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Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials, and Technologies XI
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Volume Number: 6475
Date Published: 6 February 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6475
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Characterization of quality-factor tunable integrated silicon microtoroidal resonators
Author(s): Jin Yao; David Leuenberger; Ming C. Wu
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Micro-photonic cylindrical waveguide based protein biosensor
Author(s): Sudhaprasanna K. Padigi; Kofi Aasante; Ravi K. K. Reddy; Vijay S. R. Kovvuri; Andres LaRosa; Shalini Prasad
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Optical waveguide biosensor based on two dimensional diffractive elements obtained by nano-imprint lithography
Author(s): Sonia Grego; Yang Cao; Christopher A. Bower; Brian R. Stoner; Thomas J. Suleski
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Demonstration of a liquid core optical ring resonator sensor coupled with an ARROW waveguide array
Author(s): Ian M. White; Hesam Oveys; Xudong Fan; Terry L. Smith; Junying Zhang
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Glass integrated optics: state of the art and position toward other technologies
Author(s): Jean-Emmanuel Broquin
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Chalcogenide waveguide for IR optical range
Author(s): M. L. Anne; V. Nazabal; V. Moizan; C. Boussard-Pledel; B. Bureau; J. L. Adam; P. Nemec; M. Frumar; A. Moreac; H. Lhermite; P. Camy; J. L. Doualan; J. P. Guin; J. Le Person; F. Colas; C. Compere; M. Lehaitre; F. Henrio; D. Bosc; J. Charrier; A.-M. Jurdyc; B. Jacquier
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Channel waveguides fabrication in Er3+-doped tellurite glass by ion beam irradiation
Author(s): S. Berneschi; M. Brenci; G. Nunzi Conti; S. Pelli; G. C. Righini; I. Bányász; A. Watterich; N. Q. Khanh; M. Fried; F. Pászti
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Three-dimensional integration of passive functions on glass by means of selectively buried waveguides and multiple ion-exchanges
Author(s): Jérôme Grelin; Davide Bucci; Elise Ghibaudo; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin
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A reconfigurable self-collimation-based photonic crystal switch in silicon
Author(s): Richard Martin; Ahmed Sharkawy; Caihua Chen; Binglin Miao; Eric J. Kelmelis; Dennis W. Prather
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Distributed subwavelength grating demultiplexer in SOI
Author(s): Eric Bisaillon; Dawn T. H. Tan; Marie-Claude Nadeau; Lukas Chrostowski; Andrew Kirk
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Narrowband Bragg reflectors in Ti:LiNbO3 optical waveguides and implantation to optical modulators
Author(s): R. Kim; J. Zhang; O. Eknoyan; H. F. Taylor; T. L. Smith
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The quarter-wave Bragg reflection waveguide: analytical solutions and properties
Author(s): Brian R. West; Amr Helmy
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Self-focusing in high-power optical fibers
Author(s): G. Ronald Hadley; Arlee V. Smith
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Goal oriented adaptive finite element method for precise simulation of optical components
Author(s): Lin Zschiedrich; Sven Burger; Jan Pomplun; Frank Schmidt
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Design issues with MMI-based photonics switches and routers
Author(s): Laurence W. Cahill
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Light extraction from OLEDs: the waveguide perspective
Author(s): Norbert Danz; Dirk Michaelis; Christoph Wächter
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Theoretical analysis of active ring microresonator filter
Author(s): Haiyan Chen
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Automatic design and optimisation of Si nanophotonics devices using finite element frequency domain solvers
Author(s): T. P. Felici; D. F. G. Gallagher; Lorenzo Bolla
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Closed-loop design of a semiconductor laser
Author(s): J. V. Moloney; J. Hader; L. Fan; M. Fallahi; S. W. Koch; W. Stolz
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Integrated optoelectronics in an optical fiber
Author(s): J. V. Badding; P. J. Sazio; V. Gopalan; A. Amezcua Correa; T. J. Scheidemantel; C. E. Finlayson; N. F. Baril; B. R. Jackson; D. Wong
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A new physical approach to understanding bend loss in optical fibers
Author(s): J. D. Love; C. Durniak
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Design of mid-infrared photodetectors enhanced by surface plasmons on grating structures
Author(s): Zongfu Yu; Georgios Veronis; Mark L. Brongersma; Shanhui Fan
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SPR waveguide sensor based on combined sensing of phase and amplitude changes
Author(s): R. Levy; S. Ruschin
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Compact couplers between dielectric and plasmonic slot waveguides
Author(s): Georgios Veronis; Shanhui Fan
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Long-range surface plasmon waveguides and devices in lithium niobate: preliminary results
Author(s): Pierre Berini; Greg Mattiussi; Nancy Lahoud; Robert Charbonneau
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Digital holographic microscopy for nanometric quality control of micro-optical components
Author(s): Jonas Kühn; Florian Charrière; Tristan Colomb; Etienne Cuche; Yves Emery; Christian Depeursinge
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Two-photon absorption for the realization of optical waveguides on printed circuit boards
Author(s): Gregor Langer; Markus Riester
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Micro ring cavity resonator incorporating total internal reflection mirrors
Author(s): Doo Gun Kim; Woon Kyung Choi; Young Wan Choi; Jong Chang Yi; Youngchul Chung; Nadir Dagli
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Nanophotonic integrated lasers
Author(s): M. Kamp; H. Scherer; K. Janiak; H. Heidrich; R. Brenot; G.H. Duan; H. Benisty; A. Forchel
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Superprism phenomena in 2 D low index contrast polymer photonic crystal
Author(s): Li Wang; Wei Jiang; Xiaonan Chen; Jiaqi Chen; Sasa Zhang; Ray Chen
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Silicon-based low-loss photonic crystal waveguides
Author(s): Daniel Pergande; Alexey Milenin; Torsten Geppert; Andreas von Rhein; Ralf B. Wehrspohn
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Photonic crystal slab reflectors for compact passive and active optical devices
Author(s): S. Boutami; B. Benbakir; J. L. Leclercq; X. Letartre; P. Regreny; M. Garrigues; P. Viktorovitch; L. Legratiet; G. Beaudoin; I. Sagnes
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Nanofluidic tuning of photonic crystal circuits
Author(s): David Erickson; Troy Rockwood; Teresa Emery; Axel Scherer; Demetri Psaltis
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Tailored nanoaggregates from functionalized organic molecules
Author(s): Manuela Schiek; Jonathan Brewer; Frank Balzer; Arne Lützen; Katharina Al-Shamery; Horst-Günter Rubahn
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Microfabrication of integrated atomic vapor cells
Author(s): Donald B. Conkey; Rebecca L. Brenning; Aaron R. Hawkins; Wenge Yang; Bin Wu; Holger Schmidt
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Improvement of the signal-to-noise ratio in a glass-based guided-wave optical microphone
Author(s): Hiroyuki Nikkuni; Yoshiaki Mogi; Manabu Hayashi; Masashi Ohkawa; Seishi Sekine; Takashi Sato
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Silicon p-i-n optical waveguide modulators fabricated on the silicon and silicon-on-insulator substrates
Author(s): Mao-Teng Hsu; Ricky W. Chuang; Jia-Ching Liao
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Broadband emission of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum-well superluminescent diode at 850 nm
Author(s): C. E. Dimas; C. T. Vishton; R. A. Merola; H. S. Djie; B. S. Ooi
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Image quality improved 1X8 multimode interference coupler
Author(s): Xiaolong Wang; Ray T. Chen
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