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Silicon Photonics II
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Volume Number: 6477
Date Published: 6 February 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6477
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Progress in manufactured silicon photonics
Author(s): B. Thomas Smith; Dazeng Feng; Hongbing Lei; Dawei Zheng; Joan Fong; Peter Zhou; Mehdi Asghari
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OLED-on-CMOS integration for optoelectronic sensor applications
Author(s): Uwe Vogel; Daniel Kreye; Sven Reckziegel; Michael Törker; Christiane Grillberger; Jörg Amelung
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Active silicon components for chip to chip interconnects
Author(s): James Castracane; Natalya Tokranova; Da Song
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High-speed, low-voltage optical receivers consisting of Ge-on-SOI photodiodes paired with CMOS ICs
Author(s): Clint L. Schow; Steven J. Koester; Laurent Schares; Gabriel Dehlinger; Richard A. John
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Germanium on silicon photodetectors for telecom wavelengths
Author(s): Laurent Vivien; Mathieu Rouvière; Xavier Le Roux; Juliette Mangeney; Paul Crozat; Delphine Marris-Morini; Daniel Pascal; Eric Cassan; Suzanne Laval; Jean-François Damlencourt; Loubna El Melhaoui; Jean-Marc Fédéli
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5-GHz optical front-end for active pixel applications in standard 0.35-μm CMOS
Author(s): Mengxiong Li; Barrie Hayes-Gill; Matt Clark; Mark Pitter; Mike Somekh; Ian Harrison
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Silicon photonic-wire waveguide devices
Author(s): Tao Chu; Hirohito Yamada; Shigeru Nakamura; Makoto Tojo; Yutaka Urino; Satomi Ishida; Yasuhiko Arakawa
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Tailoring the response and temperature characteristics of multiple serial-coupled resonators in silicon on insulator
Author(s): Branislav D. Timotijevic; David Thomson; Frederic Y. Gardes; Simon Howe; Albert Michaeli; Jasna V. Crnjanski; Vittorio M. N. Passaro; Goran Z. Mashanovich; Graham T. Reed; Desmond Ikuesan
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Silicon microspheres for mid infrared photonics
Author(s): Onur Akatlar; Ali Serpengüzel
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Polarization-insensitive MMI-coupled ring resonators in silicon-on-insulator using cladding stress engineering
Author(s): Dan-Xia Xu; Pavel Cheben; Andre Delâge; Siegfried Janz; Boris Lamontagne; Edith Post; Winnie N. Ye
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Novel fabrication techniques for silicon photonics
Author(s): G. T. Reed; P. Y. Yang; W. R. Headley; P. M Waugh; G. Z. Mashanovich; D. Thomson; R. M Gwilliam; E. J. Teo; D. J. Blackwood; M.B. H. Breese; A. A. Bettiol
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SOI waveguide based planar reflective grating demultiplexer for FTTH
Author(s): S. Bidnyk; D. Feng; A. Balakrishnan; M. Pearson; M. Gao; H. Liang; W. Qian; C.-C. Kung; J. Fong; J. Yin; M. Asghari
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Broadband silicon-on-insulator passive polarization splitters
Author(s): Winnie N. Ye; Dan-Xia Xu; Siegfried Janz; Philip Waldron; N. Garry Tar
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Effective medium based on two-dimensional photonic crystals for index-confinement waveguide application
Author(s): Mount-Learn Wu; Hsiao-Chin Lan; Ya-Lun Tsai; Che-Lung Hsu; Jenq-Yang Chang
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Efficient and compact silicon-on-insulator rib waveguide 90 degree bends and splitters
Author(s): Yusheng Qian; Seunghyun Kim; Jiquo Song; Gregory P. Nordin; Jianhua Jiang
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Scattering loss measurement of SOI waveguides using 5X17 integrated optical star coupler
Author(s): K. P. Yap; A. Delâge; B. Lamontagne; S. Janz; Dan-Xia Xu; J. Lapointe; P. Waldron; J. Schmid; P. Chow-Chong; E. Post; B. Syrett
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Guided-mode resonance device constructed with membrane structure: theoretical analysis and experimental demonstration
Author(s): Jenq-Yang Chang; Mount-Learn Wu; Che-Lung Hsu; Yun-Chih Lee; Ya-Lun Tsai; Hsiao-Chin Lan; Yung-Chih Liu; Zong-Ru Tu
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A CMOS-compatible rib waveguide with local oxidation of silicon isolation
Author(s): Lynda K. Rowe; Michael Elsey; Edith Post; N. Garry Tarr; Andrew P. Knights
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Plasmonics and the parallel programming problem
