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Micromachining Technology for Micro-Optics and Nano-Optics V and Microfabrication Process Technology XII
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Volume Number: 6462
Date Published: 8 February 2007

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Pulse-width dependency of the fabricating resolution of the two-photon absorption photo-polymerization
Author(s): Hong Jin Kong; Shin Wook Yi; Dong-Yol Yang; Kwang-Sup Lee; Jin-Baek Kim; Tae-woo Lim; Sumin Kim
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Small scale and micro featured functional prototypes generated by laser sintering of polyetheretherketone
Author(s): Thomas Rechtenwald; Hans-Joachim Krauss; Dirk Pohle; Michael Schmidt
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Increasing femtosecond laser processing efficiency by hybridization with nanosecond laser
Author(s): J. S. Yahng; B. H. Chon; C. H. Kim; S. C. Jeoung; H. R. Kim
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Microfabricated 3D polymeric structure with SU-8
Author(s): Shin Wook Yi; Hong Jin Kong
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Setting new standards in MEMS
Author(s): Magnus Rimskog; Brian J. O'Loughlin
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Plasma etching of positively sloped silicon structures
Author(s): Shouliang Lai; Ken Mackenzie; Dave Johnson; Russ Westerman
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Processing parameters for the development of glass/ceramic MEMS
Author(s): J. Stillman; J. Judy; H. Helvajian
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Use of silane-based primer on silicon wafers to enhance adhesion of edge-protective coatings during wet etching: application of the TALON Wrap process
Author(s): J. Dalvi-Malhotra; G. J. Brand; X.-F. Zhong
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New emerging MEMS applications
Author(s): Eric Mounier; Jean-Christophe Eloy
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Fabrication technology of Si microfluidic devices for microbial cell trapping
Author(s): Ramana Murthy Badam; Liang Zhu; Cheng Yong Teo; Xueli Peh; Hongmiao Ji; Hanhua Feng; Wen-Tso Liu
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Verification of thin film processes in a virtual fabrication environment
Author(s): T. Schmidt; D. Ortloff; J. Popp; K. Hahn; R. Brück; A. Hössinger
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Replication technology as a means of implementing polymer MOEMS
Author(s): Jin Tae Kim; Jung Jin Ju; Suntak Park; Seung Koo Park; Min-Su Kim; Hyung-Jong Lee; Myung-Hyun Lee
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The silicon mold fabrication of a kind of micro-optical resonator and coupler
Author(s): Hui Ju; Takayuki Ohta; Satoru Takao; Masafumi Ito; Minoru Sasaki; Kazuhiro Hane; Masaru Hori
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Nanoscale pattern transfer for templates, NEMS, and nano-optics
Author(s): Deirdre L. Olynick; J. Alexander Liddle; Bruce D. Harteneck; Stefano Cabrini; Ivo W. Rangelow
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Grinding aspheric and freeform micro-optical molds
Author(s): Yazid E. Tohme
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Focused ion beam lithography applied to photonic and imprinting
Author(s): Stefano Cabrini; Scott Dhuey; Dan Cojoc; Alessandro Carpentiero; Massimo Tormen; Enzo Di Fabrizio
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The value, solutions, and costs of patterning LEDs
Author(s): Michael P. C. Watts; M. Zoorob; T. Lee; J. McKenzie
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Combined nano-imprint and photolithography (CNP) of integrated polymer optics
Author(s): Mads B. Christiansen; Mikkel Schaler; Anders Kristensen
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Application of nano-imprint lithography to nano-optics: wire grid polarizer and photonic crystal LED
Author(s): Ki-Dong Lee; Sang-Hoon Kim; Joo-Do Park; Ja-Yeon Kim; Seong-Ju Park
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Polarization engineering through nanoengineered morphology
Author(s): Akhlesh Lakhtakia
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Fabrication of photonic crystals using chemical lithography
Author(s): Peng Yao; Maciej Murakowski; Lindsay Prather; Garrett J. Schneider; Janusz Murakowski; Dennis W. Prather
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Holographic optical elements for the extreme-ultraviolet regime
Author(s): Patrick P. Naulleau; Farhad Salmassi; Eric M. Gullikson; Erik H. Anderson
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Periodic nanoripple generated by femtosecond laser beam in LCVD system
Author(s): Mingzhen Tang; Haitao Zhang; Jerry McCoy; Tsing-Hua Her
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Advances in integrated hollow waveguides for on-chip sensors
Author(s): Aaron R. Hawkins; Evan J. Lunt; Matthew R. Holmes; Brian S. Phillips; Dongliang Yin; Mikhail Rudenko; Bin Wu; Holger Schmidt
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Compact and high efficiency polymer air-trench waveguide bends and splitters
Author(s): Yongbin Lin; Nazli Rahmanian; Seunghyun Kim; Gregory P. Nordin
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Pulsed laser ablation for volume fabrication of micro-optical arrays on large-area substrates
Author(s): J. E. A. Pedder; A. S. Holmes; Ric Allott; Karl Boehlen
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Challenging micro-optical applications demand diverse manufacturing solutions
Author(s): Gregg Borek; Peter Weissbrodt; Manfred Schrenk; Matthias Cumme
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Soft-lithographic replication of 3D polymeric microstructures created with MAP
Author(s): Christopher N. LaFratta; Linjie Li; John T. Fourkas
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Crystalline colloidal arrays: applications in organic lasers
Author(s): Justin R. Lawrence; Yurong Ying; Ping Jiang; Stephen H. Foulger
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Production of 3D photonic components with ultrafast micromachining
Author(s): M. Boyle; A. Neumeister; R. Kiyan; C. Reinhardt; U. Stute; B. Chichkov; Wendel Wohlleben; R. J. Leyrer
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Silvered three-dimensional polymeric photonic crystals having a large mid-infrared stop band
Author(s): Stephen M. Kuebler; Amir Tal; Yun-Sheng Chen
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Dielectric and metallic plasmonic components fabricated with femtosecond lasers
Author(s): Carsten Reinhardt; Roman Kiyan; Sven Passinger; Boris N. Chichkov
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SiO2 phase gratings fabricated by UV laser ablation patterning
Author(s): J. Ihlemann; J.-H. Klein-Wiele; J. Bekesi; P. Simon
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Aluminum nanowire polarizing grids: fabrication and analysis
Author(s): Vincent Pelletier; Koji Asakawa; Mingshaw Wu; Douglas H. Adamson; Richard A. Register; Paul M. Chaikin
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Fabrication of thermally durable subwavelength periodic structures upon hybrid materials by nano-imprinting method
Author(s): Dong Jun Kang; Byeong-Soo Bae; Junji Nishii
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Polarization hologram
Author(s): Seiichiro Kitagawa; Kayoko Fujimura; Kazuya Yamamoto; Makoto Okada
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Three-dimensional diffractive micro- and nano-optical elements fabricated by electron-beam lithography
Author(s): Ivan B. Divliansky; Eric G. Johnson
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Implementation of far-field phase-shift lithography using diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Wei-Feng Hsu; Yuan-Hong Su
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Simplified fabrication process of 3D photonic crystal optical transmission filter
Author(s): A. Mehta; Raymond Rumpf; Zachary Roth; Eric G. Johnson
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Diffractive optical elements fabricated by precise pressing of glass
Author(s): Helge Vogt; Bernd Woelfing; Edgar Pawlowski
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