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Solid State Lasers XVI: Technology and Devices
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Volume Number: 6451
Date Published: 8 February 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6451
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Continuous wave Praseodym solid-state lasers
Author(s): Guenter Huber; André Richter; Ernst Heumann
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UV generation by intracavity frequency doubling of an OPS-pumped Pr:YLF laser with 500 mW of cw power at 360 nm
Author(s): Vasiliy Ostroumov; Wolf Seelert; Lukas Hunziker; Chris Ihli; André Richter; Ernst Heumann; Guenter Huber
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522/261 nm cw generation of Pr:YLF laser pumped by OPS laser
Author(s): Vasiliy Ostroumov; Wolf Seelert; Lukas Hunziker; Chris Ihli
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Stable CW low noise operation of a diode-pumped monolithic laser at 355 nm beyond 30 mW
Author(s): Nicolas Aubert; Thierry Georges; Corinne Chauzat; Raymond Le Bras; Patrice Féron
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Ultrafast frequency conversion sources for the visible and ultraviolet based on BiB3O6
Author(s): M. Ebrahim-Zadeh
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Frequency-tripled and quadrupled air-cooled modelocked Nd:YVO4 laser with greater 6W average power
Author(s): Andreas Diening; Oliver Mehl; Stefan Ahler; Stuart Butterworth; Wolf Seelert
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Recent advances in optically pumped semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Juan Chilla; Qi-Ze Shu; Hailong Zhou; Eli Weiss; Murray Reed; Luis Spinelli
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Power-scaling of optically pumped semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Lukas E. Hunziker; Qi-Ze Shu; Dominik Bauer; Chris Ihli; Guido J. Mahnke; Maxence Rebut; Juan R. Chilla; Andrea L. Caprara; Hailong Zhou; Eli S. Weiss; Murray K. Reed
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Advances in power scalable, tunable, and mode-locked semiconductor disk lasers
Author(s): O. G. Okhotnikov; Antti Härkönen; E. J. Saarinen; J. Rautiainen; R. Herda; M. Guina
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New wavelengths in the yellow-orange range between 545 nm and 580 nm generated by an intracavity frequency-doubled optically pumped semiconductor laser
Author(s): Simone Hilbich; Wolf Seelert; Vasiliy Ostroumov; Christian Kannengiesser; Rüdiger v. Elm; Jens Mueller; Eli Weiss; Hailong Zhou; Juan Chilla
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Pulsed Yb:YAG thin disk laser with 100 W at 515 nm
Author(s): G. Hollemann; P. Heist; S. Heinitz; J. Symanowski; T. Eidam; C. Stolzenburg; A. Giesen
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Thin disk Yb:YAG laser with Q-switching and frequency doubling for the generation of strong pulses at 515 nm with excellent beam properties
Author(s): C. Petermann; G. Hummelt
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888-nm pumping of Nd:YVO4 for high-power high-efficiency TEM00 lasers
Author(s): Louis McDonagh; Ralf Knappe; Achim Nebel; Richard Wallenstein
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High-power 885nm end-pumped Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): M. Frede; D. Freiburg; R. Wilhelm; D. Kracht
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Diode pumped Nd:YGG laser for direct generation of pulsed 935-nm radiation for water vapour measurements
Author(s): J. Löhring; K. Nicklaus; N. Kujath; D. Hoffmann
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Nd:GSAG laser for water vapor detection by lidar near 942 nm
Author(s): Frank Kallmeyer; Marcus Dziedzina; Daniel Schmidt; Hans-Joachim Eichler; Reiner Treichel; Susanne Nikolov
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Mid-IR transition metal lasers
Author(s): Kenneth L. Schepler
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Fe:ZnSe passive Q-switching of 2.8-µm Er:Cr:YSGG laser cavity
Author(s): Andrew Gallian; Alan Martinez; Patrick Marine; Vladimir Fedorov; Sergey Mirov; Valeri Badikov; Dmitri Boutoussov; Manvel Andriasyan
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Cr:ZnSe laser crystal grown by Bridgeman technique: characteristics and laser performance
Author(s): Petr Koranda; Helena Jelínková; Jan Šulc D.D.S.; Michal Nemec; Maxim E. Doroshenko; Tasoltan T. Basiev; Vitaly K. Komar; Andriy S. Gerasimenko; Vyacheslav M. Puzikov
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Properties of Ho3+ -doped PbWO4 as laser active and stimulated Raman scattering-active crystals promising for mid-IR applications
Author(s): Ilya S. Mirov; Vladimir V. Fedorov; Igor S. Moskalev; Dmitri V. Martyshkin; Sergey Yu. Beloglovski; Stanislav F. Burachas; Yuri A. Saveliev; Alexander M. Tseitline
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Volume Bragg grating improves characteristic of resonantly diode-pumped Er:YAG, 1.65-um DPSSL
Author(s): Igor Kudryashov; Dmitri Garbuzov; Mark Dubinskii
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Room temperature multi-wavelength operation in Er:YAlO3
Author(s): S. Sharma; C. L. Vergien; R. K. Shori; O. M. Stafsudd
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Microchip Nd:YAG laser for safe laser applications
Author(s): Helena Jelínková; Jan Šulc D.D.S.; Michal Němec; Petr Koranda; Jiří Pašta; Karel Nejezchleb; Václav Škoda
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Multi ten-watt, ultra-stable, and tuneable Innoslab-based single frequency MOPA
Author(s): M. Höfer; M. Traub; R. Kleindienst; H. Sipma; H.-D. Hoffmann; Peter Wessels; Peer Burdack
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Single-frequency stabilization of frequency-tripled nanosecond Ti:sapphire laser injection-seeded for silicon atom optics
Author(s): Yasutomo Shiomi; Takeshi Yamamoto; Hiroshi Kumagai; Ataru Kobayashi
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Cryogenically cooled Ti:sapphire amplifiers
Author(s): Jean-Marc Heritier; Steve Fournier; G. J. Germann; B. Resan; R. Viselga; A. Fry
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A high-average power femtosecond laser for synchrotron light source applications
Author(s): R. B. Wilcox; R. W. Schoenlein
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High-power operation of crogenic Yb:YAG
Author(s): K. F. Wall; B. Pati; P. Moulton
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Innovative high-power CW Yb:YAG cryogenic laser
Author(s): D. C. Brown; J. M. Singley; E. Yager; J. W. Kuper; B. J. Lotito; L. L. Bennett
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Extended tunability of Ti:sapphire lasers in CW and quasi-CW operation
Author(s): Ian MacGillivray; Graham Friel; Angus Bell
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Pulse shaping, characterization, and phase compensation system for enhanced ultrafast laser performance
Author(s): Bojan Resan; Art Magana; Steve Fournier; Geoffrey Germann; Jean-Marc Heritier; William Tulloch; Alan Fry
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Noncryogenic 10-kHz Ti:sapphire amplifier
Author(s): G. Matras; N. Huot; E. Baubeau; E. Audouard
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Amplification of ultrashort pulses to 0.5 TW at 5 Hz with a flashlamp pumped Cr:LiSAF gain medium
Author(s): Ricardo E. Samad; Gesse E. C. Nogueira; Sonia L. Baldochi; Nilson D. Vieira Jr.
