; Joachim Stahlmann
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Behavior of intrinsic polymer optical fiber sensor for large-strain applications
Author(s): Sharon Kiesel; Kara Peters; Tasnim Hassan; Mervyn Kowalsky
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Side-polished and tilted fiber Bragg grating sensors for structural health monitoring applications
Author(s): C-F. Chan; G. A. Ferrier; D. J. Thomson; C. Chen; J. Albert; A. Vincelette; P. Lefebvre
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Nondestructive evaluation and quality control of surface treatments
Author(s): Curtis A. Rideout; Scott J. Ritchie
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Development of a wireless bridge monitoring system for condition assessment using hybrid techniques
Author(s): Matthew J. Whelan; Michael P. Fuchs; Michael V. Gangone; Kerop D. Janoyan
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A study of implantable power haversting transducers
Author(s): Bor-Shiun Lee; Po-Jen Shih; Jyun-Jhang He; Wen-Pin Shih; Wen-Jong Wu
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Effect of adhesive properties on elastic wave generation by bonded sensors
Author(s): Steven A. Martin; James L. Blackshire
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Structural health monitoring in fuselage lap joint
Author(s): G. Grandhi; F. Nkrumah; M. Jacques; M. Sundaresan
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Disbonding effects on elastic wave generation and reception by bonded piezoelectric sensor systems
Author(s): James L. Blackshire; Steven A. Martin; Jeong K. Na
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Demonstration of an instrumented patch
Author(s): M. Martinez; G. Renaud; D. Backman; M. Genest; M. Delannoy
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Small-diameter optical fiber and high-speed wavelength interrogator for FBG/PZT hybrid sensing system
Author(s): Shinji Komatsuzaki; Seiji Kojima; Akihito Hongo; Nobuo Takeda; Takeo Sakurai
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Guided wave diagnosis in composite grid structure with embedded FBG sensors
Author(s): Masataro Amano; Takeo Arai; Nobuo Takeda
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Quantification of impact damage in CMC thermal protection systems using thin-film piezoelectric sensors
Author(s): Samuel J. Kuhr; James L. Blackshire
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Performance monitoring of a short-span integral-abutment bridge using wireless sensor technology
Author(s): Michael V. Gangone; Matthew J. Whelan; Michael P. Fuchs; Kerop D. Janoyan
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Real-time wireless sensing with spatiotemporal tracking
Author(s): Matthew J. Whelan; Kerop D. Janoyan
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Multiple damage identification on a wind turbine blade using a structural neural system
Author(s): Goutham R. Kirikera; Mark J. Schulz; Mannur J. Sundaresan
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The application of ultrasonic phased array technology to offshore platform structures inspection
Author(s): Shan Baohua; Wang Hua; Zhongdong Duan; Jinping Ou
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Effects of embedded SHM sensors on the structural integrity of glass fiber/epoxy laminates under in-plane loads
Author(s): Fabrizia Ghezzo; Sia Nemat-Nasser
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Structural integrity of composite laminates with embedded micro-sensors
Author(s): Yi Huang; Sia Nemat-Nasser
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Intelligent FRP retrofits for critical civil infrastructures
Author(s): Guoliang Jiang; Kara Peters
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Interface transferring mechanism and error modification of OFBG strain sensor based on mono-scalar isotropic damage constitutive model
Author(s): Jilong Li; Zhi Zhou; Jinping Ou
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Study on the fabricating process monitoring of thermoplastic based materials packaged OFBG and their sensing properties
Author(s): Chuan Wang; Zhi Zhou; Zhichun Zhang D.D.S.; Jinping Ou
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Strain measurements using FBG on composite over wrap pressure vessels (COPV) in stress rupture test
Author(s): Joseph Grant; Curtis Banks
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Investigation of bond quality effects on piezoelectric sensing of impact damage
Author(s): Jeong K. Na; James L. Blackshire
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Eddy current enhancement for EMATs
Author(s): S. B. Palmer; X. Jian; S. Dixon
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Monitoring network for SHM in aircraft applications
Author(s): B. Frankenstein; F. Schubert
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Shape determination of large deployable space structures through the use of fiber-optics with integrated fiber-Bragg's gratings
Author(s): Brandon J. Arritt; Charles Klimcak; Eric Pollard; Hans-Peter Dumm; Thomas Murphey
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Early detection of changes in dynamic properties of cyclically symmetric structures
Author(s): Håvard Vold; Kevin Napolitano
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Development of signal processing tools and hardware for piezoelectric sensor diagnostic processes
Author(s): Timothy G. S. Overly; Gyuhae Park; Charles R. Farrar
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Low-cost smart embedded sensor for single throw mechanical equipment
Author(s): N. Lehrasab; Z. Mahmood; S. Fararooy
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Development of an integrated software solution for piezoelectric active-sensing in structural health monitoring
Author(s): Laura D. Jacobs; Gyuhae Park; Charles R. Farrar
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Monitoring and evaluation of cracked beams based on nonlinear wave modulation
Author(s): Arata Masuda; Tomohiro Shinagawa; Satoshi Maekawa; Yohei Kinugawa; Daisuke Iba; Akira Sone
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Embedded microcontroller networks: accoustic materials health monitoring
Author(s): Patrick M. Rye
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Classification of novel events for structural health monitoring systems
Author(s): Nishant J. Dhruve; Dean K. McNeill
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Statistical damage diagnosis of in-service structure under high noise environment using multiple reference data
Author(s): Atsushi Iwasaki; Akira Todoroki; Yoshinobu Shimamura
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Structural shape identification using distributed strain data from PPP-BOTDA
Author(s): M. Nishio; T. Mizutani; N. Takeda
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Hybrid control and acquisition system for distributed sensors for environmental monitoring
Author(s): Fabio Garufi; Fausto Acernese; Alfonso Boiano; Rosario De Rosa; Rocco Romano; Fabrizio Barone
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Optical fiber gratings for structural health monitoring in high-temperature environments
Author(s): Richard J. Black; Kelvin Chau; George Chen; Behzad Moslehi; Levy Oblea; Keo Sourichanh
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High-speed high-resolution fiber Bragg grating matrix structural health monitoring system
Author(s): Kelvin Chau; Pizhong Qiao; Wayhu Lestari; Richard J. Black; Behzad Moslehi
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High-resolution extended distance distributed fiber-optic sensing using Rayleigh backscatter
Author(s): Stephen T. Kreger; Dawn K. Gifford; Mark E. Froggatt; Alex K. Sang; Roger G. Duncan; Matthew S. Wolfe; Brian J. Soller
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High-accuracy fiber-optic shape sensing
Author(s): Roger G. Duncan; Mark E. Froggatt; Stephen T. Kreger; Ryan J. Seeley; Dawn K. Gifford; Alexander K. Sang; Matthew S. Wolfe
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Integrated sensor system for smart materials: multidisciplinary approach using COTS optic fiber sensors. Design, validation, and calibration in aeronautical components area
Author(s): Antonio M. Calabro; Luca Mazzola; Claudio Caneva
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