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MEMS Adaptive Optics
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Volume Number: 6467
Date Published: 6 February 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6467
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
MEMS development for astronomical instrumentation at the Lick Observatory Laboratory for Adaptive Optics
Author(s): Donald Gavel
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An adaptive optics biomicroscope for mouse retinal imaging
Author(s): David P. Biss; Robert H. Webb; Yaopeng Zhou; Thomas G. Bifano; Parisa Zamiri M.D.; Charles P. Lin
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Two photon fluorescence background rejection by differential aberration imaging
Author(s): Aymeric Leray; Kyle Lillis; Jerome Mertz
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Adaptive optics two-photon fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Yaopeng Zhou; Thomas Bifano; Charles Lin
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Adaptive scanning optical microscope (ASOM): large field of view and high resolution imaging using a MEMS deformable mirror
Author(s): Benjamin Potsaid; Linda Ivonne Rivera; John Ting-Yung Wen
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MEMS membrane mirrors for focus adjustment and aberration correction in endoscopic confocal and OCT imaging instruments
Author(s): David L. Dickensheets
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MEMS based adaptive optics systems at the Naval Research Laboratory: an update
Author(s): Sergio R. Restaino; Jonathan Andrews; J. T. Armstrong; Ty Martinez; Dave Mozurkewich; Don Payne; Christopher C. Wilcox
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MEMS reflective wavefront sensor
Author(s): Jonathan R. Andrews; Scott W. Teare; Sergio R. Restaino; David Wick; Christopher C. Wilcox; Ty Martinez; Don M. Payne
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Testbed for the characterization of MEM devices using a liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Author(s): Christopher C Wilcox; Jonathan R. Andrews; Sergio R. Restaino; Scott W. Teare; Ty Martinez; Don M. Payne
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Active zoom imaging for operationally responsive space
Author(s): Brett E. Bagwell; David V. Wick; William D. Cowan; Olga Blum Spahn; William C. Sweatt; Ty Martinez; Sergio R. Restaino; Jonathan R. Andrews; Christopher C. Wilcox; Don M. Payne; Robert Romeo
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AO SLM demonstration system and test bed
Author(s): Michael Wildenhain; Jens Knobbe; Andreas Gehner; Michael Wagner; Hubert Lakner
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Task-based assessment of deformable mirrors
Author(s): Thomas Farrell; Elizabeth Daly; Eugenie Dalimier; Chris Dainty
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The open-loop control of MEMS: modeling and experimental results
Author(s): Katie M. Morzinski; Kennet B. W. Harpsøe; Don T. Gavel; S. Mark Ammons
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Adaptive optics ophthalmologic systems using dual deformable mirrors
Author(s): S. M. Jones; S. Olivier; D. Chen; S. Joeres; S. Sadda; R. J. Zawadzki; J. S. Werner; D. T. Miller
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Design of a MEMS laser guide star pulse tracker
Author(s): Oscar A. Azucena; Luke Johnson; Joel Kubby
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A model-based approach to wavefront sensorless adaptive optics
Author(s): Martin J. Booth
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Experiment of double deformable mirrors adaptive optics system for phase compensation
Author(s): Shijie Hu; Shanqiu Chen; Bing Xu; Ping Yang; Dongmei Cai; Jian Wu; Wenhan Jiang
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Piston-tip-tilt positioning of a segmented MEMS deformable mirror
Author(s): Michael A. Helmbrecht; Thor Juneau
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Novel development of tiny bimorph mirrors
Author(s): Alexis Kudryashov; Alexander Sobolev; Vadim Samarkin; Tatiana Cherezova
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Electrostatic polymer-based microdeformable mirror for adaptive optics
Author(s): Frederic Zamkotsian; Veronique Conedera; Hugues Granier; Arnaud Liotard; Patrick Lanzoni; Ludovic Salvagnac; Norbert Fabre; Henri Camon
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Compact large-stroke piston tip-tilt actuator and mirror
Author(s): W. Noell; A. Hugi; T. Overstolz; R. Stanley; S. Waldis; N. F. de Rooij
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CMOS integrable micromirrors with highly improved drift-stability
Author(s): Jan U. Schmidt; Jens Knobbe; Andreas Gehner; Hubert Lakner
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Design, processing, and materials for large-stroke actuators
Author(s): Bautista Fernández; Joel Kubby
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Large-stroke self-aligned vertical comb drive actuated micromirror arrays for adaptive optics applications
Author(s): Emily Carr; Scot Olivier; Olav Solgaard
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