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Image Quality and System Performance IV
Editor(s): Luke C. Cui; Yoichi Miyake
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Volume Number: 6494
Date Published: 28 January 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6494
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Measuring user experience in digital gaming: theoretical and methodological issues
Author(s): Jari Takatalo; Jukka Häkkinen; Jyrki Kaistinen; Göte Nyman
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Audiovisual quality estimation of mobile phone video cameras with interpretation-based quality approach
Author(s): Jenni E. Radun; Toni Virtanen; Jean-Luc Olives; Mikko Vaahteranoksa; Tero Vuori; Göte Nyman
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Image quality difference modelling of a mobile display
Author(s): Jang Jin Yoo; Youn-Jin Kim; M. Ronnier Luo; Wonhee Choi; Seongdeok Lee; Seungsin Lee; Du Sik Park; Chang Yeong Kim
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Threshold value for acceptable video quality using signal-to-noise ratio
Author(s): Mikko Vaahteranoksa; Tero Vuori
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Color differences without probit analysis
Author(s): Nathan Moroney
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Web-based versus controlled environment psychophysics experiments
Author(s): Silvia Zuffi; Paolo Scala; Carla Brambilla; Giordano Beretta
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Video quality assesment using M-SVD
Author(s): Peining Tao; Ahmet M. Eskicioglu
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Method of estimating perceived video quality for mobile multimedia application based on full reference framework
Author(s): Osamu Sugimoto; Shigeyuki Sakazawa; Atsushi Koike
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Performance evaluation of digital still camera image processing pipelines
Author(s): Dirk Hertel; Edward Chang; Loren Shih; Jason Sproul
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Image quality and automatic color equalization
Author(s): M. Chambah; A. Rizzi; C. Saint Jean
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A unified framework for physical print quality
Author(s): Ahmed Eid; Brian Cooper; Ed Rippetoe
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Measurement-based objective metric for printer resolution
Author(s): Jun Hasegawa; Tae-Yoon Hwang; Hyun-Cheol Kim; Dae-Won Kim; Min-Ho Choi
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Information distance-based selective feature clarity measure for iris recognition
Author(s): Craig Belcher; Yingzi Du
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Driving color management into the office
Author(s): Todd Newman
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Appearance can be deceiving: using appearance models in color imaging
Author(s): Garrett M. Johnson
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Applying and extending ISO/TC42 digital camera resolution standards to mobile imaging products
Author(s): Don Williams; Peter D. Burns
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Differential gloss quality scale experiment update: an appearance-based image quality standard initiative (INCITS W1.1)
Author(s): Yee S. Ng; Chunghui Kuo; Eric Maggard; Dale Mashtare; Peter Morris; Susan Farnand
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Recent progress in the development of INCITS W1.1: appearance-based image quality standards for printers
Author(s): Theodore Bouk; Edul N. Dalal; Kevin D. Donohue; Susan Farnand; Frans Gaykema; Dmitri Gusev; Allan Haley; Paul L. Jeran; Don Kozak; William C. Kress; Óscar Martinez; Dale Mashtare; Ann McCarthy; Yee S. Ng; D. René Rasmussen; Mark Robb; Helen Shin; Myriam Quiroga Slickers; Elisa H. Barney Smith; Ming-Kai Tse; Eric Zeise; Susan Zoltner
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Scanners for analytic print measurement: the devil in the details
Author(s): Eric K. Zeise; Don Williams; Peter D. Burns; William C. Kress
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Paper roughness and the color gamut of color laser images
Author(s): J. S. Arney; Michelle Spampata; Susan Farnand; Tom Oswald; Jim Chauvin
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Investigation of two methods to quantify noise in digital images based on the perception of the human eye
Author(s): Johanna Kleinmann; Dietmar Wueller
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Effective pictorial information capacity as an image quality metric
Author(s): R. B. Jenkin; S. Triantaphillidou; M. A. Richardson
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Objective video quality assessment method for evaluating effects of freeze distortion in arbitrary video scenes
Author(s): Keishiro Watanabe; Jun Okamoto; Takaaki Kurita
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Comparison of vision-based algorithms for hiding defective sub-pixels
Author(s): Joe Stellbrink
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Scanner motion error detection and correction
Author(s): Chengwu Cui
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Accurate and cost-effective MTF measurement system for lens modules of digital cameras
Author(s): Gao-Wei Chang; Chia-Cheng Liao; Zong-Mu Yeh
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Quality improvement by selective regional slice coding implementation in H.264/AVC
Author(s): Ho Ryu; Won-Sik Cheong; Seyoon Jeong; Kyung Ae Moon
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Quality evaluation of the halftone by halftoning algorithm-based methods and adaptive method
Author(s): Xiaoxia Wan; Dehong Xie; Jinglin Xu
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