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Semiconductor saturable absorbers with recovery time controlled through growth conditions
Author(s): Mircea D. Guina; Pietari Tuomisto; Oleg G. Okhotnikov; Saulius Marcinkevicius; Kenichiro Mizohata; Juhani Keinonen
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Laser performance of Yb3+:YAG ceramic microchip lasers
Author(s): Jun Dong; Akira Shirakawa; Ken-ichi Ueda; Hideki Yagi; Takagimi Yanagitani; Alexander A. Kaminskii
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Modeling visible and infrared stimulated emission from Tb3+ in TbAlO3
Author(s): Kelly L. Nash; John B. Gruber; Raylon M. Yow; Uygun V. Valiev; Dhiraj K. Sardar
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Continuous-wave diode-pumped Yb:LuVO4 lasers
Author(s): Junhai Liu; Valentin Petrov; Xavier Mateos; Huaijin Zhang; Jiyang Wang; Minhua Jiang; Sabine Miller; Guibao Xu; Uwe Griebner; Frank Noack
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Determination of Cr:LiSAF crystals ablation thresholds on the 20 ps regime using a diagonal scan
Author(s): Ricardo E. Samad; Sonia L. Baldochi; Nilson D. Vieira Jr.
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Time-resolved pump-probe measurements of UV material cerium-doped BYF
Author(s): Hua Liu; David J. Spence; David W. Coutts; Mauro Tonelli; Alessandra Toncelli
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Detailed single-shot spectral diagnostics of Q-switched solid state lasers
Author(s): Christian Veltkamp; A. B. Petersen; J. D. Kafka
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High-power DPSS laser hosted on a HMW-THS
Author(s): Maurizio Checchetti
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1.44-µm giant pulse generation
Author(s): Jan Šulc; Pavel Arátor; Helena Jelínková; Karel Nejezchleb; Václav Škoda
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Industrial micromachining with advanced solid state lasers
Author(s): J. Stollhof; S. Weiler; Chuong Tan; Ivo Zawischa; D. H. Sutter; J. Kleinbauer; M. Kumkar
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Advances in laser processing of microelectronics
Author(s): B. W. Baird; R. F. Hainsey; X. Peng; P. Y. Pirogovsky
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Frequency stabilization of Q-switched Nd:YAG oscillators for airborne and spaceborne lidar systems
Author(s): K. Nicklaus; V. Morasch; M. Hoefer; J. Luttmann; M. Vierkötter; M. Ostermeyer; J. Höffner; Christian Lemmerz; D. Hoffmann
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The injection laser system on the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): Mark Bowers; Scott Burkhart; Simon Cohen; Gaylen Erbert; John Heebner; Mark Hermann; Don Jedlovec
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Narrow linewidth coherent beam combining of optical fiber amplifier arrays
Author(s): Thomas M. Shay; Vincent Benham; Jeffrey T. Baker; Anthony D. Sanchez; Daniel Pilkington; Douglas J. Nelson; Chunte A. Lu
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A consideration of the requirements for laser devices used in countermeasure applications
Author(s): David H. Titterton
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Thermal vacuum testing of the lunar orbiter laser altimeter engineering model laser
Author(s): Anthony W. Yu; Anne Marie Novo-Gradac; George B. Shaw; John Cavanaugh; Jeff Guzek; Peter Liiva; Lou Nagao; Alberto Rosanova
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Design considerations of the LOLA laser transmitter
Author(s): Anthony W. Yu; Anne Marie Novo-Gradac; George B. Shaw; Steve X. Li; Mark Stephen; Danny Krebs; Glenn Unger; Jeremy Karsh; William Mamakos; Jeff Guzek; Alan T. Lukemire
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Five simultaneously Q-switch mode-locked passive laser modulators
Author(s): Junewen Chen
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Ultra-narrow-linewidth combined CW Ti:sapphire/dye laser for atom cooling and high-precision spectroscopy
Author(s): Sergey Kobtsev; Vladimir Baraoulya; Vladimir Lunin
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A compact remote-controlled underwater lidar system
Author(s): Yi Zheng; Kecheng Yang; Jionghui Rao; Min Xia
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Super-Gaussian pumping profiles for solid state lasers
Author(s): Xiaohua Liu; Yuejin Zhao; Allen Yang; Wenjie Xie
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