Author(s): Uzi Vishkin; Igor Smolyaninov; Chris Davis
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A 40Gb CMOS photonics transceiver
Author(s): Cary Gunn; Adit Narasimha; Behnam Analui; Yi Liang; T. J. Sleboda
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Integrated optical components in silicon for high speed analog-to-digital conversion
Author(s): S. J. Spector; T. M. Lyszczarz; M. W. Geis; D. M. Lennon; J. U. Yoon; M. E. Grein; R. T. Schulein; R. Amatya; J. Birge; J. Chen; H. Byun; F. Gan; C. W. Holzwarth; J. L. Hoyt; E. P. Ippen; F. X. Kärtner; A. Khilo; O. O. Olubuyide; J. S. Orcutt; M. Park; M. Perrott; M. A. Popović; T. Barwicz; M. Dahlem; R. J. Ram; H. I. Smith
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Advances in fully CMOS integrated photonic devices
Author(s): Jurgen Michel; J. F. Liu; D. H. Ahn; D. Sparacin; R. Sun; C. Y. Hong; W. P. Giziewicz; M. Beals; L. C. Kimerling; A. Kopa; A. B. Apsel; M. S. Rasras; D. M. Gill; S. S. Patel; K. Y. Tu; Y. K. Chen; A. E. White; A. Pomerene; D. Carothers; M. J. Grove
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Two order increase in the optical emission intensity of CMOS Integrated Circuit Si LED’s (450nm – 750nm). Injection–avalanche based n+pn and p+np designs
Author(s): Lukas W. Snyman; Monuko du Plessis; Herzl Aharoni
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Nano-engineered crystalline silicon for enhanced photoluminescence and 1.28μm laser action: a study of mechanisms
Author(s): Jeffrey M. Shainline; Sylvain G. Cloutier; Chih-Hsun Hsu; Jimmy M. Xu
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Ge electroabsorption modulators and SiGe technology for optical interconnects
Author(s): Yu-Hsuan Kuo; Che-Wei Chang
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Enhanced electro-optic effect in silicon
Author(s): Caihua Chen; Binglin Miao; Dennis W. Prather
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High-speed electro-optical silicon modulators based on photonic crystal waveguides
Author(s): Lanlan Gu; Wei Jiang; Xiaonan Chen; Li Wang; Ray T. Chen
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Recent advances in high speed silicon optical modulator
Author(s): Ansheng Liu; Ling Liao; Doron Rubin; Hat Nguyen; Berkehan Ciftcioglu; Yoel Chetrit; Rami Cohen; Nahum Izhaky; Juthika Basak; Mario Paniccia
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Assessment of the effective carrier lifetime in a SOI p-i-n diode Si modulator using the reverse recovery method
Author(s): D. W. Zheng; B. Thomas Smith; M. Asghari
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Hybrid photonic crystal microcavity switches on SOI
Author(s): Sean P. Anderson; Mikhail Haurylau; Jidong Zhang; Philippe M. Fauchet
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High performance total internal reflection type optical switches in silicon-on-insulator
Author(s): D. Thomson; A. P. Knights; D. Walters; G. Z. Mashanovich; B. Timotijevic; Frederic Y. Gardes; G. T. Reed
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Integrated silicon optical sensors based on hollow core waveguide
Author(s): Romeo Bernini; Elbano De Nuccio; Aldo Minardo; Luigi Zeni; Pasqualina M. Sarro
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Tailoring the transmission of liquid-core waveguides for wavelength filtering on a chip
Author(s): U. Hakanson; P. Measor; D. Yin; E. Lunt; A. R. Hawkins; V. Sandoghdar; H. Schmidt
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Optical DNA sensing based on resonant porous silicon structures
Author(s): Guoguang Rong; Sharon M. Weiss
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Thin silicon waveguides for biological and chemical sensing
Author(s): Adam Densmore; Dan-Xia Xu; Philip Waldron; Siegfried Janz; André Delâge; Pavel Cheben; Jean Lapointe
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Si based waveguide and surface plasmon sensors
Author(s): Peter Debackere; Dirk Taillaert; Katrien De Vos; Stijn Scheerlinck; Peter Bienstman; Roel Baets
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Optical biosensor based on arrays of waveguided microcantilevers
Author(s): Kirill Zinoviev; Jose Antonio Plaza; Victor Cadarso; Carlos Dominguez; Laura M. Lechuga
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Lab-on-a-chip platforms based on highly sensitive nanophotonic Si biosensors for single nucleotide DNA testing
Author(s): J. Sánchez del Río; L. G. Carrascosa; F. J. Blanco; M. Moreno; J. Berganzo; A. Calle; C. Domínguez; L. M. Lechuga
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