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Videometrics IX
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Volume Number: 6491
Date Published: 28 January 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6491
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
3D surveillance system using multiple cameras
Author(s): Ajay Kumar Mishra; Bingbing Ni; Stefan Winkler; Ashraf Kassim
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On the performance evaluation of tracking systems using multiple pan-tilt-zoom cameras
Author(s): X. Desurmont; J.-B. Hayet; C. Machy; J.-F. Delaigle; J.-F. Macq
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Sensor configuration for coverage optimization in surveillance applications
Author(s): Firdaus Janoos; Raghu Machiraju; Richard Parent; James W. Davis; Alan Murray
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More than a poplar plank: the shape and subtle colors of the masterpiece Mona Lisa by Leonardo
Author(s): François Blais; John Taylor; Luc Cournoyer; Michel Picard; Louis Borgeat; Guy Godin; J.-Angelo Beraldin; Marc Rioux; Christian Lahanier; Bruno Mottin
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Low-cost characterization of 3D laser scanners
Author(s): Michele Russo; Giorgia Morlando; Gabriele Guidi
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Metrological verification of 3D scanners: a preliminary approach
Author(s): R. Anchini; G. Di Leo; C. Liguori; A. Paolillo; A. Pietrosanto; G. Strazzullo
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TOF laser scanner characterization for low-range applications
Author(s): Gabriele Guidi; Carlo Bianchini
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Real-time range imaging by phase-stamp method using correlation image sensor
Author(s): Akira Kimachi; Shigeru Ando
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Traceable 3D imaging metrology
Author(s): J.-Angelo Beraldin; Marc Rioux; Luc Cournoyer; Francois Blais; Michel Picard; Jim Pekelsky
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Range imaging technology: new developments and applications for people identification and tracking
Author(s): Timo Kahlmann; Fabio Remondino; Sébastien Guillaume
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Heterodyne range imaging as an alternative to photogrammetry
Author(s): Adrian Dorrington; Michael Cree; Dale Carnegie; Andrew Payne; Richard Conroy
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Content-based retrieval aided registration for texture images and range images
Author(s): Eric Paquet; J.-Angelo Beraldin
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A master-slaves volumetric framework for 3D reconstruction from images
Author(s): Diego Ruiz; Benoit Macq
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Data acquiring support system using recommendation degree map for 3D outdoor modeling
Author(s): Toshihiro Asai; Masayuki Kanbara; Naokazu Yokoya
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A multinational deployment of 3D laser scanning to study craniofacial dysmorphology in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Author(s): Jeff Rogers; Eric Wernert; Elizabeth Moore; Richard Ward; Leah Flury Wetherill; Tatiana Foroud
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Measurement and modeling of 4D live mouse heart volumes from CT time series
Author(s): Arthur W. Wetzel; Cristian T. Badea; Stuart M. Pomerantz; Nilesh Mistry; Démian Nave; G. Allan Johnson
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Concepts of single highspeed-camera photogrammetric 3D measurement systems
Author(s): Hans-Gerd Maas
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Configuration of multi mirror systems for single high-speed camera based 3D motion analysis
Author(s): Torsten Putze; Karsten Raguse; Hans-Gerd Maas
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Gait analysis in forensic medicine
Author(s): Peter K. Larsen; Erik B. Simonsen; Niels Lynnerup
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3D body scanning technology for fashion and apparel industry
Author(s): Nicola D'Apuzzo
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Single CMOS sensor system for high resolution double volume measurement applied to membrane distillation system
Author(s): M. G. Lorenz; M. A. Izquierdo-Gil; R. Sanchez-Reillo; C. Fernandez-Pineda
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Beyond inspection: the promise of videometrics for industry and engineering
Author(s): K. L. Edmundson
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Active and passive sensors for art works analysis and investigations
Author(s): Anna Pelagotti; Andrea Del Mastio; Armando V. Razionale
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The potential of 3D techniques for Cultural Heritage object documentation
Author(s): Gabriele Bitelli; Valentina A. Girelli; Fabio Remondino; Luca Vittuari
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Wood artworks dimensional monitoring through high-resolution 3D cameras
Author(s): Gabriele Guidi; Jean-Angelo Beraldin; Carlo Atzeni
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Digital documentation of complex architectures by integration of multiple techniques: the case study of Valer Castle
Author(s): Francesca Voltolini; Sabry El-Hakim; Fabio Remondino; Stefano Girardi; Alessandro Rizzi; Marco Pontin; Lorenzo Gonzo
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Performance evaluation of a coded structural light system for cultural heritage applications
Author(s): Devrim Akca; Fabio Remondino; David Novák; Thomas Hanusch; Gerhard Schrotter; Armin Gruen
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A solid texture analysis based on three-dimensional convolution kernels
Author(s): Motofumi T. Suzuki; Yoshitomo Yaginuma
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Acquisition of three-dimensional coordinates of objects from Axi-Vision image data and application to stereoscopic display using integral photography system
Author(s): Tahito Aida; Akira Yoneda; Takeshi Uragaki; Masahiro Kawakita
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Crack propagation imaging by the ISIS camera and a video trigger system
Author(s): Tomoo Okinaka; Pavel Karimov; Takeharu Etoh; Kenji Oguni
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Variability of bodily measures of normally dressed people using PhotoModeler Pro
Author(s): Peter K. Larsen; Lone Hansen; Erik B. Simonsen; Niels Lynnerup
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Subpixel location of discrete target images in close-range camera calibration: a novel approach
Author(s): R. Anchini; J. A. Beraldin; C. Liguori
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Design of an image sensor for an ultra-high-speed and ultra-high-sensitive video microscope
Author(s): Nao Otsuka; Vo Le Cuong; Pavel Karimov; Kohsei Takehara; T. Goji Etoh
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Performance analysis and parameter optimization for iris recognition using Log-Gabor wavelet
Author(s): Vladimir A. Pozdin; Yingzi Du
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