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Modeling, Signal Processing, and Control for Smart Structures 2007
Editor(s): Douglas K. Lindner
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Volume Number: 6523
Date Published: 5 April 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6523
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Dynamic analysis of a biology-inspired miniature directional microphone
Author(s): Zhong Chen; Miao Yu
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Jitter control for an initially stablized tactical rifle
Author(s): Alejandro White; Douglas K. Lindner; Chris LaVigna; Diann Brei
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Design and quasi-static characterization of SMASH SMA (Stabilizing Handgrip)
Author(s): Anupam Pathak; Diann Brei; Jonathan Luntz; Chris LaVigna; Harry Kwatny
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Modeling and sensitivity study of the dual-chamber SMART (SMA ReseTtable) lift device
Author(s): Jonathan E. Luntz; Jonathan R Young; Diann Brei; Joshua Radice; Kenneth A. Strom
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Model identification and controller design of a fish-like robot
Author(s): Irfan Ariyanto; Taesam Kang; Wai Leung Chan; Youngjae Lee
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Tendon actuated cellular mechanisms for morphing aircraft wing
Author(s): Smita Bharti; Mary Frecker; George Lesieutre; Jamie Browne
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Energy-based aeroelastic analysis of a morphing wing
Author(s): Roeland De Breuker; Mostafa Abdalla; Zafer Gürdal; Douglas Lindner
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Active aeroelastic control aspects of an aircraft wing by using synthetic jet actuators: modeling, simulations, experiments
Author(s): K. O'Donnell; S. Schober; M. Stolk; P. Marzocca; R. De Breuker; M. Abdalla; E. Nicolini; Z. Gürdal
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Comparison of active flow control devices on bluff body shapes
Author(s): Sarah J. Haack; Alison B. Flatau
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Lyapunov stability of periodically modulated cosine drivers for resonance tuning of harmonic oscillators
Author(s): J. B. Aldrich; S. Sherrit; X. Bao; M. Badescu; Y. Bar-Cohen; Z. Chang
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Piezoactuator design considering the optimum placement of FGM piezoelectric material
Author(s): Ronny C. Carbonari; Shinji Nishiwaki; Glaucio H. Paulino; Emílio C. Nelli Silva
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Control modeling of LIPCA using miniaturized piezoelectric actuator driver
Author(s): Moojun Song; Taesam Kang; Inpil Kang; Kwangjoon Yoon; Sang Yoon Lee
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Estimation of control capacity for squeeze mode MR damper with electro-magnetic system
Author(s): Gwanghee Heo; Joonryong Jeon; Giu Lee; JaeHoon Lee; Dong-gi Lee
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Passivity-based control of magnetostrictive materials
Author(s): Sina Valadkhan; Kirsten Morris; Amir Khajepour
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Modeling and identification of the hysteretic dynamics of an MR actuator for its application to semiactive control of flexible structures
Author(s): Mauricio Zapateiro D.V.M.; Ellen Taylor; Shirley J. Dyke; Ningsu Luo
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Active fault tolerant control of a flexible beam
Author(s): Yuanqiang Bai; Karolos M. Grigoriadis; Gangbing Song
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Energy-to-peak induced norm upper bound control approach for collocated structural systems
Author(s): Mona Meisami-azad; Javad Mohammadpour; Karolos M. Grigoriadis
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Control and integrated design of smart material systems using analytical upper bound method
Author(s): Mona Meisami-Azad; Karolos M. Grigoriadis; Michael A. Demetriou
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Utilizing spatial robustness measures for the optimization of a PZT-actuated flexible beam
Author(s): Michael A. Demetriou; Karolos M. Grigoriadis
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Exact controllability of a multilayer Rao-Nakra beam with minimal number of boundary controls
Author(s): Scott W. Hansen
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Adaptive control of vibration transmission in a strut system
Author(s): C-M. Liao; D. Roy Mahapatra; B. Balachandran
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High-speed parameter estimation algorithms for nonlinear smart materials
Author(s): Jon M. Ernstberger; Ralph C. Smith
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Tracking of transient displacements of plates with support excitations
Author(s): Michael Krommer; Manfred Nader; Hans Irschik
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On the identification of modal couplings and inherent capacitances of piezoelectric structures
Author(s): Corrado Maurini; Maurizio Porfiri; Joël Pouget
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Parameter estimation in active laminated plate structures
Author(s): C. M. Mota Soares; A. L. Araújo; P. Pedersen; J. Herskovits
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Wavelet-based signal processing applied to deformable mirror PZT actuators for wavefront control
Author(s): Katharine J. Jones
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Damage assessment of a two-span RC slab using wavelet analysis
Author(s): X. Q. Zhu; H. Hao
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Numerical modelling and simulations for optimal sensor location in damage detection with Lamb waves
Author(s): Boon C. Lee; Wieslaw J. Staszewski
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Non-invasive methodology for diagnostics of bearing impacts
Author(s): John N. Chi
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Hidden Markov model based classification of structural damage
Author(s): Wenfan Zhou; Narayan Kovvali; Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola; Douglas Cochran; Aditi Chattopadhyay
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Cable 3D nonlinear model and damping systems on stayed bridges
Author(s): Roberto Alvarado Cárdenas; Francisco Javier Carrión Viramontes; Gilberto Herrera Ruiz; Aurelio Domínguez González
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Monte Carlo simulation of ion transport of the high strain ionomer with conducting powder electrodes
Author(s): Xingxi He; Donald J. Leo
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An investigation into the electrical breakdown characteristics of cellulose based electro-active paper
Author(s): Jang Sang Dong; Prathap Basappa; Jaehwan Kim
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Load-dependent hysteresis of magnetostrictive materials
Author(s): Sina Valadkhan; Alex Shum; Kirsten A. Morris
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