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Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EAPAD) 2007
Editor(s): Yoseph Bar-Cohen
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Volume Number: 6524
Date Published: 4 April 2007

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6524
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
How fish swim: flexible fin thrusters as an EAP platform
Author(s): George V. Lauder
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Electroactive polymers (EAP) as an enabling tool in biomimetics
Author(s): Yoseph Bar-Cohen
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A hands-on paradigm for EAP education: undergraduates, pre-college students, and beyond
Author(s): Xiaobo Tan; Drew Kim; Erik Goodman; Mohsen Shahinpoor
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Benefits and challenges of using ionic polymer metal composites in medical device applications
Author(s): Charisse Yung; Doyeon Kim; Nikhil Bhat
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A road to practical dielectric elastomer actuators based robotics and mechatronics: discrete actuation
Author(s): Jean-Sébastien Plante; Lauren M. Devita; Steven Dubowsky
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Robust adaptive control of conjugated polymer actuators
Author(s): Yang Fang; Xiaobo Tan; Gürsel Alici
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Characterization of electroelastomers based on interpenetrating polymer networks
Author(s): Soon Mok Ha; Michael Wissler; Ron Pelrine; Scott Stanford; Gabor M. Kovacs; Qibing Pei
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Electromechanical coupling in cylindrical dielectric elastomer actuators
Author(s): Michael Wissler; Edoardo Mazza; Gabor M. Kovacs
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Can we overcome the relaxation of ionic polymer-metal composites?
Author(s): Doyeon Kim; Kwang J. Kim
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Finite element simulations of the bending of the IPMC sheet
Author(s): D. Pugal; H. Kasemägi; K. J. Kim; M. Kruusmaa; A. Aabloo
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Charge redistribution under dynamic actuation of ionic polymer-metal composites
Author(s): Lei Zhang; Yaowen Yang
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Contractile folded dielectric elastomer actuators
Author(s): F. Carpi; D. De Rossi
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Integrated cell-based sensors and cell clinics utilizing conjugated polymer actuators
Author(s): Elisabeth Smela; Marc Christophersen; Somashekar Bangalore Prakash; Mario Urdaneta; Marc Dandin; Pamela Abshire
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Towards artificial molecular motor-based electroactive/photoactive biomimetic muscles
Author(s): Tony Jun Huang
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Description and characterization of an electroactive polymer synthetic jet actuator
Author(s): Geoff A. Slipher; James E. Hubbard Jr.
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Linear artificial muscle actuator based on synthetic elastomer
Author(s): Nguyen Huu Chuc; JongKil Park; Doan Vu Thuy; Hyun Seok Kim; Jachoon Koo; Youngkwan Lee; JaeDo Nam; Hyouk Ryeol Choi
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Investigation of electronechanical coupling and visco-elastic behavior of cellulose-based electro-active paper actuator
Author(s): Chulho Yang; Lijie Zhao; Yuanxie Li; Heung Soo Kim; Jaehwan Kim
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Attempting a classification for electrical polymeric actuators
Author(s): T. F. Otero; J. López Cascales; A. J. Fernández-Romero
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Epoxy hydrogels as sensors and actuators
Author(s): Paul Calvert; Prabir Patra; Deepak Duggal
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New electrode materials for dielectric elastomer actuators
Author(s): Wei Yuan; Tuling Lam; James Biggs; Liangbing Hu; Zhibin Yu; Soonmok Ha; Dongjuan Xi; Matthew K. Senesky; George Grüner; Qibing Pei
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Large response photo-activated polymer gel actuator
Author(s): M. Banister
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Electroactive polymer actuator online database
Author(s): J. D. Madden; N. Genereux; K. A. Shkuratoff; A. van der Star; D. Poon; D. Irwin; P. Cheng; G. Hsu; L. Filipozzi
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Chemo-electric characterization and modeling of the high surface area electrodes in ionic polymer transducers
Author(s): Thomas Wallmersperger; Barbar J. Akle; Etienne Akle; Donald J. Leo
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Manufacturing of ionic polymer-metal composites (IPMCs) that can actuate into complex curves
Author(s): Boyko L. Stoimenov; Jonathan M. Rossiter; Toshiharu Mukai
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Mixed-ion linear actuation of PPy and PEDOT in propylene carbonate-triflate electrolytes
Author(s): Rudolf Kiefer; Paul A. Kilmartin; Graham A. Bowmaker; Ralph P. Cooney; Jadranka Travas-Sejdic
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Synthesis and characterization of porous polyaniline conductive polymers
Author(s): Aaron D. Price; Hani E. Naguib
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Mechanical properties of electroactive polymer microactuators with ion-implanted electrodes
Author(s): Samuel Rosset; Muhamed Niklaus; Philippe Dubois; Massoud Dadras; Herbert R. Shea
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Development and modeling of novel extensional ionic polymer transducers
Author(s): Barbar Akle; Thomas Wallmersperger; Donald Leo
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A scalable model for trilayer conjugated polymer actuators and its experimental validation
Author(s): Yang Fang; Xiaobo Tan; Yantao Shen; Ning Xi; Gürsel Alici
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Self-sensing McKibben actuators using dielectric elastomer sensors
Author(s): N. C. Goulbourne; S. Son; J. W. Fox
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Integrated extension sensor based on resistance and voltage measurement for a dielectric elastomer
Author(s): Benjamin O'Brien; Justin Thode; Iain Anderson; Emilio Calius; Enrico Haemmerle; Shane Xie
