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Free-Space Laser Communication Technologies XIX and Atmospheric Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves
Editor(s): Steve Mecherle; Olga Korotkova
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Volume Number: 6457
Date Published: 6 February 2007

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Overview of the inter-orbit and the orbit-to-ground laser communication demonstration by OICETS
Author(s): Takashi Jono; Yoshihisa Takayama; Koichi Shiratama; Ichiro Mase; Benoit Demelenne; Zoran Sodnik; Aneurin Bird; Morio Toyoshima; Hiroo Kunimori; Dirk Giggenbach; Nicolas Perlot; Markus Knapek; Katsuyoshi Arai
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Homodyne BPSK-based optical inter-satellite communication links
Author(s): Robert Lange; Berry Smutny
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Results of the optical downlink experiment KIODO from OICETS satellite to optical ground station Oberpfaffenhofen (OGS-OP)
Author(s): N. Perlot; M. Knapek; D. Giggenbach; J. Horwath; M. Brechtelsbauer; Y. Takayama; T. Jono
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Multichannel high-data-rate transmission between ground and airborne platforms
Author(s): David W. Young; Juan C. Juarez; Raymond Sova; Joseph Sluz; John Phillips; Don Driver; Andy McClarin; Malcolm Northcott; J. E. Graves
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OPTEL terminal for deep space telemetry links
Author(s): Guy Baister; Thomas Dreischer; Michael Tüchler; Klaus Kudielka; Edgar Fischer
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Tracking and pointing characteristics of OICETS optical terminal in communication demonstrations with ground stations
Author(s): Yoshihisa Takayama; Takashi Jono; Morio Toyoshima; Hiroo Kunimori; Dirk Giggenbach; Nicolas Perlot; Markus Knapek; Koichi Shiratama; Junya Abe; Katsuyoshi Arai
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Hybrid beam steering system for laser communication between mobile platforms
Author(s): Vladimir V. Nikulin; Donald J. Nicholson
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Infrared Earth tracking for deep-space optical communications: feasibility study based on laboratory emulator
Author(s): Yijiang Chen; Jeffrey Charles; Hamid Hemmati; Abhijit Biswas
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Signal acquisition and timing for a free space laser communications receiver
Author(s): George Zogbi; Lawrence M. Candell
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Mitigation of optical turbulence effects using a modified simplex optimization approach: experimental study
Author(s): Rahul M. Khandekar; Vladimir V. Nikulin; Jozef Sofka
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Improving bit error rate through multipath differential demodulation
Author(s): Yannick Keith Lize; Louis Christen; Scott Nuccio; Alan E. Willner; Raman Kashyap
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Chaotic communication in radio-over-fiber system based on optoelectronic feedback semiconductor laser
Author(s): Meng-Chiao Tsai; Fan-Yi Lin
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Design and evaluation of a virtual quadrant receiver for 4-ary pulse position modulation/optical code division multiple access (4-ary PPM/O-CDMA)
Author(s): A. J. Mendez; V. J. Hernandez; R. M. Gagliardi; C. V. Bennett
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Simulating partially coherent fields and other special beam classes in turbulence
Author(s): Greg Gbur
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Propagation of beams with any spectral, coherence, and polarization properties in turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): Olga Korotkova; Greg Gbur
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Propagation of partially coherent beams in a convective medium
Author(s): Adrián Carbajal-Domínguez
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Atmospheric turbulence profiling by detecting the wave function of a test beam
Author(s): Anatoliy Khizhnyak; Vladimir Markov
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Scintillation index for N Gaussian laser beams with different wavelengths in weak atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): A. Peleg; J. V. Moloney
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Tunable high-power high-brightness VECSELs as partially coherent sources for lasercom
Author(s): J. V. Moloney; A. Peleg; P. Polynkin; L. Klein; T. Rhoadarmer
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Dual-frequency multifunction lidar
Author(s): Rosemary Diaz; Sze-Chun Chan; Jia-Ming Liu
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Performances of liquid crystal spatial light modulator (LC-SLM) as a wave-front corrector for atmospheric turbulence compensation
Author(s): Dongmei Cai; Ning Ling; Wenhan Jiang
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On the use of Gaussian filter functions for adaptive optics
Author(s): Merfit Assad; Larry C. Andrews
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The black fringe wavefront sensor: white light real time analog phase control
Author(s): Richard J. Tansey; Avinash A. Honkan; Henry M. Chan
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Critical issues encountered in experiments and measurements involving optical turbulence
Author(s): Frank D. Eaton
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Free space optical system performance for laser beam propagation through non-Kolmogorov turbulence
Author(s): Italo Toselli; Larry C. Andrews; Ronald L. Phillips; Valter Ferrero
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Humidity contribution to Cn2 over a 600m pathlength in a tropical marine environment
Author(s): Mark P. J. L. Chang; Carlos O. Font; Charmaine Gilbreath; Eun Oh
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Enhanced performance of low-power (<60mW) femtosecond free space optical communication system over conventional CW operation
Author(s): Paul Corrigan; Rainer Martini; John Cabaniss; Tom Chaffee
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