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On a distributed parameter model for electrical impedance of ionic polymer
Author(s): Kentaro Takagi; Yoshihiro Nakabo; Zhi-Wei Luo; Kinji Asaka
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Modeling of the nonlinear effects in pH sensors based on polyelectrolytic hydrogels
Author(s): Margarita Guenther; Gerald Gerlach; Thomas Wallmersperger
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Development of soft actuator: mechanism with vibration element using dielectric elastomer to generate large displacement
Author(s): Masaki Haruna; Kazuki Kubo; Kouji Fukusumi; Taichiro Tamida
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EAP as actuator for a gripper with variable curvature
Author(s): C. Pagano; I. Fassi
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Study of flapping actuator modules using IPMC
Author(s): Hong-Il Kim; Dae-Kwan Kim; Jae-Hung Han
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A linear actuator from a single ionic polymer-metal composite (IPMC) strip
Author(s): Jonathan M. Rossiter; Boyko L. Stoimenov; Toshiharu Mukai
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Ionic polymer-metal composite as energy harvesters
Author(s): Deniz Dogruer; Rashi Tiwari; Kwang Kim
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Sensor-actuator coupled device for active tracheal tube using solid polymer electrolyte membrane
Author(s): Tadashi Ihara; Taro Nakamura; Toshiharu Mukai; Kinji Asaka
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Applications of conducting polymers: robotic fins and other devices
Author(s): James L. Tangorra; Patrick A. Anquetil; Nathan S. Weideman; Timothy Fofonoff; Ian W. Hunter
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Applications of dielectric elastomer EPAM sensors
Author(s): Marcus Rosenthal; Neville Bonwit; Charlie Duncheon; Jon Heim
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A compact electroactive polymer actuator suitable for refreshable braille display
Author(s): Kailiang Ren; Sheng Liu; Minren Lin; Yong Wang; Q. M. Zhang
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Capacitive charging and background processes in carbon nanotube yarn actuators
Author(s): Tissaphern Mirfakhrai; Mikhail Kozlov; Mei Zhang; Shaoli Fang; Ray H. Baughman; John D. W. Madden
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Piezoresistive sensors for smart textiles
Author(s): Paul Calvert; Prabir Patra; Te-Chen Lo; Chi H. Chen; Amit Sawhney; Animesh Agrawal
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Tri-layer conducting polymer actuators with variable dimensions
Author(s): Rick Minato; Gürsel Alici; Scott McGovern; Geoffrey Spinks
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Design and fabrication of tactile sensors based on electroactive polymer composites
Author(s): Jin Wang; Chunye Xu; Minoru Taya; Yasuo Kuga
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Low voltage, highly tunable diffraction grating based on dielectric elastomer actuators
Author(s): Manuel Aschwanden; Andreas Stemmer
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Concept study on active shells driven by soft dielectric EAP
Author(s): Patrick Lochmatter; Gabor M. Kovacs
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Piezoelectric polymers actuators for precise shape control of large scale space antennas
Author(s): Qin Chen; Don Natale; Bret Neese; Kailiang Ren; Minren Lin; Q. M. Zhang; Matthew Pattom; K. W. Wang; Houfei Fang; Eastwood Im
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Electro-active polymers as a novel actuator technology for lighter-than-air vehicles
Author(s): Silvain Michel; Christian Dürager; Martin Zobel; Erich Fink
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The mechanical properties of ionic polymer-metal composites
Author(s): Il-Seok Park; Sang-Mun Kim; Doyeon Kim; Kwang J. Kim
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Thermomechanical characterization of shape memory polymers
Author(s): Bilim Atli; Farhan Gandhi; Greg Karst
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EAP hydrogels for pulse-actuated cell system (PACS) architectures
Author(s): R. Erik Plata; Hallena R. Rogers; Mark Banister; Sonia Vohnout; Dominic V. McGrath
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IPMC-assisted miniature disposable infusion pumps with embedded computer control
Author(s): Sonia Vohnout; Sang-Mun Kim; Il-Seok Park; Mark Banister; Rashi Tiwari; Kwang J. Kim
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Development of dielectric elastomer driven micro-optical zoom lens system
Author(s): Hyunseok Kim; Jongkil Park; Nguyen Huu Chuc; H. R. Choi; J. D. Nam; Y. Lee; H. S. Jung; J. C. Koo
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Modeling a dielectric elastomer actuator based on the McKibben muscle
Author(s): Thomas G. McKay; Emilio Calius; Iain Anderson
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Characterization of direct and converse piezoelectricity of cellulose-based electro-active paper
Author(s): Gyu Young Yun; Yuanxie Li; Heung Soo Kim; Jaehwan Kim
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Improvement of viscoelastic effects of dielectric elastomer actuator and its application for valve devices
Author(s): You-Yuan Jhong; Chih-Ming Huang; Chin-Chei Hsieh; Chien-Chung Fu
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An experimental study on the dynamic response of dielectric elastomer membranes
Author(s): J. W. Fox; N. C. Goulbourne
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Nanoporous carbon nanotube electrode for stable polypyrrole actuator
Author(s): Zhibin Yu; Dongjuan Xi; Tuling Lam; Qibing Pei
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Polypyrrole operating voltage limits in aqueous sodium hexafluorophosphate
Author(s): Tina Shoa; Matthew Cole; Nigel R. Munce; Victor Yang; John D. Madden
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Electrically driven mechanochemical artificial muscle: for smooth 3D movement in robotics and prosthetics
Author(s): Lenore Rasmussen
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Extending applications of dielectric elastomer artificial muscle
Author(s): Seiki Chiba; Mikio Waki; Roy Kornbluh; Ron Pelrine
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